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Rani asks:

Hi IMBB Gang,

I am a college going girl and I am totally new to makeup. I tried using foundation but it gives me that “made up” look which I hate. So, I thought of using a concealer to cover my dark circles and areas around my mouth. Suggest me a good concealer (budget friendly) or how about using my foundation only on dark circles? Please suggest me ideas for everyday makeup which will look natural. I tried searching for Maybelline BB stick, but its out of stock everywhere. Will Maybelline BB Stick be enough for daily wear or am I just wasting my time searching for it? Please give me suggestions!!

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12 thoughts on “Makeup Ideas for College-Going Girl: Ask IMBB

  1. Heyy… me to a college going girl… i use the maybelline bb cream … its works great and good for everyday use especially for college going people.. and at times i apply a very little bb cream on my dark circles as well while applying it on the face *powder* it brightens that area and covers up the dark circles a bit… *happydance* for concealer you can go for chambor radiant touch up concealer or maybelline dream lumi touch *hifive*

  2. Hey, you can try Maybelline BB Cream or Garnier BB Cream. If you need a very good concealer, you can try Inglot’s round concealer, its very good at concealing. If you are looking for a foundation that looks natural, try Lotus Herbals Purestay Foundation.

  3. Good to find people my age here! *happydance*
    So,first thing is I think you can skip foundation. If you don’t have very heavy dark circles,something like Maybelline’s lumi concealer or colorbar pencil concealer is a good option. You don’t want to look made up and attract attention.
    If you have heavy dark circles,check colorbar’s tub concealer.
    Next, you can use colored eyeliners and your favourite kohl. There are so many options for each in the mkt. pick one that suits you best.
    Next you can use lip balm or gloss but make sure the gloss isn’t too pigmented and too bright a color.
    I think these should be good, and yeah don’t forget sunscreen. Very very very important. Hope this helps! 😀

  4. Also I think if you need more coverage, maybelline bb cream is a good option but just to even out your skin tone, garnier bb cream is good.
    Bb stick if you have oily skin and match one of the two shades. 😀

  5. me too… Better Not to get addicted to makeUps. Everyday i use just moisturiser and Sunscre kohl and lip stain topped with lip balm.. But sometimes i use light makeUp, i use maybelline bb cream which Is absolutely great. 😛 amway kohl on waterline and Revlon just bitten lip stain and maybelline baby lips lip balm *pompom* for covering dark circles i use garneir tinted eye roll on and set t with translucent powder.. *powder*

  6. Lip glosses, lip balms and tinted moisturizer / bb cream are your best friends. Keep it simple and have fun. 🙂 you can also try out that maybelline pen concealer. That would add a bit of highlight and freshness to your face. 🙂

  7. maybellin bb stick is the way to go..i too use it wid colossal kajal and a nice tinted lipbalm..i love maybelline baby lips also! till u dont find bb stick u can use a compact pwdr and concealer to hide ur dark circles 😀

  8. Hey, i use a bb cream, top it with lakme rose powder and lakme eyeconic kajal! and i’m good to go! 😀 i suggest use certain skin care products for the dark areas of your skin. 😀 and kryolan has amazing colored eye pencils try those. Stay Fabulous. *preen*

  9. Hey..i know people rave about the maybelline bb cream but ive had bad experience with it. It makes me look ghastly and broke me out too. You could try the deborah bb cream or garnier’s bb cream. Use a compact if you have oily skin(chambor is great but maybelline or lakme does a pretty decent job too). Kajal,liner and a lip stain and you are good to go..that’s my college makeup essentials.
    P.S: Do keep blotting sheets if you have oily skin and don’t just keep retouching your makeup without blotting it just makes it worse *nababana*

  10. Hello all,
    I’m a college going girl and believe me, i just have no experience with makeup. I have normal skin but i sweat a lot. I have medium complexion. Could you please suggest me some budget friendly products(since i’m a first timer)? I want to buy bb cream, compact, kajal(for waterline), mascara and eyeliner for upper lash line(which is easy to wear. I heard there are some felt tip liners). Something in maybelline or lakme or colorbar would do. Thanks a lot 🙂 please help me ..hoping for a reply 🙂

  11. i am a 19 year olg college going girl i have medium wheatish and combnation skin. I use maybelline bb clear glow cream (02 radiance shade) foe my college *powder* . i use it daily with a lakme’ natural lipstick and maybelline colossal kajal. u can use maybelline baby lips lp balm befor applying lipstick as like i do. my lips look beautiful glossy and sheer after appyling these 2 things on my lips. after applying all these products on my face my face looks very beautiful.. *happydance* . maybelline bb cream never break out if u use it with a suitable moisturiser.use moisturiser even if u have oily skin ( moisturiser suitable for oily skin s available in market).i recommend jovees moisturiser for oily skinned girls. this moisturiser is also good for combination skin as like mine.
    the day have started using these products on my face look naturally beautiful and healthy.. *jalwa* maybelline bb cream doesnt smudge even after 4 hours of applictaion. i love maybelline bb. cream… yay. *pompom* ….

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