Makeup Revolution Dare Amazing Lipstick Review

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Delhi’s burning right? I live in Ghaziabad and the 14 hour power cuts are just driving me insane. Imagine not being able to plan anything in advance because the power cut timings are not fixed. Such a shame. Anywhoo, let’s talk about the silver lining in my black cloud. I did a Makeup Revolution London haul recently and ordered this lipstick on a trial basis. I won’t lie, I was tempted to pick up all the darker shades but like a true make up critic, I wanted to try one first so I, being the matte lover that I am, picked up the most alluring matte red I could find. Although I’m happy with the lipstick, more so because of the price than anything, I would’ve liked them to have worked on a few things.

Makeup Revolution Dare Amazing Lipstick

Makeup Revolution London claims:

You will be amazed at the quality of the lipstick – this is your MUST HAVE lipstick, and better still, amazing value at £1 each so you can collect them all! Over 20 shades of this creamy, long lasting lipstick with high colour payoff. From nudes to brights, and mattes to creamy there is something to suit everyone. With 2 Lipstick Collections too – The Scandalous Collection full of neon and bright colours and The Vamp Collection with your on trend purple and dark shades.



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The packaging: The packaging reminds me of the Colorbar Velvet Matte range and the MUA lipsticks because of the color code on the lid (yes, on the lid, not at the bottom). The lipstick comes in a pretty standard black case with the brand name in Gold (thanks to my rough use, mine rubbed off in a couple days). The lid on my lipstick could’ve been tighter. It comes off in my purse.

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On the lips : I don’t know whether its this particular shade or the range itself, but applying this lipstick involves a lot of tugging and pulling at the lips. Although this is a matte lipstick, its a tad too dry and drying. But then again, so is Mac’s Ruby Woo. I can’t deny the fact that this is a full on matte lipstick. No two ways about it.

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The shade, texture and pigmentation : So Makeup Revolution London is known to be the “dupe” brand. They have made products like the Urban Decay Naked palettes available to people for much less. In my opinion, this lipstick was meant as a dupe for Mac’s Ruby Woo. This is a beautiful red carpet red. Apart from the pigmentation, everything else feels the same. The scent, the texture, the shade. The pigmentation is a shame really. This is a pretty dark red in the bullet but leaves me longing for more on application. Its waxy and non-buildable. No matter how many coats you apply, the color you got in the first 2 swipes is the color you’ll get on swiping it 8 times. But then again, when you think of the price, this feels like a steal. The staying power takes the cake for me. It stays on forever but lightens with time and barely transfers.

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Nailed it or failed it?
Umm, nailed it.

This is a beautiful matte lipstick but the pigmentation is below average. The shade is beautiful and the staying power, uhmazing. Ladies with dry lips may have to wear a lip balm before applying this lipstick.

Makeup Revolution Dare Amazing Lipstick swatches (2)

Makeup Revolution Dare Amazing Lipstick swatches (3)

Pros of Makeup Revolution Dare Amazing Lipstick:

• Gorgeous shade that’ll suit all skin tones
• Scent
• Good staying power & fades evenly
• Barely transfers

Cons of Makeup Revolution Dare Amazing Lipstick:

• Drying
• Color Pay off can be better

Price : I got it online for Rs. 355

Would I repurchase Makeup Revolution Dare Amazing Lipstick?
Yes, other shades definitely.

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4 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Dare Amazing Lipstick Review

  1. Oh! It looks kinda drying to me, but thats a beautiful red. really like it. And ya Delhi is burning. Take loads of care. 🙂

  2. The shade looks so weird in its packaging, but on you it look very good Vasudha. 😀
    Since it is drying, I will stay far away from this lipstick since I often have dry lips, don’t want to accentuate that right? 😀

  3. I have their shade Divine , and I was so happy that I could finally find a baby pink shade in a drugstore brand – I agree they have a great range of shades for young people – however the texture tugs a bit at the lips. Great swatches and review though ^_^

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