My Small Makeup Haul based on IMBB Recommendations

By Nids

I finally am following your blog seriously and after reading all the reviews on various products by the IMBB members, got a small set of makeup products myself today and I am quite happy with them too..

My list includes:-
Makeup and Beauty Haul

Lipstick Swatches :

Top : Color sensational ‘on the mauve’
Bottom : Maybelline color satin velvety plum..

Lipstick Swatches
inside the room in white light (without flash)

Lipstick Swatches
inside the room with flash
lipstick swatches
outside the room , in balcony, without flash

Loving all the products. Didn’t try the body butter as yet but tested it in the The Body Shop store.Smelled really nice and lasted long.Even the soft effect of the body butter stayed till i washed my hands after

coming home.So loving it too. A big thanks to you and all my IMBB friends. 🙂


23 thoughts on “My Small Makeup Haul based on IMBB Recommendations

  1. OMG.. its on IMBB.. my post.. :-)) 😛 :rotfl:
    thanks a lot rati.. bt really this blog is helping me a lot in knowing about more products
    n needless to say, meeting beautiul pple like u n all other IMBB members.. :laugh: :-*

              1. Now I am feeling such a fool that I have been talking to you through IMBB almost every single day for so long and never bothered to ask for your number. Infact HD has been for long and I took her number from MAC Queen. Need to learn networking skills from her.Feeling such a dumbo. :rotfl: :silly: :silly:

                1. Reallllllly..I was telling her..she only started all this meet-up thing. I am terrrrrribly shy of meeting new people….I am verrrry sure I can pass of kind of normal online 😀 but she tho OMG..she will talk to all of us and so new also na. She will be our MAC guru and our Network Guru

  2. Awesome haul.. I get more confidence while buying things that have been reviewed here. I’ve not regretted a single product that I’ve purchased based on IMBB’s reco..

    1. Nids, wat is your say on the lakme eye artist?i mean is it long lasting?am desperately looking out for a liquid liner which is long lasting with a felt tip.

      1. its really gud.. i tooo tried it for the 1st time.. always relied on liquid eyeliners..or pencil ones
        but the ‘eye artist’ is really cool.. 🙂
        is nt messy at all in application coz dries quickly.. compared to the liquid ones..
        n stays for long(mine easily 4 hrs) without fading.. then i washed my face..
        it can b used easily to apply a thick or thin liner depending on ur choice.. i did a thick one on my eyes after quite a long time using the eye artist othrwise wid liquid ones , i prefer a thin lash line coz sumtimes i end up getting all messy.. 😐
        if u r using a felt tip for the 1st time then u may find the tip a lil hard coz v r used to liquid brushes.. bt after 1/2 tries, u’ll luv it.. :-))

  3. Very sensible haul…. Nids…

    I have never been able to wear Mauve and Plums… Make me look washed out… Review the Maybelline Satin one no….

    1. hi mrunmayee.. the satin plum is a maroon shade actually.. quite pigmented..just 2 coats give the shade which is on my hand.. its actually 220/-(i got it on 15% disc)
      i luv wearing maroons n reds.. esp on sum parties.. goes well wid my sarees n suits..wear it wid a gloss n the luk is too coool… 😉
      this one is quite creamy.. its brittle lipper is quite soft in feel..but lasts long till u dont eat it off alongwith the food… 😛
      u r getting married soon, if i m rght then u may b planning to buy sum reds n maroons sarees or dress materials.. get such a shade,if nt in maybelline then whtever brand u prefer..suits all complexions… 🙂

  4. Hey Nids, i exactly felt the same way when my 1st post was considered in IMBB. can relate uy happiness.. :inlove: :kissed:

    1. yeah sush.. actually rati asked me once prevsly also to put up a post here.. tht was my own makeup kits bt i was too confused.. :-/ 😛
      this time i just mailed her the first pic bt she asked me to send the others,to chk the lipstick shades n when it was here, i was more of blushing kind… :shy: :blush:

    1. thanx HD..when u kno about a product then v feel happy spending on them..
      wanted a mauve desperately.. like wearing it wid jeans / blue dresses.. shade is quite light..
      wud but a darker one too soon.. when i get a perfect shade.. :-))

  5. Hi Nids, the velvetty plum colour is so rich and yum, you have tempted me to try the eye artist too now :), enjoy ur haul and keep posting

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