My First Makeup Haul

My First Makeup Haul

By Tinkerball

Hello My Dears!

This is the first time I have done a “proper” makeup haul, and the first time I am sharing it on IMBB.  My BF returned from a trip to the US about a month ago and I hounded him to bring back some makeup goodies that I had been absolutely dying to lay my hands on! He brought a lot more than what I had mentioned in my list (no, I am not complaining! 😛 ).  Of course, it did burn a big hole in his pocket, but come on! You need to pay the price if you want your girl to look glamorous and pretty 😉

My First Makeup Haul

I got my beloved Urban Decay “nangu” aka N*ked palette and I have made it a routine to kiss it good night before going to bed daily.

Ecotools brush set

You know, one funny thing is that I used to think, once I get my “basic” makeup essentials, I will be satisfied, but somehow, that hasn’t happened. I still seem to want more (thanks to IMBB). Anyway, I am trying hard to curb my free spending these days. Hopefully, I shouldn’t be sharing anymore haul pics for sometime 😛

This is what I hauled:

rati beauty ad

Face Makeup

Makeup Products

Makeup Stuff

Lot of stuff here was bought on IMBB recommendation. So, a big thank you to everyone who helped me in selecting the products.


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34 thoughts on “My First Makeup Haul

  1. Niceeeeeeeee Haul!! loved that UD palette. has some lovely wearable colors. Do let us know how you liked the Bare minerals Mineral veil.

  2. Totally droolworthy haul! I can never ask my husband to pick up makeup for me…he would be totally lost. He is pretty good at buying clothes for me though…I wish I could rely on him to go makeup shopping like this for me…sigh!

    1. no aarbee, my bf isn’t “good” at buying makeup. i gave him a list. he just had to hand it to the SA. the extra stuff that he bought was also with the help of his cousin staying there. so basically, he din’t have much clue about what he’s buying! 😛 😛

  3. U have given a totally different name to the pallette much loved :p 😀
    Nice haul! It feels soo good to do these kinda free hauls na 😉

    1. yes i agree NG. you know i had emailed UD once begging them to start selling in india. 😛 😛 dummies dint respond though! hmmph! :-/ maybe more people should mail them…

  4. OMGGGG!!! this is suchhh an awesome haul. I am toh super J. 😛 the only relief is that i also have the nangu palette now so lee J. hihihih enjoooooyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Hmmmpph!!! 😀

    1. hehe…i don’t believe you can be made jealous! thr’s hardly anything good out in the market that u don’t have 😛 😛

  5. right we should mail them actually tinkerbell .. or may b start it as a cause on fb .. lol .. also i was thinking thr r places internationally u order and thy ship it to you .. has ny1 tried that yet ?? .. i give it a thought all the time but scared as i beliv its gonna b hell lot of expensive and also the shipping charges .. ;((

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