Lip Gloss: How to Make Lip Gloss at Home

lip gloss
lip gloss

Lip Gloss

Max factor, who is considered as the father of modern makeup, invented lip gloss. He made his lip gloss available to general public ever since 1932. A lot of companies saw good money with this unique product made for women. Thus, a number of cosmetic companies came up with newer versions of lip gloss by adding or deleting a few ingredients here and there.
Now, apart from adding on to the looks, lip gloss also protects our lips. Knowing this fact, women increased the usage of lip gloss.

But today, all the women folk are obviously worried about the growing prices of the lip gloss in the market and are now thinking about some alternate methods. So, one solution to save your money on lip gloss is to make your own lip gloss at home!

How to make lip gloss at home

perfect lips
perfect lips

First of all, the main ingredients that you will need at home to make your lip gloss are:

  • Food grade beeswax or petroleum jelly (20%)
  • Coconut oil / palm oil or shea butter (25%)
  • Almond oil or sesame oil (40%)
  • Cocoa butter or palm kernel oil (15%)

Some of the flavourings that can be added:

  • Honey, aloevera gel, vitamin E oil, flavoured essential oils, fruit juice. You can find all them at home.

Make sure you don’t miss the percentages which are very important.

The process involves three steps: melting, cooling and storing. All three of them can be carried out in your home.


This is the first step where you melt the main constituents and get them to the liquid form.
Add all the base ingredients in a vessel. You can use a microwave at home to melt them. But make sure you do not over heat them. 20-30 seconds of heating with stirring should be enough. If you are using double boiler to melt them, you can take the container out of heating as soon the mixture start melting. Or, you can put the ingredients in zipped pouch and place it in hot water pot for a few minutes. This will melt the ingredients without over heating them. Now add the flavourings and mix them all well. Pour it into a clean air tight container.


angelina jolie lips
angelina jolie lips

Let the hot concoction cool for sometime. Close the lid only after the concoction has completely cooled down. Your home made lip gloss is now ready.


You can store the airtight container in a cool and dry place. Discard the left over lip gloss after 3 days.

You can reuse the container for storing the lip gloss the next time you make it. But make sure you clean the container using hot water and soap, sterilize it with rubbing alcohol and dry it before storing the lip gloss.

Now, isn’t this an easy method to make lip gloss? Then, make your own lip gloss and save your money!


22 thoughts on “Lip Gloss: How to Make Lip Gloss at Home

  1. I doubt I’ll try this, due to a tiny obstacle called laziness 😛
    But it’s really interesting to see everything that goes into the gloss making process.
    Zeeba you seem to be really good with this DIY stuff, thanks for sharing it with us! 🙂

  2. Is amazing how easy it is to make stuff at home…should get the ingredients though..I haven’t a clue where to buy cocoa butter from…probably online ?:-)

  3. Hmm… I would like to say something to the ‘lazy’ people here. 🙂

    Rati and I recently went to Pune and we met our ex-delhi neighbour who had already shifted to Pune. She had made a lip balm at home and she wanted Rati to try it out. The lip was so good we wanted to market it. As a safeguard we asked her to keep it for a month and see how long it could be preserved. But in Rati’s words, the lip balm was much much better than the ones she bought in the market.

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