Makeup Revolution Flashing Amazing Lipstick Review

By Sadhna Agarwal

Hey guys,
As I mentioned earlier I had ordered a few stuff online and this month I’ll reviewing those for you. I love lipsticks (well who doesn’t) and I used to be in the bold lip colors phase because I thought I had too many pinks but now I’m back in the pink lips phase because I thought I have too many reds in my collection. This lipstick is the first one I own from Makeup Revolution, I have only owned their eye shadow palettes so let’s read on to see how this lipstick fared…

Makeup Revolution Flashing Amazing Lipstick

Price: INR 450 (I got it at a discounted price).

Ingredients: Missing.

Product Description:
• You will be amazed at the quality of the lipstick – this is your MUST HAVE lipstick and better still at an amazing value so you can collect them all.
• Over 20 shades of this creamy, long lasting lipstick with high color payoff.
• From nudes to bright, and mattes to creamy, there is something to suit everyone.

My Take on Makeup Revolution Flashing Amazing Lipstick:

Packaging: The lipstick comes in a chubby black tube with the top part indicating the shade of the lipstick so it is easier to notice it in your stash if you have more than one lipstick from this collection. The packaging I think is not at all travel friendly because I received this with a broken lid. The lid has a long crack because of which it doesn’t shut with a click, also the letters “REV” of the word “Revolution” is wiped off. The bullet too keeps shaking when I apply it and I have to keep it in the fridge to prevent it from melting off. I was very disappointed with the delivery, wonder how many times they dropped it, but that still wouldn’t explain the wiped off letters.

Makeup Revolution Flashing Amazing Lipstick

Makeup Revolution Flashing Amazing Lipstick

Texture, Shade, Smell, Pigmentation: The shade from the bullet looks like a really cute bubblegum pink and I was instantly drawn to it however on swatching, it comes off as a purple toned pink which doesn’t suit my medium complexion (definitely won’t suit dusky beauties), it looks really nice on my sister who is fair but on me, I can only use it with a pink gloss on top to tone down the purple in it.

Makeup Revolution Flashing Amazing Lipstick

The texture is really smooth and creamy and I love it. It’s a boon to my dry chapped lips, it applies perfectly without tugging and my lips feel so moisturized that I don’t need any lip balm underneath. However the lipstick settles into the fine lines and applies a little patchy so I believe exfoliating the lips should be a good idea.

Makeup Revolution Flashing Amazing Lipstick

The pigmentation on a single swipe I’d say is average but layering the product will make it appear patchier. It has a faint vanilla smell which is not over powering and goes away after some time.

Makeup Revolution Flashing Amazing Lipstick

Makeup Revolution Flashing Amazing Lipstick

Staying Power: Since the lipstick is so creamy, it transfers so badly and the lipstick is gone even if you eat light snacks. However this particular colour leaves a very subtle pink stain which is not so noticeable but still enough to not make my lips seems lifeless once the lipstick is gone. Without any snacks, it stays on my lips for 2-3 hours which is a very poor but then most of the lipsticks I own don’t stay longer on me because I lick my lips and eat or drink a lot; my mouth is constantly moving and the lipstick fades very quickly. Overall I like this lipstick but I’m not a great fan of it. Let’s sum up the pros and cons..

Pros of Makeup Revolution Flashing Amazing Lipstick:

• Very smooth and creamy texture.
• Moisturizes the lips so no need of a lip balm underneath.
• The shade looks really nice on fair skinned beauties.

Cons of Makeup Revolution Flashing Amazing Lipstick:

• Flimsy packaging (atleast mine was).
• Average pigmentation.
• Poor staying power.
• Appears patchy.
• Not suitable for medium tone or dusky toned skin.

IMBB Rating: 3/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Makeup Revolution Flashing Amazing Lipstick?
No, I may not repurchase it because I didn’t like the patchiness and I can’t trust the shade online if I plan to buy some other lipstick of this brand. If you feel this shade will suit you and you are somehow comfortable with the low staying power, then go ahead and buy it but I do recommend checking the swatches of these lipsticks before selecting a shade.

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    1. Jabong! i have never faced any issues before with other products but I was disappointed with this one. I really wanted to exchange it but apparently for health issues they dont have a return policy for makeup products!

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