Makeup Hacks to Steal from The Red Carpet

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Meeting you all after a long gap. I was stuck madly in work which made this delay. Anyway, coming back to our post let me show you what I have brought for pretty women on IMBB. Today, I am going to share some hacks from the red carpet. These tricks are used by mesmerizing divas at special award functions to tantalize their fans and create an appeal amongst the crowd with an enthralling coquetry. These hacks are suggested by Hollywood makeup experts and tried on famous Hollywood actresses. So let’s have a look below!

Makeup Hacks to Steal from Red Carpet3

The Lipstick Hack for Long Lasting Impression

Makeup Hacks to Steal from Red Carpet2

Just dabbing loose powder over a tissue paper by keeping it on stained lips is a very common tip for lip makeup. But, are you sure that this is enough to make your lipstick last for long hours on special events? Remember that just a long lasting lipstick is not your motto. Basically, you want to make your lips look more appealing and noticeable. For this, prep the area around your lips with a concealer which gives an appropriate shape to the lips from the outer aspect. Use a sharp lip brush to apply color on the inner corners as a tube or bullet won’t be able to reach each and every corner well.

Two Shades of Blush and Then Sealing The Deal with Palm

Makeup Hacks to Steal from Red Carpet4

This trick is going to suit you the most if you have fair skin tone. You have to pick two shades of blush including a deep and a lighter shade. Now, apply the deeper shade all over your cheeks and blend it well. Now, grab that relatively lighter shade and apply this blush exactly on apples. Make sure that before applying second shade of blush, you have appropriately blended the deeper shade. Now, seal it on your skin with your fingertips or palms. It is usually considered that dabbing blush with palm not only seals it on skin, but also balances the oil secretion during makeup.

The Classy and Classic Soft Smokey Eyes Look

Makeup Hacks to Steal from Red Carpet5

Do you go gaga over a classic smokey eyes makeup look that looks classy for a special gala evening? This trick is admired by most of the Hollywood and Bollywood makeup artists. According to them, if you want a soft and natural smoky eyed look, you will have to forgo eyeliner and especially liquid liner. Instead of using a black liner, apply a wet eye shadow as it prevents that overly intensified application and makes your eyes look naturally glamorous. In fact, you can do this almost in all types of eye makeup. Wet shadows are great alternatives of colored liners.

Subtle but Enchanting Lips Stain to Stun

Makeup Hacks to Steal from Red Carpet1

Makeup experts suggest that if you are wearing a dramatic eye makeup, then you must avoid bold or vamp lips. In that case, a subtle lip stain look is a smart choice. To achieve this look, apply a thick coat of lip balm when you begin makeup. Now, when you come to start your lip makeup, remove all that balm with a cotton dip. A long duration of lip balm coating tends to make lips soft which is essential for the stained lips look. Now, paint your lips properly with any desired shade and then blot it off with a tissue paper. Smudge loose powder or translucent powder around the edges of lips and reapply the color to the centre of pouts and you are done!

Right Body Postures

Makeup Hacks to Steal from Red Carpet

This is exactly not a tip, but we see some common postures, like chin up smiling face with graceful expressions and stomach tucked in with an eye catching outfit on the red carpet. These postures are nonetheless the best way to make a eye catching entry to the very special evening and it does matter for any event. What do you think of it, girls?

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