Makeup Academy Cupcake Blusher Review

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So girls, today I am going to review a blush or blusher, if you go by the British name by MUA. The name of this shade is Cupcake. I bought this because I am currently going nuts over matte blushes. MUA is a UK-based brand and basically it is UK’s version of E.L.F., at least what I think of it. Read on to know how good is this blusher.

Product Description-Just simply sweep across the apples of the cheek and up to the brow bone to create a soft yet beautiful contour.
Makeup Academy Cupcake Blusher  (11)

Price-1.00 GBP( 100 INR approx.)

My Take On Makeup Academy Cupcake Blusher :

I bought this blusher because I have become a fan of matte makeup. Let me start the review by talking about the packaging of this product. It come in a rectangle shaped compact type of container, I am bad at explaining guys! It is not very sturdy but is functional. I personally find this packaging really nice and sleek. I just love it. The color of this blusher is like a peachy-pinky type of color. It is very light and will not show on dark-skinned beauties at all. It gives a really nice flush of color which we find appropriate for the no-makeup look (I do:))
Makeup Academy Cupcake Blusher  (12)

Makeup Academy Cupcake Blusher  (9)

I am not very fair but more on the fairer side of the wheat-ish complexion. It shows on my skin pretty well; however I do need to build the color in order for it to show properly; for just nice rosy matte cheeks – I just sweep it once or twice, it works fine for me. As the product contains talc, it is powdery in texture but not chalky. The pigmentation is good as the color will really show up on fairer skin tones. It stays on me for nice 5-6 hours on any base like a CC or BB cream. Let me sum the pros and cons of this product for you:)

Makeup Academy Cupcake Blusher  (7)

Makeup Academy Cupcake Blusher  (9)

Pros of Makeup Academy Cupcake Blusher :

• Extremely affordable
• Nice pigmentation
• Not chalky
• Packaging is nice and sleek
• Really nice matte color
• Staying power is good for me.

Makeup Academy Cupcake Blusher  (10)

Makeup Academy Cupcake Blusher  (8)

Cons of Makeup Academy Cupcake Blusher :

• Might break if you drop it. I saw how Sumera’s broke:(
• Availability
• Will not suit dark-skinned beauties

IMBB Rating-4.5/5

Will I Re-purchase Makeup Academy Cupcake Blusher ?

I will repurchase this shade when I finish this off!

Last Word on Makeup Academy Cupcake Blusher :

It is so affordable you can really try any blusher from this range they are all fantastic.

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