10 Social Etiquette that’ll Make You Look Very Classy

As decades have passed, there has been development in the social etiquettes. Now, there are some etiquettes which are unspoken, but can make you look like a really classy person. They need not be told; here are some of the most important ones.

Social Etiquettes

1. Do Not Talk Loudly on Phone

If you have something important to talk, go outside. Do not talk loudly in a closed room, especially in setups like theatre and office. We, humans, can manage to communicate without letting the world know.

2. Do Not Talk with Food in Your Mouth

do no talk while eating

If someone wants to know what you’re eating, they can look in your plate. You don’t have to show your half chewed food in your mouth. Not only it looks gross, it will offend the other person also. So, instead of talking with your mouth full, take a moment to chew your food and then talk.

3. Earphone Sharing

Some people don’t like sharing earphones. I, for one, don’t like it at all. I hate it when people shove their earphones in my ears. Don’t do that please. Also, do not ask other people for their earphones. This is unhygienic, and almost like invading someone’s very personal space.

4. Just Look at the Phone, Don’t Swipe

woman using cellphone

If someone gives you their phone to see something, don’t swipe. If you want to swipe and see other pictures, at least ask. People’s phones are private.

5. If You Borrow Something, Return

It’s the most annoying thing ever! If you are borrowing something, return it as soon as possible. The other person might need it. Also, if you happen to lose it, just buy them a new one. It is not a pleasant experience to not get things back.

6. Don’t Overshare

woman and man talking

You might be OK with sharing, but it might make the other person uncomfortable. Like that scene in friends when Chandler’s new roommate shares his break up story which terrifies Chandler. Just do not share TMI.

7. Say “Thank You”

say thank you

It doesn’t hurt much, just say thank you. It may make someone feel special. Don’t forget to use “Excuse me”, “Sorry” and other such phrases as and when required. Nobody can dislike a humble, polite and well-mannered person.

8. Don’t Peep

Again, it’s personal. Don’t peep into other people’s bags, drawers, closets, computers, phones. If they initiate and want to show you something, then it’s a different story, but do not start it from your end.

9. Don’t Scratch

This is not just about men, it’s about women too. No one wants to see that. Please spare us the horror. Excuse yourself to a washroom, and then relieve yourself.

10. Give Your Seat

give your seat

Give your seat to the elderly, pregnant women or disabled people. They need it more than you.

If you don’t follow any of them as of now, please start doing so. And also comment what you think is unspoken etiquette.

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13 thoughts on “10 Social Etiquette that’ll Make You Look Very Classy

  1. Agreed 100% really hope people read this and understand and most importantly implement these things
    P.S. the picture of pregnant lady is shoo shweet lmao!

    1. I know. If you tell them that you don’t like sharing earphones, they take offence and if you tell them you don’t have them with you, you can’t take them out later. ????

  2. Bang on Grisha! I know so many people who do these and there is no way to put it across to them that the behaviour is not okay.

    Adding just one more – standing too close to someone in a queue or something. Up north, this is a problem with the opposite gender and its on purpose. But in Mumbai, I see a lot of females standing way too close to you and you know its obviously not on purpose but its so uncomfortable. n people just don’t get it. Keep a little distance. There is no need for bodies to touch just coz you are in the line.

    Ah! One more, can females who carry large bags or open hair be conscious of their bags and hair respectively. Either of those things should not be invading peoples private space or harming another person physically! Seriously!!!

    1. The queue thing is sooooo true. I don’t want to be touching someone else and if the weather is bad! Well that’s just the icing on the cake????
      Sometimes, in classes too. When a girl with long hair sitting in front of me, is playing with her hair, and it’s all over my desk! It’s so annoying!

    2. Totallyyy agree with you…i hate it wen people keep coming closer and closer to you in queues…they dont get that that doesnt make the queue move any faster n they are just annoying the person in front of them…

  3. Can’t agree more!! Not saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ tops my pet peeves list. Talking loudly is another one,especially in restaurants.

  4. YES! Exactly! So glad I read this article 😀
    The way most people behave, it makes me feel like I’m the one being picky! Please don’t ask me for earphones, and don’t put your hair in my face, and don’t swipe my phone when I show you one picture, thank you!
    Agree 100% with you on all points, Grisha.. thanks for this article 🙂

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