7 Ways To Make Hair Soft and Silky

Getting super soft and silky hair is a dream for every girl. Who wouldn’t want their tresses to be smooth and shiny, the envy of other women. This dream is not impossible to achieve and with these simple tips you can get the hair of your dreams very easily. Don’t forget to thank me later 😛

soft and silky hair

1. Use gentle shampoos: Mild shampoos, preferably sulphate free, are the best bet for your hair. They clean your hair without stripping off moisture, and create soft lather to give clean scalp and healthy hair. Shampoos laden with loads of chemicals harm your hair in the long run and making it dull and dry.

2. Deeply condition your hair: Use a good hair conditioner each time you wash your hair. Also, use a hydrating hair masque once a week to restore the vitality and softness in your hair. This way your hair regains its moisture even after you shampoo it.

3. Use hair brush with natural bristles: If possible, try to use a hair brush with natural bristles. You can get sleek and smooth hair every day if you switch to natural bristles. Boar bristles are reputed for being the best in taming your hair and giving smooth soft hair with no breakage.

silky hair mask

4. Protein for hair: Replenish the proteins in your hair by going for professional amino acid treatment. However, an easy and amazing alternative is to use an egg mask. Mix egg, olive oil and curd, apply it on your hair and leave it for an hour. Wash off with a mild shampoo to get hair that you can’t stop touching.

5. Silk scarves and pillowcases: To get hair as soft as silk, sleep on silk pillowcases. Also, use a silk scarf to protect your hair from sun and pollution. Compared to other fabrics, silk reduces hair breakage and prevents it from becoming rough, frizzy and tangled.

6. Oil massage: A hot oil massage can stimulate your scalp and infuse your strands with moisture and oils. It can make hair very soft and shiny. Mix equal parts of coconut oil, almond oil and castor oil, warm it and massage it thoroughly. Shampoo after an hour. You will get silky shiny hair without professional intervention.

7. Honey mask: Honey is a humectant and attracts moisture. If you have dry, dull hair, a honey mask can restore the moisture in your hair making it soft and sleek. Make a mask out of curd and honey and apply to your hair completely and your hair will be silky smooth.

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