Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306 Review

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Hey lovely ladies,

After reviewing Make Up For Ever Artist Face Colour in the shade H106 for you yesterday, today’s review is on shade “B306” from the same range. As I mentioned in “H106” review yesterday, the prefixing alphabet identifies the shade type, so this product falls into the “blush” category.

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306 Review

Product Description:
A unique pressed powder formula in a refillable palette—providing intense color payoff in highlight, sculpt, and blush shades. Reveal your inner artist and create endless looks with Artist Face Color. Choose your palette size, then customize to your needs by mixing and matching your favorite. Artist Face Color’s unique formula features atomized pigments, which provide intense color payoff while blending and diffusing for a natural, long-lasting finish. The super-fine powder melts into skin while also seamlessly layering for a natural, result. Available in matte, shimmer, and pearl finishes across 34 shades, Artist Face Color provides endless ways to enhance and define your features for your desired result.
$23/THB 850 about INR 1700 for the individual pan of 5 gm of product.

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306 full packaging

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306 shade label

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The individual metal pan comes packaged in a plastic tray with cover. The tray has an outer cardboard box. These need to go into a Make Up For Ever magnetised palette, especially designed for these pans. Considering that it is a disposable packaging, I found the plastic tray quite sturdy and providing better buffer than what is provided by some other brands for their “pop-into-a-pan” refills. I did travel with this in this packaging itself and it remained unscathed. Having said that, I would not advice one to buy these to be used out of this packaging. As you can see in the pics, I have nicked the H106 pan twice in an attempt to open the packaging. Worse, one could end up with it falling to the ground – where it is bound to shatter. So, you will need to pop it into a magnetised palette.

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306 outer packaging

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306 open

My Experience with Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306:

I did give an overview on this product when reviewing H106, I will repeat this in all shades that I would review in the future to ensure that anyone searching for individual reviews can also benefit from this information.

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306 full

This is a (fairly) new release from Make Up Forever. The Artist Face Colour is basically MUFE’s new powder formula for face products. So, you have 34 different shades to chose from, which vary in finish apart from colour – giving you options for Highlighting, Blush and Sculpting powders. MUFE continues to work with numbers rather than shade names. The prefix of the number is either H, B or S – corresponding to the respective product type – Highlight, Blush or Sculpt. Having said that, do note that some sculpting shades are open to be used as blush, which maybe because of the skin tone on which they are being used or simply because they have been designed to be used as a “sculpting shade” in the draping technique of application of blushes. If you need more information on Draping technique – pls comment and i will clarify.

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306 palette

A couple of things to note – all 34 shades are not available in all locations that MUFE is sold. Meaning, depending on the demographics of the location, certain select shades are shared with the Sephora in that country. I will share pictures of the shade options that I had access to, through my Insta – so that this post doesn’t stretch more than is necessary. Unfortunately, the Sephora in India is still working on the products from the previous millenium. So, most of what we have in stock are the the products from the long discontinued range on MUFE. 🙁

Last point before I get into the review – you have the choice of buying just one shade and popping it into an individual blush size magnetic palette from MUFE or taking two of these to pop into a duo or even 3 to pop into an XL sized palette (will review that soon). Here is my point, when you buy these in US, you are offered discount if you buy two or more shades. So much so that, if you buy 3 shades, you will basically pay for 2. However, this option is not available in other Sephora stores (which do stock them) across the globe. Which is extremely unfair – but that is the way it is!

Shade:  Picking a shade when you have close to 3 dozen shades to chose from, it’s havoc, trust me! When it comes to blushes, not only did I have the choice of the blush shades but also quite a few of the sculpting shades, it was a mess! So, what I was clear on was that my self-made palette will consist of 3 shades – 1 highlighter, one pink toned blush and one warm orange toned one. The pink-toned one got selected in a jiffy but the warm toned one was difficult to decide. One, I wanted my warm-toned orange blush to be like Becca’s Songbird. And I couldn’t find a similar shade in that big an array. Finally, I decided to go for something more peach and spent an hour agonising between B304 and B306. See, when it comes to deciding a lipstick, it’s easier. You can swatch it on your arm or even apply it on your lips and take a call. However, when it comes to blushes, it’s a whole different ball game.

