Makeup Revolution Lip Hug Lipstick To Get Lucky Review

Hey everyone!
Today I am reviewing another product from my favorite brand which is Makeup Revolution. Today’s review is of the lip hug lipstick in the shade To Get Lucky.


Price: 460 INR

Product Description:

Go beyond Happy! Everyone will want to get close to your lips!
#LIPHUG. Our incredible new lipstick formulation. The perfect lipstick for the balance of incredible colour with incredible comfort and staying power.
your lips will feel…super-comfortable, super-loved, super-hugable!

My Take on Makeup Revolution Lip Hug Lipstick To Get Lucky:

Packaging: The packaging is very simple. It comes in a shiny red cardboard lipstick box and I really like the cover.


Shade: The shade To Get Lucky is like a mauve shade which I love to the core as it is new in my lipstick stock and also a decent dark pink shade that can be worn for an office meeting or a party. This is a very glossy, high shine and creamy lipstick which I do not admire a lot as I am more into matte lipsticks.

shade name

Talking about the shape of the lipstick, hah, I hate that. I like those simple sharp lipstick shapes which provide ease in applying lipstick on your lips correctly. This shape is like a round flat lipstick shape which is not so easily applied. Although I knew before that this is the shape of the lipstick, I didn’t know that this would be such a major problem in applying.


Quality and texture: The texture is so creamy and highly glossy. I have posted lip swatches in sunlight as well and you can see how much it shines. It actually looks like a gloss, a high shine gloss. It leaves a very light stain on your lips and stays for hardly 3 to 4 hours. It has to be reapplied after every 3 hours. Plus it transfers a lot which becomes embarrassing at times. Due to its high glossy look and creamy base, it bleeds a lot but thankfully this shade is not super dark or red so it can be easily handled.


Pros of Makeup Revolution Lip Hug Lipstick To Get Lucky:

• Lovely shade.
• Easily available.
• Does not dry out your lips.
• Super creamy for the ones who love creamy lipstick.
• The shade is superpretty and can be carried to an office meeting or even night party.

lip swatch

Cons of Makeup Revolution Lip Hug Lipstick To Get Lucky:

• I do not like such creamy lipsticks.
• It has high shine and looks like you have applied a gloss.
• Shines like hell in sunlight.
• Transferable.
• Not so classy packaging.

lipswatch in sunlight

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Makeup Revolution Lip Hug Lipstick To Get Lucky?
Honestly no because I do not like the shape, the packaging, the creamy base, high shine, glossy look. But I love the shade of this to get lucky lipstick. I would try and find the similar shade in some other brand. I would suggest this to those who prefer creamy base lipsticks as the shade is gorgeous.

Conclusion: This not suggested for the ones who prefer to have matte, long staying lipsticks.

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