Makeup and Beauty Haul Based on IMBB Recommendations

Makeup and Beauty Haul Based on IMBB Recommendations

I was just wondering how much I would have spent last month on cosmetics and I really wanted to take a count of the products as well. Almost all the products I got were based on IMBB’s recommendation and none of them left me disappointed. Thank you all ladies there who helped me pick up really good stuff and for also saving my skin. For a start I didn’t want to spend much by going for the luxury brands, so here is the list of products I have erased from my shopping list. [The shopping list always exists and only the count changes from time to time ;)]

Makeup and Beauty Shopping

  • Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara
  • Maybelline Whitestay UV Base
  • Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush – Peach Satin
  • Elle 18 Dewlipz lipper –Pomegranate Pie 008
  • Elle 18 Eyeliner – Black
  • Kama Soap Free Cleanser

I have spent Rs.1010 in total, not bad right: ) I also got this perfume Burberry Sport for women. The small bottle costs Rs.2010. I haven’t included this in the list above, as this was not in my shopping list at all. My hubby made me buy this, as he loved the fragrance. I don’t regret for buying this but for the amount I spent at one go it will take some time for me to digest it.

Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara

Thanks to HD. Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara
She had given a 4/5 for this product and this was on top of my shopping list after I wasted my new Dior mascara by letting it dry. I have read from almost all of you guys there raving about this product, so without a doubt I just blindly got this. I really love this and I am wearing it almost everyday now 🙂 Thanks a lot HD. This costs Rs.260 and I think it is worth the price. Also I don’t like to invest much on a product, which would dry in 6 months time.

Maybelline Whitestay UV Base

Thanks to Urmi Maybelline Whitestay UV Base

Urmi’s rating was 3.5/5 for this product. I really love this one as my makeup base. I never had any makeup base with me so far but after getting this it does make a difference in the way I look. It is so light and nice on my skin and doesn’t leave my skin oily and it does give that glow mentioned by Urmi. I love that glow on my face. The SA was really happy when she came to know that I am there to buy more than one product, as the counter was empty from the time I got in.

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush – Peach Satin

Thanks to Priyanka

rati beauty ad
Maybelline Whitestay UV Base
Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush – Peach Satin

I always end up using the blush left out in my old L’Oreal mini make-up kit, so I thought I seriously need a good one. To start with I wanted to go for a cheap one at the same time a good one that would not affect my skin. This costs Rs.150 and they had just 2 shades with them among which I loved this Peach Satin. Priyanka had given 4/5 for this product and I loved it even more for the shimmer in it. Since I don’t use a blush in the daytime this one suits me the best.

Maybelline had an offer saying if I get products worth Rs.1700 they were giving a sunglass. I was not very keen on that as I didn’t want to spend so much for a Maybelline sunglass but my hubby was as he felt it looked good on me. They gave a Maybelline Whitestay UV Compact as a gift. I didn’t want it for 2 reasons. 1. I already had it with me in the shade ‘Nude’ and 2.The one they gave in ‘White’ was pathetic on me. Surprisingly the SA said instead I could take the sunglass!!!!  I turned to see my hubby’s reaction and I could see all his teeth 🙂  he he.. as if I have won a deal !!!

Elle 18 Dewlipz lipper –Pomegranate Pie 008

Thanks to Neha Elle 18 Lipstick I was so impressed with these lippers when I saw the price and color shades available. For lip sticks whom else to trust other than our Neha so I decided to get one. Priya got this first and I loved it on her as well. Elle 18 Dewlipz lipper –Pomegranate Pie 008

It really moisturizes my lips and since I am preparing my lips these days for MAC lip stains I think this is the best lipstick. Remember I am a lip-gloss person, I’ll say this is my 2nd lip stick [I don’t use the first one though- it is a Maybelline one. I don’t have any complaints but still didn’t use it as I was stuck with my Body Shop lip-glosses] and I am happy with it.

Elle 18 Eyeliner – Black

Thanks to Neha Elle 18 Eyeliner

I never use liquid eyeliners but have always felt it would highlight my eyes better and brighter. To try one I got this tiny Elle 18 in black. Thanks to Priya again as she got me this from a store near her place [I couldn’t find Elle 18 near my place until last Sunday]. Initially I was not very quick in using eyeliners. I did shake a lot and messed up my eye area. I have to say it didn’t irritate my eyes at all. Now I am comfortable with this tiny one. Thank you Priya and Neha.

