Makeup Geek Fantasy Foiled Eyeshadow Review

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So, when my relative was coming over from USA, I took the opportunity to order a ton of things. I had picked up quite a few Makeup Geek eyeshadows as well. If you watch tutorials on YouTube, then you would be familiar with MUG eyeshadows. While everyone in the beauty world is raving about them, I have a different opinion.  Read on to know more:

Makeup Geek Fantasy Foiled Eyeshadow

$10 (excluding shipping).



My Experience with Makeup Geek Fantasy Foiled Eyeshadow:

Texture: The texture of the foiled shadow is soft but not buttery. The basic pressed shadows have a better texture than the foiled ones. I do like the texture but if you compare it to the other shadows in the range, it isn’t that incredible.

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Pigmentation: It is highly pigmented and has tons of glitter in it. If you are a fan of crazy glitter shadows, then you will love the foiled eyeshadows. The colour might look green but it is loaded with silver glitter particles. It gives a hint of green but looks more silver-ish once you put it all over the lid.

Eyeshadow label

Since everyone raves about MUG eyeshadows, I had to try them. I wanted a green in my collection which had silver hints to it. I did manage to get a great colour but the silver overpowers the green way too much. In certain lights, the colour looks silver and there is barely any green visible. I wish the glitter particles were a little less or I wish they had incorporated green glitters too. Nonetheless, the pigmentation and texture of the shadow is incredible.

Eyeshadow swatch

The foiled shadow can be a little hard to blend due to the glitter falling everywhere and going on the crease too. There is a lot of fall out but the shadows are not chalky. This particular shadow will leave glitter all over your hands and face if you don’t wash it off well. The good thing is that it is long wearing and stays on my oily lids (I did not use any primer) for 7 hours. I wasn’t very “wowed” with this shade or the texture of it. I think some Make Up Academy shadows have a better texture than the foiled eyeshadows by MUG (MakeUp Geek).

Eye makeup

I don’t think I will repurchase any foiled shadow because you pay 10 dollars for one pan and if you don’t have any magnetic empty palette to place this pan, then you have to invest in that too. So overall, you are spending quite a lot with these shadows, right? But I must say that the variety of shades and pigmentation are on point!

Pros of Makeup Geek Fantasy Foiled Eyeshadow:

  • Cruelty free.
  • Paraben free.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Not very chalky.
  • Long-wearing formula.

Cons of Makeup Geek Fantasy Foiled Eyeshadow:

  • Too much glitter fall out.
  • The shade though seems green, but it appears more silver.
  • Slightly messy to blend out.
  • Expensive.

IMBB Rating:
3/5. I know people are berserk about MakeUp Geek shadows, but I don’t think the foiled shadows are worth spending on. You can buy an entire palette for that rate.

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