Makeup Academy Eye Dust in No. 6 Review

Makeup Academy Eye Dust in No. 6

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Today I will be reviewing a powder eye shadow from MUA. These powder shadows are called eye dusts and they come in variety of shades. The one I brought is shade number 6 (no name is mentioned).

Product quantity: 1.5 g

Price: INR 399

Makeup Academy Eye Dust inNo. 6

Packaging: The powder is packed in a little round tub with a black cap. The tub is completely sealed except a little round opening in the center from where the product can be used. The packaging is very simple and travel friendly. The screw on cap is tight enough to avoid any kind of leakage while traveling.

Ingredients: List of ingredients is mentioned at the base of the tub

Makeup Academy EyeDust in No. 6

Product Description: Add a glamorous touch to your party look with this ‘6-Eye Dust’ eye shadow from MUA Makeup Academy. Easy to apply and long lasting, it will add a perfect finishing touch to your look. Truly worthwhile, it will become your favorite in no time! It comes in a 1.5 g pack.

My take on Makeup Academy Eye Dust in No. 6:

Color & pigmentation: Shade no. 6 is a burgundy color with loads of small sized shimmer particles. It has a mixture of both pink and gold color shimmers which are clearly visible in the tub, but when the shadow is actually applied on to the lids these shimmer particles somehow become less visible. Only a very small quantity of shimmers can be seen on the lids. This is a perfect color that can be used to get a smoky look without much effort. As this color is on a darker side, it is usually a little difficult to use during the day especially as a complete lid color. The color looks beautiful as an outer corner color especially because even the little amount of color gives a smoky effect. The color is nicely pigmented, but I won’t say that it is crazily pigmented as few coats are required to get a deep burgundy color on the lids.

Makeup AcademyEye Dust in No. 6

Texture & staying power: Texture wise, the shadow is smooth to apply, but I found it really difficult to blend the color especially if the color is used over an eye shadow primer. The color blends pretty evenly without a primer, but with a primer, there was no time to blend the color and the color was as it is as I tapped with the brush. Honestly saying this made me little annoyed earlier but when I saw the staying power, I was little relieved. The color does stay for a long time without creasing or even much fading. The color remains almost intact for about 3-4 hours and this duration can be increased by using a primer.

MakeupAcademy Eye Dust in No. 6

Pros of Makeup Academy Eye Dust in No. 6:

• Affordable
• Beautiful smoky color
• Nicely pigmented color
• Smooth to apply
• Do not crease even hours after application
• Stays for a decent time without fading time
• If applied in tapping motion, shows no fallout

Make up Academy Eye Dust in No. 6

Cons of Makeup Academy Eye Dust in No. 6:

• A little difficult to blend (especially with a shadow base), sets very quickly
• No name mentioned on the color, can be recognized only by numbers.

Would I buy this product again?

Not this color, as this would last me for a long time, after which I might not be interested in the same color again, but yes I would like to try some other colors from the company just to test their blending ability.

Makeup Academy Eye Dust in No. 6

Do I recommend this?

Yes! It might not be the best but it is not bad in this price range.

Rating: 3.5/5

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