Makeup Revolution Light – Medium Focus and Fix Brow Kit Review

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As I had told you earlier, I had never really been into brow stuff, yet I took a chance to try 2 eyebrow products to see how such products would look on me. I really love my natural brows, so don’t play with them a lot. I have already reviewed the Essence Brow Gel Mascara, and now it is the time to review one more brow kit from Makeup Revolution. Let’s see how this little palette worked for me!

Makeup Revolution Light - Medium Focus and Fix Brow Kit Review5

2.50 GBP on their website/ Retails at Rs 750 in India

Product Description:
The ultimate must have brow kit containing 3 brow powders and a wax cream. The shades are all very blendable to match your eyebrow colour easily, and the applicator included is all you need for a perfect brow.

Makeup Revolution Light - Medium Focus and Fix Brow Kit Review

My Experience with Makeup Revolution Light – Medium Focus and Fix Brow Kit:

Makeup Revolution Light - Medium Focus and Fix Brow Kit Review1

I was very much excited to try this little palette out because this is probably the first brow kit that I picked up to try. The kit comes in a perfect square shape which is super compact and closes with a click which makes it great to carry around during travels. I picked up the Light – Medium shade because my brows aren’t really thick and black. The packaging is very basic from the back; I wish it looked a bit fancy. 😛 The brow kit has 3 coloured powders to fill in the brows, 1 gel to keep them prim and proper, 1 brush and a pair of tweezers to pluck out excess hair. Plus there is also a little mirror inside. Wow, isn’t that too much inside one petite kit!

Makeup Revolution Light - Medium Focus and Fix Brow Kit Review2

Okay, so the brown shade is super pigmented and just 2 swipes fill in my brows perfectly. The shade is darker than my brows, so it adds definition and a boost of colour. At times, I really find the need to merge it with another lighter colour from the palette because this brown shade alone looks super bold and weird on me. I use the 2 lighter colours to shape the portions around my brows. Coming to the brush, it is an angled one and helps to fill in the brows perfectly, plus it is very soft. The tweezers pluck the excess hair nicely, but they are too small so I face a difficulty while holding them. Also, they are a bit tighter than the regular tweezers which is why I have to apply a lot of pressure while plucking the hair.

Makeup Revolution Light - Medium Focus and Fix Brow Kit Review3

The gel is a transparent one and gets applied very nicely making my hair stick together and making them look neater. I just have to be careful not to use the gel in excess because then I constantly feel that there is something on my eyebrows. I always like very natural look for my brows but this kit does not give me a natural look; it just makes my brows look bolder. Also, when I closely observe, the entire thing looks very made-up because I can see the powder and the gel clearly. But that’s a minor thing which doesn’t bother me.

Makeup Revolution Light - Medium Focus and Fix Brow Kit Review4

I wouldn’t recommend this to those who want a natural look, but those who have sparse brows go for it without a doubt! The powders stay on my brows for the entire day till the time I remove them. These powders come off easily with a makeup remover in just one swipe. So overall a great product which does work in a great way!

Pros of Makeup Revolution Light – Medium Focus and Fix Brow Kit:

• A very compact and travel friendly packaging
• One can choose a variant as per their skin tone and brow colour
• 3 shades and one gel to shape and colour the brows, accompanied by brush, tweezers and a mirror
• The powder is super pigmented and matches the colour of my brows perfectly
• The other shades can be mixed and applied around the brows for definition
• The gel spreads nicely on my brows with the brush and makes the hair stick together
• The tweezers tweeze my hair nicely in a jiffy
• My brows look bold, perfectly shaped and defined
• Lasts throughout the day till the time I remove it

Cons of Makeup Revolution Light – Medium Focus and Fix Brow Kit:

• The tweezers are very tiny in size, hence I feel a difficulty while holding them
• The powder is super pigmented which does not let me create a natural look
• The powder and the gel are pretty much visible and look made up when observed closely

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Makeup Revolution Light – Medium Focus and Fix Brow Kit?
No, I wouldn’t! I don’t really like bold brows because they make me look a bit weird. But those of you who have sparse brows or probably like rocking bold brows, this palette is an amazing one as it has everything to make your brows look perfectly defined.

IMBB Rating:

There is one interesting thing I found out that this palette is really similar to the Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup Brow Kit I Woke up This Groomed. Is there really some difference or is it just a marketing tactic?

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  1. Loved your review of this eyebrow kit. Great you love your natural brows, but I love how it has changed your brows too. 🙂

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