What’s in My Makeup Bag?

What’s in My Makeup Bag?

By Mehr

It is said that a woman carries her entire world (well almost) in her handbag. I do laugh it off when I hear someone say it, but a part of me does agree to it.

“From a pin to a plane, you’d find everything
In her bag of vain”
(I just came up with a quote of my own :yahoo:)

I have even read these celebrity interviews where, when they’re asked about what have you got in your handbag, they say “umm..nothing much – my wallet, house keys, sunglasses, sunscreen, hand cream, a kohl, a lipgloss, face powder, my favourite scent, some dried fruits, and yeah that’s about it.” It does sound hilarious, but when you come to think of it, we really can’t step out of the house without our “essentials.”

Let me come to the point now, this post is about what I carry in my make-up bag, which is a part of my huge handbag. To start with, let me tell you that I have two make-up bags – a regular one and a party one. The party bag is when I need to rush for a party and get ready in the car. I wasn’t really a make-up person, but IMBB swiftly converted me to a make-up freak, hence the two make-up kits.

In this post, I’ll be sharing the contents of my regular make-up bag and if you guys want, I would also do a post on my party make-up bag :toothygrin:

Here we go:

This is my cute, zebra pattern kit, which looks quite small, but you’ll see that it isn’t. I picked it up from a night bazaar in Bangkok and it was pretty cheap (somewhere around Rs.100/-). The black stripes are in velvet and the quality of this kit is really good. I have been using it over 10 months now.

What's in my Bag

The Contents:


1. Hand Sanitizer:


It is the most essential part of my kit as I’m a cleanliness freak. Even otherwise, this is one thing you MUST NOT leave home without.

2. Face Wipes/Wet tissues:


I’m using Bare Essentials wipes which also remove make-up, they’re really good. I’m almost finished with the pack so I’ve purchased Kara wipes, let’s see how they fare.

3. Compact/Face Powder:


This is also a very important product for touch-ups or if you need to re-do your make-up. I’m using The Body Shop compact and I totally love it.

4. Blush and Kabuki:


A blush is an instant pick-me-up, if you don’t have time to use a lot of products, just dab on some blush and you’re all set. I use the Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Blusher and Highlighter duo – it is to die for and plus you get the highlighter with it, you don’t need to carry one separately.


I use the Sheercover kabuki to apply it.

5.  Lipstick and Lip Balm:


I tend to carry a separate lipstick, lipbalm, gloss etc, but actually you can carry just one of your favourite and you’ll be good to go. I carry a lipbalm (for everyday use), lipstick (in case I have a meeting/a date :p) and a gloss (if I have to head for a party straight from work!).


These days, I’m also carrying the Sleek Pout Polish, which is superb and works for all looks, Rati reviewed it a few days back.

6.  Kajal and Mascara:
As it is my regular kit, I do not stuff it with eye shadows, so a kohl and mascara is all I need for my eyes. These are also quite essential as they work for both day and night. I am using Colorbar Kajal and Clinique Mascara.


7.  Hand Cream:

I have this habit of using a hand cream everytime I wash my hands, so I carry my Marks and Spencers Lavender Hand and Nail cream – it’s really good.


8. The Extras:

I’m like ‘Miss-carry-it-all,’ so I throw in some more things, which are not so essential, but I feel I might just need it and then regret not taking it with me, so that’s why.



Perfume – I carry three, yes you read it right – 3. A solid perfume, a roll-on and a perfume stick.

Mirror – The TBS compact and the VS blush both have nice mirrors, but I just like to carry my cute, girly mirror.

Q-tips – Though I’ve never used them, I still feel I might need them someday!

Hairpins – A pair of pins don’t take up too much space! Just in case I’m having a bad hair day, they’ll help me.

9.  Latest Additions:


I have recently bought a Vichy sunscreen and the FabIndia Lemongrass facial spray, which shall also be stuffed into this lovely make-up bag.

Well, that’s all. I hope you like it. I’d love to hear what you all carry in your make-up bags, so I could add more to mine (although there ain’t any more space in it, LOL).

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38 thoughts on “What’s in My Makeup Bag?

