Makeup Revolution London Divine Amazing Lipstick Review

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Only 3 things can change a woman’s mood: I LOVE YOU, 50% DISCOUNT and WINE. Would you agree any less? Lately Makeup Revolution has been such hype on IMBB and cherry on the top is the 50% discount on it’s products. We seen quite a few reviews of Makeup Revolution lippies this month and here I am reviewing one more shade of the Makeup Revolutions range of lipsticks.

MUR divine amazing lipstick

MUR divine amazing lipstick

I read so many reviews of these lipsticks here that I couldn’t keep my hands off this lipstick and ordered it online at 50% off. The delivery was express and I was really excited to try my new addition to the lipstick collection, although it failed my joy and excitement 🙁 Read on to know why I disliked this particular lipstick


Rs 450 (I got it for Rs.225)

MUR divine amazing lipstick

Shelf life:

2 years




Vanilla like smell.



Product Description: (from their site)

You will be amazed at the quality of the lipstick – this is your MUST HAVE lipstick and better still at an amazing value so you can collect them all. Over 20 shades of this creamy, long lasting lipstick with high color payoff. From nudes to bright, and mattes to creamy, there is something to suit everyone.

MUR divine amazing lipstick

My Experience with Makeup Revolution London Divine Amazing Lipstick:

I’m always tempted by such offers and a lippy at Rs. 225? Who wouldn’t give it a shot? And since I’m a lipstick lover, I had to buy it. The packaging is quite sturdy and looks pretty elegant. It has a black body with the top part indicating the shade of the lipstick. Since this are matte lipsticks, I was even more attracted to buy them, had I known that they’ll not really work out well for me 🙁 When I first swiped the lipstick on my hand, I was happy with the baby pink kind of shade, but when I applied it on my bare lips, I instantly decided that I didn’t like this shade. I have slightly pigmented lips and this shade looked a little whitish on me. It wasn’t proper baby pink in color.I had to swipe it multiple times to see the color come on my lips. May look good on beauties with naturally pink lips.

MUR divine amazing lipstick

The pigmentation of this lipstick is quite low and the staying power is even lower. It hardly stays on my lips for long and if I decided to eat something, the color is sure to disappear.

MUR divine amazing lipstick

Along with its short staying power comes another sad point that the color settles in the fine lines of my lips making it impossible to wear on bare lips without a lip balm. Also, the lipstick gives my lips a dry feeling and makes them chappy and flaky, which is why I will skip wearing it on long days out. Since it is a light shade, I wear it on days when I want to keep my makeup simple and for short day outings like a coffee with friends or a movie. Although the lipstick is creamy, it does no good in moisturizing my lips 🙁 this lipstick doesn’t stand on what it claims and I would recommend skipping it and investing the little money in something better like a lip balm.

MUR divine amazing lipstick

With lip balm:MUR divine amazing lipstick Without lip balm:MUR divine amazing lipstick

Pros of Makeup Revolution London Divine Amazing Lipstick:

  • Pleasant smell.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Creamy.
  • Light shade for the natural makeup kind of day.

Cons of Makeup Revolution London Divine Amazing Lipstick:

  • Settles into fine lines of the lips.
  • Too light to suit naturally pigmented lips.
  • Gives your lips dry and flaky feeling.
  • Can’t be applied on bare lips. A lip balm as a base is necessary.
  • Very short staying power.
  • Needs to be swiped multiple times on lips to get the color.
  • Doesn’t moisturize the lips.
  • Wears off easily.
  • Not a good option for long days out.

Would I repurchase Makeup Revolution London Divine Amazing Lipstick?

NO! As you can see it has more of cons than pros, which makes it a turn off for me to repurchase this lipstick. Also, since it dries my lips, I think this lipstick will go unused in my makeup bag 🙁

IMBB Rating:


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25 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution London Divine Amazing Lipstick Review

  1. I was going to get this one…but thank you for this review…i am going to skip it…i also have pigmented lips and it wont suit me at all… 🙁

  2. to be honest…I believe Colorbar is right now the company which makes great shades for Indian skin tones , at a reasonable price …these pinks are so attractive but they end up not suiting the warmer indian complexion 😛

    1. These lipsticks look very pretty on their websites and the dealing online sites but once you receive them and use them, you realize that it wasn’t anywhere near to what they described and showed on the website 🙁
      I think i will give colorbar a try if you say so 🙂

    1. While i was applying the lipstick for this picture, it felt as if the lipstick is a crayon and i have to color my lips with it; i was vigorously swiping it again and again. :/

  3. Nice review, Keshavi 🙂 I had the same problem with ‘Beloved.’ But your lip swatches are really good and make the lipstick look gorgeous 🙂

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