Makeup for Dry Skin

makeup dry skin

Makeup For Dry Skin

When you have dry skin, you may notice that makeup sometimes ends up highlighting the rough dull areas in your face instead of camouflaging them. This is because those layers of product result in an even more parched stretched out skin. However, with proper care, you can master the art of applying makeup so that it suits your skin.

Pre-makeup Prep

Begin with washing your face. Follow with your favourite moisturizer. You may also use a good quality face primer, which also provides moisture and make your makeup last longer.
If you’re using moisturizer, wait first for five minutes and allow it to absorb well to avoid a blotchy finish. When you select a face moisturizer, it is recommended that you look for ingredients such as almond, avocado or mineral oil, all of which do not clog the pores.
Face primers fill in and smooth out the skin, so that foundation sits well on top of it, giving a soft even look.


A concealer is of immense use to a woman with dry skin, because it can effectively mask blemishes, pigmentation and rough spots.
Choose a special moisturizing concealer containing ingredients such as polyhydroxy acid and gluconolactone to smooth out uneven skin tone and mask fine lines. The first step of moisturizing is very important, because concealers can settle into fine lines in dry skin.
Concealer must always be applied before foundation so that you need lesser of the latter.


If your skin is extremely dry and flaking, try to avoid powder foundations. Powders tend to dry out the skin even more, resulting in a dull tired look, rather than glowing and fresh. Also, powder also settles into fine lines, making them more obvious.
But if you have dry to normal skin, and wish to use powder foundation, select one which has been specifically formulated for your skin type. Check the ingredient list for antioxidants and hydrating elements. It is also a good idea to use foundation which features UVA/UVB protection, since dry skin looks incredibly dull after sun-damage.


It is better to use cream-based shadows if you have dry skin. This is because it is usually prone to developing fine lines, often around the eyes. Powder eyeshadows may settle into these and highlight them further. Using a nice cream eyeshadow which is designed to reflect light will make eyes look bright and the colours will stand out for a longer time.
When removing eye makeup, people with dry skin must use a remover specifically for the eyes. Check the label for words like ‘hydrating’ and ‘nourishing’. Your best bet is an eye makeup remover which moisturizers around the eye area as it gently wipes away all traces.


Lips, in women with dry skin are very sensitive to damage from sun exposure and cold climate. Lips balms with intensive moisturizing ingredients are essential to protect from chapping and drying. Stay away from balms containing menthol, camphor and other similar cooling ingredients.
Select an emollient lip balm with ingredients such as vitamin E, avocado, jojoba, kiwi, almond oil, etc, which will give an added boost of moisture to your lips. You can buy balms with SPF content too ward off sun damage. Tinted lip balms are a great way to add colour and moisture to your lips.
When buying lipsticks, try to avoid matte lipsticks. Dry lips become even drier with matte formalas. If you must use these, apply them over a layer of balm first.


When you apply blush the powder can get absorbed into it such that it leaved behind a dull dusty and uneven pigmentation on the cheeks. Learn how to apply blush properly and do it the last thing after foundation, lips and eyes.
The best thing you can do for your cheeks is to use mineral cream blushes especially formulated for dry skin. These have rich hydrating properties and add a smooth glow. Many of these also come with SPF, so that you have the added advantage of protection your sensitive skin from further sun damage.
eye makeup

Makeup removers

Never sleep with makeup on no matter how lazy you feel after a long day. This can result in clogged pores, acne and skin irritation. Moreover, makeup is already drinking up your skin’s moisture. Leaving it overnight is bad enough for any skin type, and it is disastrous for dry skin.
As they lift off makeup, most removers also take away essential moisture from the skin. Choose one that is made only for dry skin so that it returns lost moisture to the skin as it gently deep cleanses away layers of makeup and impurities from the pores.
Follow with a moisturizing night cream that can work to heal and hydrate your skin while you sleep. Look for products with rich moisturizing elements such as aloe vera.


Don’t think that dry skin means you can’t flaunt your makeup skills and look radiant and rosy. If you take basic precautions such as choosing cream-based moisturizing products over powder ones, you should not have much trouble. Buy products with good SPF content to minimize effects of sun damage. Keep exfoliating dead skin buildup and replenishing nourishment with ample use of moisturizers.

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