Makeup and Hairstyle Tips to Look Mature and Sophisticated

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I planned to write this article after meeting an old school friend. She is 23 now, working in an MNC. But she still looks like a school student. She attends wedding parties in saree and still the compliments that she get are mostly like “Oh, you look like a kid.”, “Aww….you look so young…” She thinks I am a big makeup guru and asked me for some solution. So, I wanted to write this for her and many other girls, facing similar problems like her. I will talk about the various aspects of makeup that you should consider to look more mature and sophisticated.

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Base makeup

applying foundation

Say good-bye to heavy, cakey base makeup. Only teenagers go for such finishes as they want to look flawless and fairer using the foundation. Use a good foundation that gives natural looking finish. Invest in a good foundation that won’t cake up due to sweat. Also, go for matte finish instead of dewy ones. The matte finish definitely makes you look more matured. You will have to add blushes and bronzers to balance the matte effect later.
Using a concealer is also important. The acne spots and blemishes will remind everyone of the teenage days and you surely do not want that to happen. Again, invest in a good concealer that will give good coverage and look natural. Use the concealer above the foundation, only to hide your imperfection. This way, the base makeup won’t be heavy and yet it will look perfect.


contour face

The round face, soft cheeks and button nose will definitely make you look like a kid, So, if you want to look matured, you need to contour your face and add more depth and definition. Use a dark shade of foundation or bronzer under your cheekbone, in the jaw line and near the hairline to create the illusion of a bony, defined structure. Use a highlighter to define the high points and a blusher on the apples of your cheek.
It is also important to shape up the nose to make it look pointed, defined and sharp. Add the dark shade of foundation on the sides of the nose and a highlighting shade on the bridge. This will make the nose look thinner and pointed.

Lip makeup

dark lipstick

Get defined, prominent lips using a lip-liner and lipstick. Using a lip-balm and lip-gloss makes the lips look fuller and softer, which makes you look young. A lip-liner is must to make the lips look defined and stop the lipstick from bleeding. Use a pigmented lipstick to fill up the lips. Use a lip-brush to cover every corner perfectly. Instead of using the lip-gloss all over the lips, it is better to add some gloss to the centre as it makes the pout look prominent. Choosing the right shade of lipstick is also important. Go for reds and other dark shades instead of girly shades like pink and peach. You can also go for some sophisticated neutral shades.

Eye makeup

eye makeup look

Instead of choosing pastel shades of eye-shadow, either go for neutral eye makeup or try the smoky eye. Choose the right shade of eye-shadow, keeping your eye-color in mind. Use different shades to add the depth and intensity. Instead of using eyeliner on the lashes, tightlining gives a more matured eye-look. Using the mascara on both the upper and lower lashes is a must as it makes the eyes look fuller and brighter. Use falsies in the outer corner of the upper lash and all these together will give your eyes the desired sophisticated finish. Also, do not forget your brows. Use a brush to groom them up and an eye-brow grooming pencil or shadow to fill the gaps. You can mix brown and black to fill the gaps without looking OOT.

Creating the balance

balanced makeup

Wearing red lipstick with smoky eyes is ok for the young teenagers who are new in the world of makeup. If you want to look matured, you should learn to create the balance. Go for neutral lips with smoky eyes or neutral eyes with red lips.



While wavy tresses make you look younger; the straight hair gives you a more matured look. Try to straighten your hair and if you want to keep it open, part it in the middle. Hairstyles like ponytails and loose braids should be avoided completely. Go for top-knots, ballerina buns , French-twists and other types of buns. This will help to highlight your contoured face-makeup and enhance your defined features.

Along with all these tips, it is important to maintain the confidence. Be confident with your look and appearance. Walk confidently, smile and talk confidently and pose confidently for photos. I am sure people will admire the sexy diva emerging out of the soft “teenager-girl”! Cheers and all the best ladies.

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  1. Awesome tips Esha. I could use most of these tips. They are simple and don’t take too much time either. I am not in the 20’s age group but still don’t look my age. Thank you so much!

  2. hi,

    I do not know of any woman who would want to look older than what her real age is 😛

    but nice write up .

    – xoxo

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