Makeup Guide for Women in Their 50s

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Recently I have become a makeup enthusiast. Along with trying different looks on myself, I also try doing makeup on friends and relatives based on their facial features, age and personality. I realize how my mom’s makeup needs are different from mine. I think the types of makeup products to be used, the colours and techniques – everything changes along with age. Here I will discuss a few makeup application tips for women in their fifties.


1. Base makeup
• A primer is essential in this stage. The skin is ageing and cannot repair fast. Now heavy makeup directly applied may not stay for long and the primer will help in this case.
• Foundation should be light and give dewy finish. Even women with oily-skin in younger days start to feel dryness in their skin after reaching forties. So a foundation that gives dewy finish is important. It will give a fresh glow to the skin. Avoid foundation with heavy coverage. Instead use a concealer to cover blemishes and spots.
• A heavy layer of concealer may not be a good idea either. Heavy concealer under the eyes to cover dark circles may highlight the wrinkles and fine lines. Use a little product, blend it well, and layer on if needed.

2. Powders and compacts
Loose powders tend to highlight the fine lines too. So applying the powder all over the face may not be a good idea. Use the powder on areas that need shine-control and to set the concealer. Use a light layer of compact if needed.

woman applying blush

3. Contouring
Contouring and highlighting make the skin look more aged. Instead, go for strobing. It will highlight your features and make you look young.

4. Blushes
A cream-based blush will look more natural than a powdered one. A little touch of blush will definitely add a healthy glow. Try to avoid bright shades like reds and purples. Instead go for lighter shades that will look natural on the skin. In some people, applying blush on the apple of the cheek makes the sagging skin prominent. A little blush spread on the entire cheek-bone with upward strokes gives a more natural finish.

woman applying gloss

5. Lip makeup
I think this is the toughest part. As the skin ages, the natural lipline fades. So it is often tough to apply lipstick along the lines. Using a lipliner becomes essential at this stage. Now lipliners which are darker than the lipstick are strictly not recommended. Go for the same shade or use a white liner.
Lipsticks of wine or red colour or any other striking shade may not look good anymore. It is always a better option to choose neutral shades of rose, pink, peach, etc. To glam up the look and make the lips look fuller, add some gloss.

6. Eye makeup
• This is again a tricky part. Applying mascara to the lower lashes and eyeliner in the lower eyeline is no more a good idea as it highlights the crow’s feet and dark circle along with making the eyes look smaller. Use them along the upper eye-lash and eyeline. Make sure to use hydrating mascara otherwise the lashes clump up. As the skin becomes thinner and a little sagging, the liner pen or water-based liner do not work smoothly. A gel liner is the best solution in this situation.

woman applying mascara

• Shimmery eyeshadows in the outer corners of the eye start highlighting the fine-lines in this age. So restrict them on the inner corners, centre of lid or use them to highlight the brow-bone.
• Taking care of the eyebrow is also an absolute necessity. Try to maintain a good shape and avoid making them very thin as it makes you look older. Do not use black eye brow pencil as they make the brow look unnatural. Instead use a brown eyeshadow to fill the gaps.

Last, do not lose your confidence and do not regret growing old. Put your makeup and smile on and live life as much as you can.

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  1. Thanks for this post. Am almost there..:)… I didn’t realize that loose powder should not be used whole face..learnt something new

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