Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Powder Foundation Review

Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Powder Foundation

Make Up Forever has always been one of my most favourite cosmetic brands. It always gives good quality for the price you pay. Most of their products are highly priced but they are always a good value for money. Most of the products launched by Make Up Forever are a hit. It is a very successful brand. They always have some limited edition picks.

MUFE Duo mat wet dry powder foundation

The last time I went to Kuwait, I bought a lot of stuff from the MUFE store there. MUFE is very commonly found there. The stores there have every MUFE product including the limited edition ones. I heard that the very few MUFE stores in India never get most of the limited edition products! :’(

Isn’t that unfair? I want a MUFE store in my city. I would forget all the other brands if there was a MUFE store in Hyderabad.
Well anyways, one product I picked up during my visit was Make Up Forever Duo Mat Wet And Dry Powder Foundation.

PRICE: 12 KD. I saw it on some sites at 32$

It comes in a very beautiful black case. It looks very classy. It is provided with a sponge and a mirror. The mirror is too small for me, so I never look into it. The sponge applicator is given a place underneath the powder. It has a magnet which makes it easy to open.

MUFE powder foundation
The product could be used in the dry or wet form. It is also available solely as a dry compact powder foundation.

When used when as dry:
It acts like a normal compact powder with a flawless matte finish. As a powder it gives a medium coverage. Not totally buildable when used dry. It is oil free and long lasting. Best for people with normal to combination type skin. It claims to control oiliness but does not completely do it. Yes, it does control oiliness but not for long. The staying power is about 7 hours. That is alright for a compact powder.

As a compact powder I would rate it 4.5/5 .

mufe powder foundation

When used wet:
Basically the sponge has to moistened a bit if complete coverage is needed. Yes I can say it gives full coverage but it has to be built upon. It is not creamy like concealers. Concealers being creamy sometimes might melt a bit and look greasy on the skin but this doesn’t. It looks matte throughout the day unlike concealers. Most of the time there is a need to apply a little compact powder on a concealer, but with this you don’t need to. You would yet again have a problem if you are oily-skinned as it does not really control oil.

This need not be carefully applied on the scars or other pigmentation marks on the face. You can just swipe the sponge freely twice or thrice depending on the intensity of your skin discoloration.
I have heard most people tell that their face looks too cakey when they use it in the wet form. I was afraid about that when I was getting this but it actually does not. All that you have to make sure of is to pick the right shade for your skin and your face will never look cakey.
Thankfully I have chosen the right shade for my skin and I am very satisfied with it. MUFE has wide range of shades to choose from so you can easily get a perfect one for your skin tone.
Since it is used in the wet form it stays all day long. It slowly gets worn off after 10 hours of application. But it will do a good job for more than 12 hours. I love that. This is what most women want. I don’t have time for touch ups when I am at college and I would obviously want my make up to be as long lasting as possible. I go carefree when I put this on.
When used with a primer, it stays longer and is more easy to apply. Some people might feel that moistening the sponge and rubbing it on the face is a little harsh. For that I’d suggest you to use a smoother sponge, not the one that comes along with this, or a primer would be of great help.

I rate it 5/5 in the wet form.

In the dry form it is almost like any other good compact powder. Does not do any special job except for giving better coverage than most compacts and also staying matte on the skin for longer, but in the wet form it is fantastic.
I was doubtful if it could be used on a daily basis in the wet form, the SA there told me that it could be. When I tried it for the first time after coming back home, I was remember of the stage plays that I used to do back at school where the make-up artist used to mix water with a compact powder and apply it on our faces. This was just like that.
Most people would not prefer this in the wet form for wear. The SA told me that people fear the compact might clog the pores when used wet but it does not where as the stage make-up thing terribly clogs pores and is very tough to remove.
You will need very less amount of the product when used wet than in the compact form. 10g of the product would last for ages when used wet.

make up forever powder foundation
= Very smooth, easy to apply and gives a matte finish.
= The sponge applicator does a very good job.
= Complete coverage in the well form, covers major skin imperfections.
= Staying power is for more than 12 hours.
= 10g of the product will last for very long when used wet.
= Does no cause break outs, does not mess with the pores.
= Wide shades to choose the perfect one for your skin.
= Can be used in the wet form for complete coverage and also in the dry form as a compact that gives a little less than medium coverage.
= Very pretty packaging, easy to carry.
= Dermatologist tested.

= The price, the price, Oh the price! :’(
= Very few MUFE stores in India, so availability is a HUGE problem.
= Does not control oiliness.

Will I repurchase it ?
Oh dear! First let me complete this. I might take all my life to get this finished. But I recommend it to every one of you. If you have and skin imperfections, then this will be your love. I spend much less time on my face if I use this to cover up my scars than when I use a concealer.

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  1. Oh then I should check it out..coz there is no MUFE at my place..if this one reaches expiry..i would surely want another wet and dry foundation! thankssss! :yahoo: O:) :blush: 🙂 :))

  2. you are in college and you use MUFE on your face daily???? :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho:
    nice review btw…..if only they open a store in delhi can i buy, else matching a shade for my skin is a task…. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

    1. Yes.. 😐 😐
      and is always good to buy it at a store..especially stuff for the face..u do not want to spend so much money and buy a wrong shade right! :stars: :stars:

    1. :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: Everybody wants a MUFE store in their city…but these MUFE fellas dont listen onlyyy! :waaa:

  3. Nice review Ravali and I too like all others want them to be more easily available 🙁
    Btw, the packaging looks similar too the TBS extra virgin compacts na? cute :teddy:

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