Makeup Revolution London Amazing Lengths Clear Mascara Review

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When it comes to eye makeup, I generally use only kajal, mascara and eyeliners (pencil and retractable ones). There are occasions when I don’t want my eyes to look made up, but at the same time, I do not want my lashes to look absolutely flat. I thought a clear mascara would do the job in such a scenario and so, was in search of one. In a recent sale on one of the online shopping sites, I bought “Makeup Revolution London Amazing Lengths Clear Mascara” and I would be reviewing it for you today!

Makeup Revolution London Amazing Lengths Clear Mascara

Product Description:

Add amazing length root to tip in just one stroke! With the new innovative plastic brush, you can be confident that your lashes are separated and lengthened in one! This formula is long lasting with no clumping!


Actual price is INR 500. During the sale, I got it for INR 250!

Makeup Revolution London Amazing Lengths Clear Mascara


Makeup Revolution London Amazing Lengths Clear Mascara

My Take on Makeup Revolution London Amazing Lengths Clear Mascara:

I love mascaras!! I do not have long or voluminous lashes, but they aren’t really sparse either. I generally use volume boosting and curling mascaras, since they make my lashes look really good. I got this clear one since I wanted something that would add a little amount of length and body to the lashes, without giving my eyes the “made-up look.” I also wanted to try using this as a brow gel, since I have heard about clear mascaras being used as brow gels and that they work wonderfully. Since I was getting this for just 250 bucks, I thought of giving this a try.

Makeup Revolution London Amazing Lengths Clear Mascara

The packaging is decent.  The tube comes in a cardboard carton. All details about the product have been mentioned on the carton itself. The tube looks really pretty with the name of the product etched in gold, and is totally travel friendly! It is absolutely transparent making it easy to see the quantity of product left in the tube. The black capped wand shuts tightly. The casing looks like glass but is thick plastic instead, and I like it that way.

When I tried to sniff this product in the tube itself, I felt it had some chemical smell, but I actually don’t mind it since I know I won’t be trying to smell the mascara anyway! When I tried swatching it on the hand, the smell dissipated in 10 seconds or so. The consistency is gel like and texture is like water!!! I rubbed it on my hand and it actually disappeared with absolutely no trace of it!!! Totally non-sticky and mess-free! I am surprised as to how it actually stays on the lashes!

Makeup Revolution London Amazing Lengths Clear Mascara

The brush!!! The packaging mentions it is an “innovative plastic brush.” It does not look a lot like the picture on the carton and looks more spikey! It picks up very little amount of product and so I end up dipping it in the tube at least twice for coating the lashes of one eye. If I end up blinking my eye by mistake while applying the mascara, the brush really hurts! It separates the lashes really well though! Lashes look nice, neat and healthy. Lashes look better when I apply one coat, let it dry and then apply another one.

Now focusing on the product’s claim of lengthening the lashes, not completely true in my case! I have short lashes as such.  I was not expecting my lashes to look really long and curled. But it adds very little length to the lashes. More than adding length, it separates lashes well and imparts a healthier look due to which it feels as though some little length has been added. Honestly, as a mascara, it does not do much for my lashes. Removal is easy and it comes off easily with water. The clear mascara does not have a waterproof version.

Makeup Revolution London Amazing Lengths Clear Mascara

As I mentioned above, I had heard of clear mascaras being used as brow gels and I tried using this one as well. It works really well as a brow gel and brows look neat and well groomed. As a mascara, it dries pretty quickly, but as a brow gel it takes some more time.

Makeup Revolution London Amazing Lengths Clear Mascara

Pros of Makeup Revolution London Amazing Lengths Clear Mascara:

  • Affordable.
  • Decent, sturdy packaging.
  • Really good consistency and texture.
  • Non-sticky.
  • Different brush – helps in separating lashes well.
  • Gives a neat look to the lashes and to brows (when used as a brow gel).
  • Easy to remove.

Cons of Makeup Revolution London Amazing Lengths Clear Mascara:

  • The brush is not at all soft and is quite spikey. It hurts in case you end up blinking your eye.
  • When it comes to lengthening lashes, it does not do much.

IMBB Rating:



This is not a must have. I would not buy this again and would invest in a better clear mascara that would add at least some length to the lashes. You can definitely buy this if you want a budget brow gel.

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    1. Oh!!! At least this worked for me as a brow gel. But anyway I don’t use brow gels much… so I know I won’t buy this again.. as a lengthening mascara, this was a complete dud!!

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