Make Your Own Statement Ring: Do It Yourself

Make Your Own Statement Ring:  Do It Yourself

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Today, I will be sharing with you all a DIY tutorial. This is my first DIY on IMBB and I hope you all will like it 🙂

Make Your Own Statement Ring Do It Yourself

Things Required:

1. Plain Ring.
2. Fevicol All Fix/Feviwick.
3. Crystal Stone/or any kind of stone from old broken jewellery.


Let’s start the tutorial:

Step 1:

Apply Fevicol All Fix on the centre of the ring. Be careful with the All Fix or else it can make your fingers sticky.  Alternatively, you can use any permanent adhesive if you don’t find this adhesive.

How To Make Statement Ring

Step 2:

Place the crystal stone on the center of the ring and hold it in place for a minute or two, till the stone sets on the ring.

How To Make Statment Rings

Step 3:

Statment Ring

Let the crystal stone stay put on the ring for at least 24 hours, so that it completely dries out and voila your ring is ready!

You can use any kind of stone to make your own creative style statement rings. Would love to see your designs, please do share it with us!

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    1. yeah rati… infact i picked up 10 such plain rings and i have so many earrings lying around which i dont use… i will get stones out and make it into rings 🙂

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