Kama Soap Free Cleanser

Thanks to Rati Kama Soap Free Cleanser

Priya first suggested this to me. She used this for a while and I could see a patch of tanned skin on her forehead vanish slowly. This was a big problem for her until she used this powder and it just did wonders on her skin. I checked out Rati’s review on this product and decided to buy this one. Though I don’t have skin problems I wanted to use this to get a flawless skin. I gifted the first box to my dad as even he has these dark patches on his face and he says he loves it too. Note: This is Rati’s HG cleanser : )

Thanks to all of you.

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140 thoughts on “Makeup and Beauty Haul Based on IMBB Recommendations

      1. @ aarthi : hi..where did u find ele 18 lipsticks? r u in mumbai? let me know please! and is the blush too shimery for using it in the daylight?

  1. ahh me too desperatlly want kama cleanser after reading rati’s daily care routine and review on this
    but i wonder i would ever be able to find it near my place
    i do have address which rati posted so hopefully some day ???
    i love my peach satin as well …

    loved ur shopping dear

    1. Thanks Rashmi 🙂 You will love the Kama cleanser is what I feel. Do get it soon and tell us your experience 🙂

  2. You wouldn’t believe this, Aarthi. These days whenever I also head out to shop, I take a quick glance at the reviews of the stuff I want to purchase. Feels so great. 🙂

    Enjoy! 🙂

    1. Ya Rati I really do refer IMBB before I shop for something and I think almost all of us do 🙂 If at all I miss out refering I usually end up without getting the product unless and until I am completely convinced during the trial. 🙂

  3. what a great IMBB haul Aarthi… :laugh:
    each 1 of us will agree about buying products after reading review on IMBB.. hai na…

  4. Nice haul Aarti, dont you feel better about a haul expenditure when there are freebies least I do 😀 , I love the Kama cleanser too

    1. Ya Renuca, I think anyone will. I was happy when they offered me the sunglass but my hubby was really excited 😉

    1. Hey Sanjeev, I think one day IMBB will have men visitors equal to women’s. I don’t think it will take a long time 😉

  5. Hey Aarthi….that was a gr8 haul!!! Shopping always excites me…whether it be shpng for myself or havng a look at what someone else has got!!!

    Glad you are liking the mascara…even if you spend a big amount on buying stuff at the end of the day if you know everything u’ve bght is gonna be worth its penny u dont mind it na….rather than wasting money over something which doesnt work for u..

    1. Ya exactly HD. That too for a mascara money really does matter. I am very happy with this one HD. Thanks a lot.:)

  6. Hey Radhika, Rati…can we go on the hunt together……I mean I wont really mind…….. 😀 .

    Aarthi….I have become wise like you people and wait for reviews on IMBB and go through the reviews on IMBB before buying anything……… 😀

  7. :silly: :silly: where to get a rich extramarital lover???? :silly: :silly: :silly: just thinking of the possibilities…………Rati…..”THEM??????????””””””””…. 😎

    1. Jomol, let her do all the hunting and get some “thems” we will just go and pick the ones we want…hehehehhee.

      Hey what’s all this “Is Radhika married” whats that got to do with anything…huh???? Oh got it, I won’t qualify for the extramarital category, otherwise. Yes yes I am married…so I can have husband, extramarital lover, ummm…boyfriend…hmmm…I will catch someone from my college days and declare him my ex-boyfriend. Hehehhehee
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  8. Ok, I take back my first statement. No men allowed on IMBB; at least not the beer-drinking ones. Only decent, boring, teetotalers allowed. :devil: :devil:

    1. These statements are like “golden words” once they are out you cant take thm back 🙂

      Rati has already started her hunt, she cant stop now

  9. No power supply here for an hour and look what all I miss out on!!

    Sanjeev: Before we sign up people for the posts of boyfriends, etc., etc., we go out for a bit of shopping with them. Only the qualified ones will remain around for further testing after that 😛
    .-= Radhika´s last blog ..Lancome- Oasis Mall- Koramangala =-.