  1. hey great post. here is what is mine –

    this is my office one

    MAC concealer
    Faces compact
    black eyeliner/eye pencil – Elle 18/Faces
    lip gloss – the ones from ELF of late which is a slight peach color
    Faces wipes – my latest addition which is the most useful

    my party/travel/wedding etc would contain everything tat is in the above plus

    MAC foundation
    blush – Maybelline bronzy thing but continue to look for the right one
    darker shade of lipstick – preferably a purple’ish

  2. The pouch luks Sleek :love: I don’t have 1 but wen I go out for a whole day I just have lotus sunscreen,facewash,Hand sanitiser,olay moisturiser,tinted lipbalm,watershine lipgloss and mascara :toothygrin: :turtle:

  3. wooooooo…………..good to know i am not the only girl to carry almost everything in purse…. :yahoo: :yahoo:

    “From a pin to a plane, you’d find everything…. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

    please do the party bag review too… 😉 😉

    Can’t help myself from being nosy,but can you please also do a post about your wallet,may be about your purse containing all these thing. :thanks:

  4. Nice post 🙂

    My purse has the following:-
    body splash,lipstick,lipgloss,lipbalm,pocket tissue pack,hand sanitizer,wet wipes,hairbrush,mirror,a small perfume bottle,hair pin,hair clip ..somtimes compact foundation…

  5. i have a pretty simple black inglot pouch. I like it a LOT. it looks quite classy but sometimes all black looks boring. 😛

    I carry

    MAC MSF + TBS mineral foundtaion brush
    Hand Sanitizer
    Safety pin
    1-2 tissues
    1-2 lipsticks (the ones i like to wear that day)
    lip balm
    hand cream
    mirro ( i so wish msf had mirror 🙁 )
    a small perfume bottle
    sometimes when i have to go somewhere in evening i carry the tinest blush also with me. 😀

    guess that’s quite a lot 😐 😐 😐

  6. Oooooo….so pretty and so much fun :happydance: I love reading hauls and “What’s in my bag/purse ?” posts. That colorbar kajal was one of the first I had. Can you believe I threw it away because I didn’t know you could sharpen it? I was really pissed off that I paid so much for about an inch of kajal :toothygrin:

  7. The tube is made of plastic, na? Who thinks of sharpening plastic? :haanji:
    Oh, at the time when I was really ignorant, I used to put eyetex kajal on my upper lashline. It used to smudge like hell :silly:

  8. Hi…everyone…..I am a silent follower of IMMB….but dis post made me talk …..thts a very nice post …Mehr… :yes:
    I carry lot of stuff in my purse ..my makeup bag is very small ..
    …shenaaz hussian Kajal…
    …lip Balm ..Vaseline…
    ….Tinted moisturizer …Bobbi Brown.

    Thts it ….
    After following dis site …I feel like I will be getting into makeup…I have not bothered ..any it much …but now I will :preen:
    Luv dis site…. :heart: :heart: :heart:

  9. luvely post..io to dnt even carry any baaag wid me..books tk dikky me daal ke rkh leti hu… :preen: :preen: :preen:

  10. hi how is the colorbar kajal. i am planning to buy a good quality long lasting kajal, on days when i have some meeting or a date etc. ne reccos. love your bag though. and all the things you carry.

      1. rati suma’s post is different and colorbar kajal is different, supriya colorbar kajal is not gud, i have used it and it smudges like crazy on me, for a long lasting effect with kajal use amway’s attitude eyeliner in black, it costs 280rs and is every worth the penny, doesnt smudge on my eyes for 4-5 hours

  11. Grt post Mehr. Your products are cool but I’m looking at the zebra pouch more. Hehe.
    I use a small samsonite pouch I got with their luggage bag.

  12. Nice!! mine:
    Face wash
    eye pencil-three to four shades
    compact (oily skin)
    wet tissue pads
    Body spray (in my big nadbag :P)

  13. hi all
    i’m sorry couldn’t reply sooner, my internet wasn’t working 😐
    But am sooo glad you all liked it and it’s great to get more ideas for stuffing in more essentials :toothygrin:

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