Makeup Academy Shade 4 Mascara Review

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My eye makeup feels incomplete without the thick mass of gel that lengthens my eyelashes. Yes! You’ve got it right, I am talking about mascara that completes my eye look. Even when I am not in mood to wear eye makeup at times, I make it a point to add a coat or two of mascara to my lashes as it brightens and adds volume to the lashes that make the eye look livelier and pretty as well. So here’s another review of  Makeup Academy mascara in shade 4.

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Product Description:
A make up must have – colored mascara, which is available in a number of eye-catching shades to create a striking effect. Long lasting and can be used alone, or as a highlight to the end of lashes on top of your normal shade.

Directions to use:
To achieve your desired look; apply the mascara to upper lashes first. Then take the brush, holding it underneath the top lashes, close to the roots and sweep the brush upwards from root to tip. To build the desired volume, add a few mascara coats. For the bottom lashes, use the tip of the brush to apply a thin layer of mascara in delicate strokes.

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Price: INR 700 (I got this for huge discount)

Shelf Life: 3 years

My Experience With MUA Makeup Academy Shade 4 Mascara:

Makeup Academy mascara’s come in about eight different shades. You have amazing pretty colors to choose from. After trying Electric Blue this is my second mascara from Makeup Academy mascara range. These mascaras are a little pricey in India when compared to its UK price, which come for just £1.

Texture and color: The texture of mascara is fine gel formula based and not water-based. These mascaras are specially designed for highlighting the tip of lashes. It does not smudge or clump, but it also enhances the length and volume of your eyelashes. It’s a very subtle brown color and can be used as an alternative to your black mascara. Like electric blue, this isn’t a vibrant color. It is darker shade of brown and looks very natural after application. The color shows off well at the tip of the lashes and adds volume to the lashes as well.

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Packaging: Like I’ve mentioned in my previous review of electric blue mascara the packaging of this one is same and quite simple. The body of the mascara is in a form of tube which comes is a cylindrical shape. The upper part of the mascara comes with a wand that has a regular mascara brush like any other mascara’s do. Looks like it has been specially designed to curl the lashes and it surely do. You can easily detect the color of the mascara by the color of the body itself. The logo is embossed in silver on its body and description for ingredients isn’t provided.

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The best part of the mascara is that it isn’t flaky or clumpy. The staying power of the mascara is great and it lasts for a longer time too. The gel-based formula excels in lengthening of the lashes. It perfectly curls up the lashes on just one application and intensifies the color on second application. However it isn’t waterproof. The only mascara that is waterproof based among all the eight shades is black. Rest others aren’t waterproof and come off easily on contact with water. Overall it’s a good product and my experience with this colored mascara has been great

Moving on to its pros and cons:

Pros of MUA Makeup Academy Shade 4 Mascara:

• Beautiful subtle brown color
• Doesn’t clump
• Doesn’t flake
• Doesn’t smudge
• Adds volume to lashes
• Lengthens the lashes
• Highlights the tips well
• Staying power
• Curls the lashes

Cons of MUA Makeup Academy Shade 4 Mascara:

• Not waterproof
• Its price in India
• Description for ingredients not provided

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Do I Recommend MUA Makeup Academy Mascara In Shade 4?
Definitely yes! If you are looking for a change in your eye makeup and wish to replace your boring black mascara with a mascara in brown shade you can go for this. The only problem with this mascara is that isn’t waterproof. But I can’t expect and complain much as I got these mascaras for such reasonable price after discount.

IMBB Rating: 4.6/5

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