Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Salvation Palette Review

Product Description:

Our most explosive ‘Salvation’ Palette yet…meet COLOUR CHAOS. Containing our brightest and most impactful colour shades yet. Experiment & Go Create, with our super pigmented 18 shade palette containing both Matte and Shimmer Shades in a Professional Palette with full size mirror and applicator.
Love the Shades – Break Rules – Cause Chaos!

Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Salvation Palette Review

INR 1350

My Experience with Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Salvation Palette:


I love the packaging of this palette. I already own two palettes from MUR’s “Iconic” range, and was expecting the packaging of this one to be similar. But thankfully, it is not. The packaging of this palette looks more classy and expensive. It has got a full sized mirror which comes in very handy, and an applicator which I am not a fan of as I like to use my eye brushes more. I adore the packaging – so beautiful, useful and travel friendly.


Shades and their texture:
There are 18 shades in total in the palette which range from matte to shimmer. All of the shades are absolutely wearable and can help create a variety of looks – day and night both. Let’s discuss the shades in detail:

colorful eyeshadows

• Gleam : This is one gorgeous shade – full of silver glitter that can be worn on its on, or over other shades. Despite being shimmery, it is very neat and does not travel all over the face. There is also not much fall out either during application; the trick is to blend the shadow well, which goes for all the eyeshadows. It doesn’t feel chunky and does not hurt the eyes.

• Wkd : This is the kind of blue glittery eyeshadow you can actually use. It feels super creamy to apply, and is a dream to blend; though, with blending, the shade tends to lose its pigmentation a bit, it can be built up.

• Tom Tom : An orange shadow with slight red in it. I love this shade for it’s well pigmented and the shimmer creates a beautiful look on the eyes. This one is super soft to touch and blending does not take ages.

• Needed To… : Another shadow that does not show up as well as expected. This magenta shade could have been very wearable and useful, but it also fails to impress.

• Me Three : Don’t you just love purple eyeshadows, and how such shades enhance brown eyes so well? This one is not very pigmented but it does show up well on layering, leading to better color build up. It is smooth and final look appears more metallic than shimmery, much to my liking.

• Do It Now… : I like the name! 😛 But, not a fan of this shade. In fact, I do not really admire light green eyeshadows much. It is yellow toned and does not show up well on my lids.

eyeshadow swatches

• Super Y : I do not know how I am ever going to use this shade. This is a light yellow shade that does not show up on my lids. It is very powdery, the kind of powdery you would not really like.

• My Demons : Very light purple that is more apt for day looks as it is not very pigmented. It can be layered but still does not give groundbreaking results.

• TipX : I do not have any other matte highlighting shade, so love this one. It appears as a white in the palette but works wonderfully as a highlighter. Perfect for subtle looks! Blends superbly and easily.



pastel eyeshadows

• Pink Obsessed : This one is my most favorite shade from this palette. Can you see how beautiful this pink is! I feel it is a must to have a beautiful pink shadow as it adds the right amount of color to any look, and in fact goes with almost every look. Again, a smooth shadow that blends well on its own, and with other shades. It is very powdery and hence leads to a little but manageable fall out.

• On A Mission : This shade appears velvety and metallic after blending. It looks gorgeous blue-green shade.

• Over-bored : I so badly wanted this eyeshadow to work, but it does not. It sits pretty as a bright blue shade in the palette, but is hardly pigmented. It does not show up at all and layering does not lead to color build up. Not happy with this shade.

• Toxic Apple-tini : The shimmers in this shade are more visible than the color, so this one is totally a dud. I do not think I will ever be able to use this one.

• Ammunition : Now this one is again a beauty! This is a gorgeous purple that looks a little like grey-charcoal under some light. But, I love it. It has so much shimmer and finally looks metallic after proper blending. It is so smooth, soft and velvety to touch. I love working with this one. When nothing else works, this shade will. But, it is not heavily pigmented, you have to layer it.

• Deliver Me : This is my favorite shimmery shade in the palette. I just can’t have enough of it! I reach out for this one a lot. This is a total stunner – a very well pigmented green shade. It brings out the beauty of my brown eyes and looks exceptional at night. I am not a pro at eye makeup, but still it helps me create beautiful eye looks.


• I Said Go! : This shade disappears from my eyes as soon as I am done blending it. It looks so in-your-eyes in the palette but does not show up.

• Beyond Real : This pink does not show up as well as Pink Obsessed, even though it is brighter. It is matte and can be easily used during daytime, even for regular looks.

• Calm Me Down : I use this n*de shade as a base for other shadows; it helps with easy blending and enhances the shades of other shadows a bit, though not much. It gets applied easily, blends well. I would say a must-have shade in such a colorful palette.

eye shadow swatch

Staying Power:
Except for a few lightly pigmented shades, most of the shadows stay on my lids for around 5-6 well, without any primer. After that, the shadows fade but do not become messy or patchy. I just need a wet wipe to remove these eyeshadows and the shimmer never travels anywhere else on my face.

And, this is how the shades Pink Obsessed, TipX and Calm Me Down look on my sister’s gorgeous eyes! <3


Pros of Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Salvation Palette:

• Versatile shade range
• Most of the shades are nicely pigmented
• Very aptly priced
• Beautiful packaging – with mirror and applicator
• Shades have names, not numbers
• Good staying power
• Good mix and match of matte and shimmery shades
• Smooth texture
• No fall out


Cons of Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Salvation Palette:

• A few shades are not very pigmented

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Salvation Palette?
I would love to, if I ever lose this palette. 😀 Would love to try out more palettes by MUR. Love this brand to bits.

Would I Recommend Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Salvation Palette?
Yes, if you are into such beautiful colored eye shadows, definitely get this.

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