How to Make Nails Harder and Stronger

How to Make Nails Harder and Stronger

The other day me and a friend were discussing how hard it is to find the right pair of jeans, which then brought us to the fact that in order to get into those jeans, how much are nails tear off! It is a pain to see a nail chip, peel or break suddenly, leaving the others to be shortened as well, I always had healthy nails especially all the pregnancy supplements gave me amazing nails, but with poor diet, my nails are now brittle and chip easily..I truly believe we are what we eat, and our nails too. I would like to share some tips we could inculcate in our daily routine to make our nails harder and stronger..take a look..You could also read this post of mine with simple tips to take care of your nails here

“Fingernails and toenails are made of a tough protein called keratin, but it is not just that, nails comprise several different components:

The nail plate is the part of the nail that you can see.
The skin around your nails is called nail folds.
The skin that is covered by your nail is known as a nail bed.
A cuticle is the tissue that covers the bottom of your nail to protect newly formed keratin as your nail grows.
The white half-moon seen at the base of your nail is called a lunula.”


So now you know what wonders protein can do to your nails, since they are made up of protein. If you think you are doing well on the diet front, try and use a high-quality supplement for hair, skin and nails that contains vitamins A, C, D, E, as well as many B vitamins, and folic acid, zinc, iron, calcium and biotin. Have a good intake of omega 3 oils can also reduce your risk of weak, brittle nails.  Remember to eat 2 portions of protein a day. You could pop open a fish oil capsule with a pin and rub onto each nail everyday.

Your nail routine:

Take a closer look at what your nails undergo each day, I would say mine are used as tools in the kitchen which is a big no-no, I wash them several times a day but barely moisturize them, see the main culprit here, hen washing dishes always wear latex gloves, as soaking your hands in water weakens nails.

Often we keep them covered with layers of chemical nail colors or gel nails, don’t get acrylic nails–they weaken your natural nails. Layering on gel nails on to weak nails is going to worsen them.To get strong nails, keep them trimmed at a comfortable length, I have also noticed that squaval or rounded edges make them less prone to accidental breakage.

fish oil

Pamper your nails:

Dry nails can crack, peel, and become brittle. Cuticles play a big role in nail growth.Hence put a creamy moisturizer on your hands and cuticle cream on your nails. Apply to your nails vitamin E. Break open a capsule, and massage the oil into your nails just like I mentioned with a fish oil capsule as well.

Massage the nail beds. It increases blood flow and  stimulates nail growth. If you dont have cuticle creams and removers, use your eye creams for the same, if it is gentle enough for your eyes, it will work great for your cuticles as well. Every night, scrub your hands with a mild scrub, apply eye cream on the cuticles and rub it in, apply a night cream on the hands or a hand cream, you could use cotton mitts to cover your hands if you like.

Never share your tools, carry your own tools for your monthly manicure is need be.Use a nail buffer and use it to shine nails. Limit it to once a month.

Mix one part oil and one part salt in warm water and soak your nails for 10 mins. Alternatively, soak them in lemon juice+water every night. Often,soak your nails in a bowl of warm olive oil for 10 minutes.Clean and moisturize.

cuticle cream

Use white vinegar as a 5 minute nail soak to soften cuticles and push them back, continue your home manicure like usual.

Choose a cuticle cream or oil that contains natural oils such as  almond oil, sweet almond.Choose one for you HERE.

Massage vegetable or olive oil everyday into your nails till it is absorbed.This is a good alternative to a cuticle cream.

File in one direction only, invest in glass files. Do not bite or cut hang nails. Be gentle with chipped nails, resist temptation to peel them instead use a top coat to keep them from chipping.

Try this soak, two tsp baking soda in a cup of warm water to soak nails for 15 minutes, this will whiten them and then gently brush a nail brush across(use any gentle brush) this will brighten your nails making them look shinier and healthier.


Use a base coat and use a hardening nail color or polish.Never apply deep colors directly to nails, this will stain and make them yellower which in turn will make them brittle, use a coat or two of whitening or hardening base coats and ones that claim to strengthen nails, there are many available online.

Every time you wash your hands, use a fast absorbing hand cream so you dont ignore your hands, every time you apply body lotion, slather some on your nails too. Wear gloves whenever you think your nails are going to be exposed to water or chemicals.

Have you heard of this one, tap you nails against the table to strengthen them? 😛 I am not so sure…

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