8 Ways to Keep your Makeup Looking Fresh

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Today, we would be talking about different ways using which you can look fresh in the summers. Due to the excessive heat and high temperature, your makeup starts to melt thereby, giving you an awful looking face. Also, it can leave you with a super sticky face and oily T-zone area.

Makeup looking fresh

So, here are different ways to keep your makeup looking fresh in the summers.

1. Opt for Minimum Makeup:

One important makeup tip that you should follow in summer days is to opt for a minimum makeup look. You should avoid wearing heavy or too much makeup in summer seasons as they will start melting off due to an excessive heat. The less the makeup, the better it is in summer days. To keep your face look fresh and glowing, opt for a tinted moisturiser so that it looks fresh and bright.


2. Use Clay Masks:

Using a clay mask is one of the effective ways to keep your makeup look fresh all day long. Due to the hot weather, the oil gets accumulated on the skin thus, preventing your makeup to stay longer on your face. You should use clay masks in summer days as it helps to absorb the extra oil accumulated on the T-Zone and also reduce the extra shine on the face. Application of makeup after using clay masks can give you the desired results.


3. Go for Primers:

Primers are definitely one of the best makeup products that can help to keep your makeup look fresh and stay for a longer period of time. Using primers after using a moisturiser or base cream can help to hold the makeup for a very long time, thus preventing melting of makeup. Always choose a light primer so that it blends well without weighing down the skin.


4. Skip Using Shimmery Products:

One important rule to prevent in summer makeup is to skip using shimmery products. Applying creams, lotions or primers with shimmer can make your skin shine extra and also promotes a feeling of too much sweat on the face. Opt for matte makeup in summer days.

5. Avoid Cream Eyeshadows:

In order to make your eyeshadow to go for a longer period of time, avoid using a cream eyeshadow. Using cream eyeshadows can break down the makeup and allow your eyeshadow to melt. It is always good to opt for a natural look in summers. Dab some translucent powder and keep your makeup natural. Applying a regular pencil liner can help to enhance your look in hot summer days.


6. Water Spray:

Using a water spray can help to make your makeup stay fresher all day long. Water spray is excellent to be used in summer days as it prevents your makeup from fading away. So, if you feel your makeup melts quickly in a hot climate, carry a small water spray bottle in your bag. Spray after equal intervals of time and allow it to dry under natural air.

8 Ways to Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh in Summers4

7. Go for Waterproof Mascara:

Waterproof mascara is the last choice to make your makeup last longer without taking any extra efforts. Using waterproof mascara prevents from melting under strong heat. However, wear mascara only if needed as it is equally good to carry yourself in a naturally attractive way. Go for light makeup and avoid mascara if possible.

8 Ways to Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh in Summers5

8. Opt for Lip Stains:

Always opt for lip stains as they are far better than a lip gloss. According to experts, it is said that lip stains are much better and has a good staying property than a lipstick or lip gloss.

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