Makeup Blunders that You Must Avoid on Your Big Day

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By Chanchala Bose

Hii Dearies,

Wedding day, is the most important day in a girl’s life. All of us have big plans for that day, what to wear, how should be the makeup and all. But, sometimes we over plan things and at the end, we end up making mistakes or may I call blunders. And trust me, your D Day is never coming back. So, it’s best to take you through a journey where we will let you know about the major makeup blunders that you should know and avoid on your D day


1. Experimenting with your makeup:


Your wedding day is not the correct time to experiment with your makeup. So, try to stick to the one where you look best in and are confident with.

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2. Don’t go by beauty trends:

Beauty trends is not something meant for the brides. So, don’t go by the hype and the latest trends in the makeup. Just stick to what you are doing and what you are sure of.

3. Taking too many suggestions:

That is the thing we all end up doing. See, as a bride you know what you are doing and thus be clear in your mind. Taking suggestions is fine but don’t drift away with those suggestions. Have a detailed discussion with your makeup artist.

4. Prepare yourself for the makeup trial:


When you go to the makeup trial as I said, you should be pretty sure and prepared about it. If you have a makeup in your mind, then don’t forget to take the reference pictures.

5. Choosing any makeup product of your choice over long lasting ones:


Going with lipsticks or lip glosses is a wrong choice. In wedding, especially when you are the bride then lip stains should be your choice. Similarly, for all other makeup products choose long lasting makeup products.

6. Test photographs:

You should not forget that being a bride, you will be the centre of attention of all the photographs. So, when you are going for the makeup trial, then don’t forget to test it in photographs too. Try with both flash and without flash settings.

7. Not looking yourself:

Don’t overdo the makeup. After all you must look beautiful on your wedding day but at least you should look you. So, don’t go for over dramatic makeup and try to look best but in your own shoes. Don’t try to imitate someone.

8. Shimmer at all wrong places:

Shimmer makeup is a must on your wedding day. But don’t forget that you don’t end up overdoing it. After all you should not look like a disco ball. So, be sure where and how much you should apply shimmer makeup.

9. Say yes to waterproof makeup:


Waterproof makeup is a must have in your wedding day vanity. Also, along with water proof go for the sweat proof variant too. This will full proof your makeup and thus you will all set for the night.

10. Focusing only on the face:

That’s a major mistake we all end up doing. The entire focus and planning goes on the face and the rest of the body is completely ignored. So, you don’t make this mistake on your wedding day.

That was all about the major blunders which you can make on your wedding day. So, be sure to bookmark this post and not to do them. Let me know if you are aware of any other blunders in the comments down below.

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