Make Your Own Customized Makeup Highlighter For Glowing Skin

By Nishita P.

Hello ladies,

Ever had a whole pot of that MAC Pigment in Vanilla and wondered how much you can use it?? So, here is a simple and easy DIY highlighter using the pigment. Trust me, you will love it 🙂
Make Your Own Customized Makeup Highlighter For Glowing Skin

MAC Vanilla pigment is a loose powder which can be used as a highlighter, eyeshadow, can be used on lips, eyeliner, on nails etc. It is a concentrated color, hence you need very little. I have so much left that I keep sharing it with my sister, and still not empty! So, if you are planning to purchase a highlighter soon, forget about it if you have this pigment! I will show you a method where you can customize this to match your skin tone perfectly. Also, a cream highlighter seals into the skin much better than the powder version.

Vanilla pigment is a beautiful shade, but if you don’t blend it right, it may tend to look a bit white-ish/ashy, when used by people with brown/deeper skin tones. I have had this issue during summer time, as I tend to go a few shades darker. So, please read down to know and see how I achieve my perfect highlight.

Things you need:
1. MAC Vanilla Pigment (or you can also use any equivalent Champagne color pigment with no glitter)
2. MAC Fix + (or any makeup setting spray).
3. Moisturizer.
4. Foundation.
Makeup highlighter

Take a tiny amount of the pigment and a tiny amount of the moisturizer. Mix well. Once this is done, add 1-2 drops of your favorite foundation that you are using for the season. Mix them well. Finally, add 3-4 drops of MAC Fix+. Once this is all stirred up and mixed, your highlighter is ready!
Swatch on hands

Blended swatch

Now, using your foundation would help prevent the ashy or whitish effect and looks more natural, like you have an inner, “lit from within” glow. Also, the highlight would not look very obvious. MAC Fix+ will help seal your highlight and make sure that it does not move. Adding the moisturizer will keep the skin hydrated in case the skin is dry.
You can make this mixture while you are doing your makeup or make it and store it in a small container.

Good luck!

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