Make Up Academy Mega Volume Mascara-Waterproof Black Review

Make Up Academy Mega Volume Mascara-Waterproof Black

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Coming to today’s product, MUA Mega Volume Mascara-Waterproof Black, was introduced and suggested to me by my one of my best buddy Paras, who had tons and tons of branded make-up:P. So usually, her verdict is a stamp of authenticity. Few months ago, non-water proof version was also sold by the brand but now only this version is available. I have used it for more than two months and finally here is the review. Read on further to explore this mascara in detail.

Make Up Academy Mega Volume Mascara-Waterproof Black

Product Description from website: Adds a touch of natural glamour, length and volume to your eyelashes. ‘Mega Volume’ is available in three shades – Black, Brown and waterproof. This is the perfect mascara to add length with the first application and glamorous volume with the second. And by using the waterproof shade for those cold windy and rainy mornings will guarantee you long lasting full lashes without smearing! This style of brush is made of rubber, with tiny little teeth evenly spaced along the head – perfect for separation and definition!

The packaging says: Dramatically thickens lashes with each stroke for mega volume.

Ingredients are not available on the tube pr website.

Price: $5-$5.5 for 7 ml (Developed in UK)

My take on Make Up Academy Mega Volume Mascara-Waterproof Black:

Packaging: The Pink Sherbet colored tube is bulky and quite girly. It closes tightly and has a narrow opening for the mascara wand to come out, which actually is a problem. When you try to put in mascara wand back in the tube in a rush, it hinders and the wand bends.

The wand: The wand is outstanding. Not only the bristles cover a greater volume of wand than ordinary drugstore mascaras, but they are also superfine in shape. The straight wand bristles are precisely thin and separated to reach out corners, work well with small length lashes and to fulfil the lash separation assignment quite well. The wand is made of rubber-plastic. The prominent feature is that the wand is forgiving for application mistakes.

Make Up Academy Mega VolumeMascaraWaterproof Black

The performance: Now coming to the fluid of mascara, the consistency is really ideal; not too dense too clump the lashes and end up in flakes nor runny to create a shabby look. The color is pure black and matte. It surely adds significant volume to lashes, even thin lashes and gives a natural curl that doesn’t look made up. But it doesn’t add noteworthy length to lashes. The wand has the speciality to reach out corners and small lashes without trouble or looking tacky. You will need around two coats to get the desired results. It doesn’t clump lashes till 2-3 coats but exceeding this, you may observe clumsiness. Unfortunately, the drawback is that the curl doesn’t last long. After 2-3 hours averagely, the curls loosen and lashes attain the natural shape, the volume not so evident as with the fresh application of mascara. This mascara doesn’t flakes till hours.

Pros of Make Up Academy Mega Volume Mascara-Waterproof Black:

• Black mascara.
• Water proof but not rubbing and soap proof.
• Extraordinarily wonderful wand.
• The wand reaches corners and coats small lashes neatly.
• Ideal consistency of mascara fluid.
• Mascara along with wand is easy to apply.

Make Up Academy Mega Volume Mascara-WaterproofBlack
• Add remarkable volume.
• Gives a natural curl to lashes.
• Doesn’t clump lashes.
• Doesn’t flakes when dried.
• 2 coats give desired results.
• Doesn’t irritate eyes.
• Doesn’t makes lashes stiff.


Cons of Make Up Academy Mega Volume Mascara-Waterproof Black:

• Wearing time is ordinary.
• Curl vanishes after 2 hours of application.
• Does nothing to add length to lashes.
• Is not completely water proof
• Problem with the packaging design.
• The wand material should have been better either.
• Ordinary design of the tube.


Rating: 3/5

Final verdict about recommendation & repurchase:

The way I heard good comments about this mascara, I actually built up expectations that are shattered 😛 I am not going to repurchase this. For recommendation, I am 50-50. You can try this as casual wear mascara if you desire so.

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  1. Looks like u love elf n mua stuff a lot n have stocked up on them. I have been wanting to try their products, not sure abt this mascara though, but I would have loved to see the before n after eotd to make a decision on buying it *smug* *waiting*

      1. actually, very few websites deliver here and i prefer placing order with brand directly. So i shop in numbers of items because i am not a regular make-up person, i don’t even wear lipstick to office. i haul for writing reviews for IMBB as i love doing so…then i usually pass on my stuff to friends n family…

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