Make Your Own Cream Blush in 8 Simple Steps!

Hey everyone,
Today I am going to tell you guys how to make a cream blush at home with just simple ingredients.
Yesterday, I broke my eye shadow accidently and I really loved that color. So, I did not want to waste it and I decided to make a blush out of the powder pigment. You can also use this as cream eye shadow or just a lip tint.
So, if you want to know how to make cream blush at home please keep reading.

DIY Cream Blush1

DIY Cream Blush2

Things required:
1. Candle
2. Toothpicks
3. Any cheap lipstick (I am using an old lipstick which my niece broke :p)
4. Vaseline
5. Empty container to store your blush (I am using my Lakme compact container as I am finished with my compact; it also has mirror 😉
6. Foil (2 pieces)
7. Loose pigment/broken eye shadow/eye shadow pigment
8. 2 metallic spoons
9. Match sticks

Step 1: Lay a newspaper over the working area as it could get messy. Cover both the metallic spoons with foil. This step is important to avoid the spoons to get dirty.

DIY Cream Blush3

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Step 2: Lit the candle. Put some Vaseline on the spoon (if you use more Vaseline, the blush would be more sheer).
Step 3: Put the spoon on the flame and add pigment to it. Once the Vaseline starts to melt, mix it using a toothpick and put it aside.

DIY Cream Blush4

Step 4: Now, take the second spoon and chop lipstick on it (it’s important to add lipstick because it would be nicely set because of the ingredients of lipstick. If you make this blush without lipstick, it could get melt in summers).

DIY Cream Blush5

Step 5: Put this spoon on the flame till the lipstick melts. Stir it with the help of toothpick.
Step 6: Now, pour this liquid on the first spoon and put it on flame again.
Step 7: Basically, you have to mix both the liquids (Lipstick liquid + Pigment and Vaseline liquid).
Step 8: Once it gets nicely melted pour it in the container. Put this container carefully in the freezer for 2-3 minutes till it sets nicely.

DIY Cream Blush6

DIY Cream Blush7

(Note: If you are making more quantity you have to take bigger spoons)

I wore this blush and it lasted for about 4-5 hours, but you have to layer it with powder blush on top. You can build the color it if you are not satisfied with the pigmentation.
Now say bye bye to expensive cream blushes 😉

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