Makeup Academy F2 Foundation Blending Brush Review

Makeup Academy F2 Foundation Blending Brush Review

Everyone associated with IMBB will agree to the fact that the blog has explored and opened new dimensions of makeup, style and fashion. Each day, I/we learn something new from IMBB. My decision to pick up a stippling brush relates back to an outfit post by Rati ma’am, in which she said that she blended her foundation with a stippling brush for a natural look. I tried to go back and quote that specific outfit post, but I am unable to do so, or it may take a lot of time. Whenever I try a new function brush, I start with a drugstore brand to check its utility in my usage. I was placing an order with Makeup Academy back in early January of this year, so I added this to my cart. I wanted a few other brushes too, but … it is a long story which I will definitely share but in some other post because I want to get quick to the review.

foundation brush

Product Description:

A flat-topped, full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of any foundation.  Ideal for creating soft layers or adding textures to the skin. This style of brush is typically made up of shorter natural bristles and longer synthetic bristles. The duo-fibre brush is used for buffing and stippling foundation into your skin. To “stipple” foundation for an airbrushed look, dip just the very tips of the white bristles into your liquid foundation and gently tap onto your skin. This method of foundation application achieves a flawless, full coverage result with no streaking. Finally Buff the foundation into the skin by applying it in a circular motion to mesh the foundation with your skin as much as possible. Cruelty free, Synthetic brushes suitable for all skin types!

foundation brush


$5.05 + taxes & shipping – Developed in UK.

My Experience with Makeup Academy F2 Foundation Blending Brush:

When I opened my MUA haul parcel, the brush was lying on the top carefully bubble wrapped. It comes in a plastic pouch, which keeps it safe and makes it travel friendly.  Inside, it was enclosed in a separate plastic cover. The cardboard inserted in the pouch is printed with necessary details about the brush. The overall length of the brush is 6”, with about one inch long bristles and five inch handle. The handle is designed effectively, it’s thickness, roundness and length collectively makes the application very easy and comfortable. Also, the print on the brush handle is not going to fade anytime soon; unlike it does in low priced brushes. The bristles are black and white in colour. Extremely soft and silky in touch, they are duo-fibre bristles made up of a combination of natural and synthetic materials. They are bunched in a circular pattern, may be of diameter more than half of an inch. Personally, I think the bristle density should have been thicker than it is, but the brush performs so well and I am happy with it all in all.


The brush blends my foundations and BB cream very nicely, buffing the product efficiently. The final finish is a neat and natural look and that is what I expect from a stippling brush. I use it in circular motions to blend my foundation. The blending is flawless with no streaking. The handle is very supportive as I mentioned earlier, the only thing I wished were denser bristles of the brush, because it would have saved the buffing time. As of now, I require a bit more time to achieve a flawless natural finish of my foundation using stippling brush.

foundation brush

Washing this one is really easy. It dries fast and retains the actual shape without compromising the efficiency. Not even a single bristle has shed even after three washes.  Theoretically, a stippling brush is supposed to provide airbrushed look; I won’t claim it fully does so, but it makes me look I am wearing no foundation. It makes my everyday makeup look very natural. The best part is that it doesn’t waste much product and the coverage of the foundation/BB cream is not affected much.

I compared it to Real Techniques stippling brush owned by my friend. RT brush is denser in bristles, but I required greater amount of liquid foundation with it. MUA stippling brush evenly applied the foundation on my face along with saving my basic product. So overall, I would say if you are hard on budget, go ahead with MUA Stippling brush.

Pros of Makeup Academy F2 Foundation Blending Brush:

  • Super soft and silky bristles.
  • Duo-fibre brushes, a combination of natural and synthetic material.
  • Efficient and comfortable handle.
  • The brush blends and buffs foundations effectively.
  • The brush gives a natural look to foundation applied.
  • Flawless finish with no streaks.
  • Travel friendly with the plastic pouch.
  • No shedding on washing the brush.
  • Bristles retain the original shape after washing.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Dupe for good high-end stippling brush.

Cons of Makeup Academy F2 Foundation Blending Brush:

  • I think the bristles should have been somewhat dense and thicker to save time.
  • If you expect an airbrushed look like high end brushes give, then you have to compromise.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend/Repurchase Makeup Academy F2 Foundation Blending Brush?

I have written such a long and detailed review about a brush, which means I actually love it. I have two stippling brushes in my kitty right now, so no need to repurchase but if you are on budget and want a stippling brush, there is nothing better than this one. Guaranteed!

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  1. There are decent, lower priced brushes out there for those on a budget, this seems like one of them. Nice find and review, Sumera. 🙂

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