  10. Radhika..theres one thing that I agree with you on….let us wait for Rati to get “them”….we can pick from that lot….that lot also includes “Sanjeev: 😀

      1. OMG :rotfl: :rotfl:

        Rati, you are in serious danger of missing a hubby…the guy is funny! I think the only thing you can rely on is his strange pets keeping potential threats away.

  11. Hahahahahah….OMG Rati is going to be fuming and :zombiekiller: :bomb: :knife:

    Sorry though, Sanjeev, I just found the cutest guy ever…errr…on youtube…so am out of the competition 😀

          1. Dear Radhika’s Hubby,

            This is to inform you that Radhika is going to cheat on your for a cute guy she found on youtube. As a loyal wife 😛 to a bent eared donkey I would like to assure that I have no role in provoking her. But since I am Radhika’s true friend I am going to support her in whatever makes her happy. I hope you also support her because you vowed during your marriage that you will support her through thick and thin.

            Also , please don’t ban her from coming to IMBB. We would have a huge dearth of castor oil at this end otherwise.

            Kind regards,
            Loyal wife 😛 of bent eared donkey

            1. Hehehehheheeee…this blog is BAAAAAAAAAD! Dear Radhika’s hubby is busy searching for a girl for himself, on or off youtube…not very particular about all that. He didn’t find anybody good at office it seems!!!

  12. Sanjeev, I am also out of competition…..”selling hair for daily living” eeks………Rati, I “dump” Sanjeev” :-))

  13. Rati,….I am not scared of cockroaches….I squash them with my hawai chappals 😀 ….allow me into your home Rati…I will squash all your hubby’s favourite pets one by one.. :fighterm: :fighterm: :fighterm: :fighterm:

  14. on second thoughts Rati…I think I will go for Sanjeev….he has innovative ideas……othewise…..I can set up a street circus with him and his pet cocroackes and lizards and earn money that way for my makeup…what do you think ?:-) 😀

  15. Oh goodness….this is atrocious… :rotfl: Looks like you didnt need to make a deal with the pet after all!!

      1. Btw the ques was for Jomol. I had to go for a meeting, the only work I did since morn 😉 Hope my boss doesn’t see this 😉

  16. Uyyyooo Jomol…paavam Rati. I think she is packing Sanjeev in some Jomol-proof dabba and putting him away in cold storage!

  17. Radhika…I know why you withdrew from the competition…Sanjeev is anyways sending you drumfuls of castor oil monthly…what more do you need??????? 😀 …BTW, who’s the cute guy on internet….. ?:-) …..I kind of llike Shashi Tharoor….but

  18. Hey Rati…some info about my hubby…my husband is a lecturer, 10 years older than me, pampering, loving, caring (but not indulging), loyal (I doubt), and doting………can you write the NOC now…..

  19. Me and Rati…sautan sautan….. :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: . Rati….you can abuse me…”your haq tho banata hai.”

  20. Radhika….njan chumada kali akuva….Ratine irritate cheyan vendi…. :-D. Rati…I am thinking of giving Sanjeev a Mohawk haircut :mohawk: :mohawk: :mohawk: :mohawk: what do you think??????

  21. Excellent haul Arathi.

    I have the Elle 18 dewlips, Maybelline Dream Mousse Bronzer and the Kama cleanser and I just love them all. And Im so gonna try the Colossal Volume soon..

    The lippies are so moisturising aren’t they?

    Rati, Jomo,Rads..geeehee..whats going on?? lol

    Jomo…Mr Tharoor ka peecha abhi tak nahi choda 😛

        1. Aww yeah…

          Sounds great..Official MAD day of the Crazy Makeup Ladies Club :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

          Don’t worry, we’ll celebrate more such days..what say?? boink boink

  22. Hi Rati and everyone,

    Could you please let us know the best daily skin care routine.

    I use the Garnier skin lightennining cream for the face….is it good?

    Do suggest any products not the SPF ones….for the face…

  23. Hey Guys,

    I read all the comments just now. Seriouly you all had a mad day. Poor husbands slogging and you guys had fun on their count……………..Not a bad Idea 😉 :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

  24. Hi Aarthi,

    Can you let me know which shade you use in Maybelline uv base…..cos im NC 43 and might be similar to your skintone

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