Makeup Revolution Ghost Finish Luxury Baking Powder Review

Hi girls,

I love finishing powders in all forms – HD, loose, translucent and now baking powders. I have  tried the banana powder from Makeup Revolution and wanted to experiment with this ghost powder as well. I know it is meant for very pale skin tones, but if we can have white compact powders from Maybelline, then why not try this one. Read on to see if this ghost powder is worth the hype or not.

Makeup Revolution Ghost Finish baking powder

Product Description:
Following the success of our Luxury Banana powder, we have developed the baking powder with a light finish for users with a paler skin complexion. The white mattifying powder is great for setting areas you generally place concealer, like under the eyes, in the centre of the forehead, on the bridge of the nose and the chin. It can also be used all over the face to set foundation and give an overall highlighted look.
Applying the powder on top of your foundation or concealer will lock in your makeup, enhance wearability and help to ensure smudge and transfer resistance.
The mini sieve within the lid will prevent clumping and ensure easy application.
INR 850

Talc, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben
May Contain (+/-) TITANIUM DIOXIDE.
How To Use:
Ghost Finish is a finely milled white mattifying powder which is designed to set the areas you generally place concealer, For me, This means under the eyes, The center of your forehead, The bridge of your nose and the chin. You can also use it over the entire face to set your foundation and to give that overall highlighted look.

Makeup Revolution Ghost Finish Luxury Baking Powder ingredients

My Experience with Makeup Revolution Ghost Finish Luxury Baking Powder:

Well, clearly this is a bit pale for me, but I can use this powder to bake and also use under the contour. I don’t find it apt for baking the under-eye concealer, but if you really want to contrast your deeper contour, this could help. Go gentle and easy on this one, if you have warm skin tone. I use MAC NC 37 Studio Fix Fluid and I can still get away with this when used very lightly.

Makeup Revolution Ghost Finish Luxury Baking Powder

This ghost powder definitely does not photograph well with flash, it does stand out under the eyes a lot. I find the product very much like our regular talcum powder, it is not an HD powder, does not blur the appearance of facial pores like other HD powders.

Also, I feel the powder should have been softer and smoother. I am not saying this is gritty but it is definitely not too soft either. If you let it sit for too long, it does set your makeup, but it also looks quite pale and white. So for me, I would do a quick dusting in some areas of my face where I need to highlight. If you are very pale, you can let it sit.

Makeup Revolution Ghost Finish Luxury Baking Powder swatch

It works like banana powder and helps me set makeup and also make it last long. It is a good product for very pale and oily skin, but I would still choose banana powder over this one for me. Of course, I cannot live without HD powders though 😛

Pros of Makeup Revolution Ghost Finish Luxury Baking Powder:

  • New product for baking, for very pale skin
  • Sets makeup.
  • Highlights and makes makeup last long.
  • Quick dusting of this powder gives your contour a nice contrast.

Cons of Makeup Revolution Ghost Finish Luxury Baking Powder:

  • Too pale for me (NC 37 skin tone).
  • I can’t let it sit on my skin for long for this reason.
  • I find it talcum-y
  • The texture could have been softer and smoother.
  • The jar and the sieve, whole thing could be messy.
  • Not for dry-skinned girls.

Would I Repurchase Makeup Revolution Ghost Finish Luxury Baking Powder?
Not this one, but would buy banana powder again. Try using a talcum first, only then jump into this experimental powder.
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