Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow M408 Mustard, M720 Apricot, Ardell Lacies EyeLashes Review

Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow M408 Mustard, Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow M720 Apricot, Ardell Laces EyeLashes Review

Hi Everyone, 🙂

Today I am reviewing 3 makeup products I used in my last makeup look. I think by now you’d already know that I have become a massive fan of Make Up For Ever products. They are of exceptional quality and they might be expensive but they are worth every penny. I am reviewing two matte eyeshadow today that I have been obsessed about. Both these eyeshadows have become standard in my every eye makeup look.


Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow M408 Mustard Review (Price USD 21 / Rs 1,400 approx) M408 Mustard is a matte golden yellow eyeshadow. Honestly, I discovered this eyeshadow by mistake. I was playing with my eyeshadow colors and I just decided to use it as a transition color along with the apricot and OMG! it created the prettiest peachy transition color that is out there. I mean yellow I feel is a bit odd color to use in a crease unless you are doing a particular look. But this is more like a brighter yellow shade that you can pair with all your neutral eyeshadows. It’s earthy tones makes it such a beautiful bright yet understated shade for everyday. You can ofcorse use it as a lid color as well. The finish is matte. It is quite pigmented, goes on smoothly. Blends like a dream and does not budge or crease. Definitely goes in my top favourite. Some good dupes for this one could be Kiko Matte Yellow Eyeshadow #19 and the last two shades in Inglot Rainbow Eyeshadow 103R. Rating : 5/5
mufe-eyeshadow-m408-mustard Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow M720 Apricot (Price USD 21 / Rs 1,400 approx) I always love a good peachy eyeshadow as a transition color when I do my eye makeup. M720 Apricot is a lovely warm peach eyeshadow. Although it is nothing unique or new eyeshadow but since I was making a palette, I definitley needed this one in my palette. It is a matte eyeshadow and makes for an absolutely gorgeous overall lid color but especially a transition shade. MAC Texture, Bobbi Brown Toast, Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie, and MAC Samoa Silk are pretty close shades to this eyeshadow. It’s not a unique shade but it’s a must have shade. It’s matte and a very smooth eyeshadow. It is easy to blend. There’s no fall out. It is very long lasting and blends beautifully with other eyeshadows. For me, it’s a staple eyeshadow when it comes to doing my eye makeup. Love Love Love it! Rating : 5/5mufe-eyeshadow-m720-apricot Swatches : Apricot, Mustard, both blended togethermufe-eyeshadow-m720-apricot-review

Ardell Invisiband Glamour Lacies False Eyelashes Review (Price Rs 375) : I adore Ardell lashes. Not only they are great for the price but they are very good quality. They are easily available in India and you can buy so may styles of these lashes. The Glamour Lacies are one from their dramatic eyelashes line. They are very glam and very long. They make quite a statement when you wear them. The band is thin and  quite invisible. And although the eyelashes are long, they are quite lightweight and every comfortable to wear. I have so many Ardell lashes and I have probably used each one a multiple times but they are still in good shape and that speaks for their quality. Regarding lacies, I just feel that they are a tad bit shorter for my eyes. I feel they could be just like a lash or a two longer. But then I have long eyes and I rarely have to trim any lashes. For most people this would be an abasolute perfection. I keep purchasing and repurchasing Ardell lashes. They are def my favourite. Rating : 5/5ardell-lacies-lashes ardell-lacies-lashes-review

You can see both the transition colors and false eyeshadows in picture below. 🙂shimmery-black-blue-smokey-eye-makeup-1

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6 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow M408 Mustard, M720 Apricot, Ardell Lacies EyeLashes Review

  1. A good transition shade is so under-rated i feel. It can literally make or break the look. And some of these shades you feel – “Ah! i already have it. Lets pick up a more unique one.” But ultimately, these are the shades you reach for more often! Beautiful selection Rati – and i love the mixed together shade!

    Lashes! Lashes! Lashes! I notice you are using lashes more often nowadays. and it definitely adds to the look. I remember the first time i tried lashes – it was just so easy peasy and i was like – “whats the fuss all about!!” Total Beginner’s luck. I think the style also had a role to play. Post which i must have tried putting them on a handful of times – a mess, each single time! I gave up! 🙁

    1. The mixed shade turns out to be so pretty, I am literally obsessed. Honestly, that yellow shadow, I would have really not thought I’d end up liking it so much.

      With lash, K I feel it’s the practice and a bit of patience. I have my struggle days but more often now I manage still. But earlier it was difficult. I think the two tips i could give you would be

      1. Wait for the glue to get tacky. Like 15-20 seconds. It makes life so much easier.
      2. As a beginner don’t worry if you lash does not stick in one go. If any corner comes off , dont panic. Just put the lash glue with a thin brush / top the the part that is sticking out and stick the lash back on the lashline. In your head it is more peaceful that ways.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

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