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306 open

Swatches on the arm can be useless because one – they are too heavy handed and two because you don’t really know what they will look like once applied. Some of the must muddy looking shades – MAC Blushbaby. Becca Songbird looks absolutely natural and very flattering once on and some of the brighter and prettier-looking shades can end up looking very clownish once applied. Also, a number of shades have nuanced differences. Like B304 and B306 – are both peach/warm coral category. How do you decide when the shades look so bloody similar!! I applied them on my cheeks too, but couldn’t make out in the artificial lighting in the store. The SA was too sweet; she made her colleague apply it on her cheeks, to show me and I still couldn’t narrow it done. Anyway, I came home with B306 which was the shimmery one while B304 was matte. So, let’s discuss this in depth.

Shade:  The shade B306 which is described as a “shimmery mandarin blush,” is a soft peachy warm coral with a radiant finish. There isn’t really any distinct particles of glitter or shimmer in it – just a radiant finish. On Sephora’s official website, it is listed as a shimmer blush and also the picture attached makes it look extremely shimmery, which it isn’t, at all. In the pan, you see a non-matte finish – there are absolutely NO shimmer particles here. Like H106, this too seemed to swatch lighter than the shade in the pan. In the swatch, it almost looks pastel and I was worried that it may end up looking quite clownish on the cheeks. Fortunately, I think I liked how natural it appears on the skin. The shade has a very natural finish on the skin once blended out. The shade is likely to work very well on fair to light to medium skin tones. However, may not suit deeper skin tones.

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306 in pan

Texture: The texture feels slightly dense but blends extremely smoothly. The product is very finely milled, creamy smooth and extremely blendable. It is easy to pick up with both natural as well as synthetic brushes. The more you buff this shade into the skin, the more beautiful, naturally radiant it looks.

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306 pigmentation

Pigmentation:  Pigmentation is excellent. At 5 gm, this is quite a substantial pan and with the product this pigmented, it may last you a long time.

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306 swatches on hand

Longevity: The product wears well. I get about 8 hours of wear with this shade, post which it starts breaking down. Honestly, after 8-9 hours, pretty much everything on my face would start breaking down due to the oil production factory that I run – which is my face 😛

Refer my pics – The FOTD is from a very quick look I did, like “15 minutes and out.”

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306 swatches on face

Pros of Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306:

  • Finely milled, smooth, easily blendable blushes.
  • A beautiful, natural-looking warm peachy coral shade.
  • Blends easily, the more you blend and buff – more pretty it looks.
  • Excellent pigmentation.
  • Lasts well on my combination/oily face.
  • Did not break me out.
  • There is no chalkiness or powdery-ness.
  • It does not accentuate pores.
  • Free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates.
  • Decent packaging.
  • Practical packaging.
  • Easy to travel with, once you pop it into the MUFE palette.

Cons of Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306:

  • Considering it is listed as a shimmer shade – could be misleading for someone buying online without being able to try it in store. While it isn’t matte, it isn’t shimmery either.

IMBB Rating:

It is a beautiful shade and excellent quality too. I feel I will enjoy this palette a lot as I continue to use it. A small hint – seeing how pigmented and easily bendable it is, this could well work as a crease shade or even transition shade (if used with a light hand and buffed well). This is anyway one of the hot shades in the current eyeshadow trends.

Would I Recommend Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color B306?

Is it a need to buy? This is more difficult to answer when it comes to blushes. Why? Because the type and shade of blush you prefer could be drastically different from what I go in for. It will depend on the kind of lipsticks you use and the overall shades you opt for – muted, bright, etc. Also, with my saturated collection, I don’t know if i am the right person to say – “Oh! You need this in your life!!”

I think the last NEED to BUY product that I could recommend (when talking of blushes) was probably Becca’s “Blushed By Light Palette” – which I still adore to death and have numerous times contemplated if I should buy a back up of! However, having said all that, if you are contemplating making your own palette – this is a very good quality and versatile shade and you should definitely consider it.

Lastly, if you do plan to make a 3 pan palette, I suggest that t you buy it from US, else it turns out a tad bit too expensive!!

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