Make Up For Ever Brushes 0S, 2S, 10S, 12S, 14S, 16S Review

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Today, I am reviewing the “S” series from Make Up For Ever Brush line. These are natural bristle brushes and have yellow handles. I have reviewed a lot of other MUFE brushes in the past as well, you may check the reviews here and here. There is nothing fancy about these brushes, but these are the kind of brushes that you cannot do without. They are like your good ol’ friends that would not ditch you. No frills and fancy, just straight on ‘as Kulpreet puts it” – workhorse 😛

Make Up For Ever Brushes 0S, 2S, 10S, 12S, 14S, 16S Review

Product Details:
S LINE: Made from very soft natural bristles, these brushes are perfect for applying powder shadows.

My Experience with Make Up For Ever Brushes 0S, 2S, 10S, 12S, 14S, 16S:

I have used these brushes for months now and they have gone through a lot of uses and washes. Some of them are exactly the way they are and some of them haven’t stood the test of time, but these are absolutely lightweight brushes and have long handles. Their handles are longer than the regular makeup brushes that are around. I think they look absolutely gorgeous and are very artistic.

Make Up For Ever Brushes 0S, 2S, 10S, 12S, 14S, 16S brush heads

The long, thin handles keep the movement in your hand easy. It’s only when I have to use an eyeliner brush, the long handle bothers me because I literally like to get close to the mirror and the length of the brush prevents me from doing it. Umm.. do you get what I mean? 😀 The bristles of every single brush is very soft. They have been exactly the same, like how they were when I bought them months back. These are meant to apply powder products, but I haven’t restricted myself from using cream products as well and I am not disappointed at all.

0S:  It is a thin and fine eyeliner brush. If you are a gel eyeliner user, you are already familiar with this brush. Honestly, after a few months of usage now, this brush has frayed and the bristles don’t really stick together even when there is gel liner on the bristles, but it is the kind of brush you can find anywhere and the best one is actually found at the art shops. Now, I sometimes use it for pin-point concealing.

2S:  This is a unique eyeliner brush. It is a tiny flat brush with a rounded tip. So, you can use it for applying thick eyeliner, or eyeshadow along the lash line, concealer around the edges of your lips to get that sharp line, and sometimes also to fix the edges of your winged eyeliner. I used to adore this brush and honestly I have used it so much that this one has also gone now. 🙁 In the pics itself, you would notice that the brush looks a bit split and does not hold its shape now, but I like it so much, I might pick one again. It’s a tiny magical brush that looks okayish but is absolutely great for tiny little details.

Make Up For Ever Brushes 2s

makeup for ever 2s head

Make Up For Ever Brushes 2s full brush

10S and 12S:  These are flat shade brushes and absolutely fantastic one. 10 S is a smaller version of 12S. You can use them for applying eyeshadows, for concealers, for cream eyeshadows… these are like the brushes you always have to have around or else you’d feel incomplete. You can also use these brushes for patting concealer on different ares of face, especially if you are doing your everyday makeup and not wearing much foundation, you can use these brushes to pat concealer lightly only where it is needed. I use these two brushes all the time. They are soft, non scratchy, versatile and have stood the test of time. These are two brushes you can have 10 of each and you would never mind having them in your kit. 12S has been reviewed HERE.

makeupforever 10s brush

makeup forever eye makeup brushes
makeupforever 12s brush

makeupforever 12s brush

14S:  It is a round, dense, dome-shaped brush. You can use it to smudge your liner, to apply eyeshadow on crease or in inner corner. It is a chubbier brush, so I find it a little too big to smudge eyeshadow on lower lash line. But for upper lash line, I can do my smudgy smokey eye in seconds. It is very similar to 80HP/S brush from Inglot. This is a soft brush and this also has held its shape well. It is not pokey at all, unlike some pencil brushes available in the market. I love this brush!Since I wear kohl a lot, I find myself reaching out for this brush a lot.

16S:  This is a unique brush. I find this brush useful more for creative makeup than your regular beauty makeup. It is a pointy brush with long bristles. So, if you really want to create those “artsy” strokes, this brush makes the task a lot easier. The bristles take their own movement and help in creating fluid strokes– if that’s what you are trying to achieve. Not a must have but if you are in creative makeup, you would like this brush.

Makeup brush forever 16s full brush

Makeup brush forever 16s full brush

Overall, I love these brushes. They are my go-tos. I love how bright yellow they are. They totally have their own statement among a ton of other black brushes in the kit. The eyeliner brushes haven’t been a great long term partners, but I am happy that the rest of them have been so fabulous throughout. If I have to add more brushes in my kit, it would definitley be from Make Up For Ever. I have tried so many brushes from them by now and I am only falling in love with them with every use. 🙂

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  1. HA ha ha! Yes, some of these brushes are total Workhorses!

    I really enjoy trying different shapes and experimenting. sometimes a brush doesn’t work for its intended purpose but it still becomes indispensable for something else!

    1. i know i could not find a better way to put it. You just nailed it. 😛 I agree. I enjoy doing that too because you can always find a good use for a brush some way or the other. 🙂

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