Makeup Revolution London Good Fun #Liphug Lipstick Review

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A few weeks ago, I was all transformed from a skin care and hair care junkie to a makeup hoarder. The reason being the upcoming festive season. Who is going to look at my skin? All I can flaunt is my makeup, so why not get a few good lip colours along with some smokey palettes? I got a few liphug from Makup Revolution London and I have to say I am very impressed with most of them, but this is exactly opposite. I do not really know what were they thinking when they made this. Have a look yourself.

Makeup Revolution London Good Fun Liphug

Product Description:
Makeup Revolution London presents this ‘Good fun Lip-hug’ lipstick that is a must-have in your daily make-up kit. Ensuring deep colour in a single glide, this lipstick will not only make your lips look attractive, but also keep them hydrated all day long.

Rs 550

Makeup Revolution London Good Fun Liphug 2

Makeup Revolution London Good Fun Liphug 3

My Experience with Makeup Revolution London Good Fun #Liphug Lipstick:

I recently got tons of these Liphugs because they had extremely cute names and amazing colour selection too. I think the shades describe the kind of situations you go through in a relationship and the shade names exactly matches that situation. Don’t you think this concept is damn cute? I will bifurcate its properties into different categories.
Makeup Revolution London Good Fun Liphug 4

The packaging is very simple and decent. This liphug comes in a little glossy and metallic blood red box. The box has a little sticker over the top with the shade colour and the name written over it, which makes it easy to identify if you have a few of these. The lipstick comes in a very basic black packaging with the shade name and colour printed on the bottom. I wish they had made the packaging a bit fancy. These liphugs are little in size so they can easily fit into pocket, vanity, make-up bag or your big hand bag.

Makeup Revolution London Good Fun Liphug 6

Shade, Finish and Consistency:
The shade “Good Fun” looked like a mild peachy, coral shade when I swatched it on my hand, but the tables totally turned when I applied it on my lips. It is a peachy coral shade with a lot of milky, white hint, which totally washes out the complexion.

My complexion is fair, but currently it has become a bit tan. This made my complexion look even worse. Also this shade has some tacky shimmers in it, which become visible after the glossiness of the lip colour goes away. The application part was very patchy and uneven. The milky, peachy pink colour accentuated the dry patches on my lips making them look really bad. The liphug stays patchy all day and the colour settles badly into fine lines.

Makeup Revolution London Good Fun Liphug 5

It has a quality that will probably wash out all the skin tones. I think only the extremely fair ones with flawless skin can carry this shade well. I feel it is not at all suitable for the Indian skin tones because it makes the skin tone look bad, instead of complementing it. It glides on my lip like a buttery lip balm and keeps my lips hydrated through out the day. The texture was good, but what do I do with it as I hate the colour.

Makeup Revolution London Saviour Will Come #Liphug Lipstick 7

Staying Power:
The staying power of this particular liphug is okay because of the weird shade. It stayed on for 4 hours on my lips without food and drinks. If you have food and drinks, then this lipstick turns into a nightmare because the food takes away the colour from some portions of the lip leaving some parts bare and some coloured.

It transfers a lot and just with 2-3 sips of the water, the entire colour is transferred to the glass. After the glossiness goes way, it also leaves behind bad shimmers on the lips making my lips look cheap.

Makeup Revolution London Good Fun Liphug 8

Pros of Makeup Revolution London Good Fun #Liphug Lipstick:

  • Amazing variety of shades to choose from, ranging from pinks, browns, reds and so on.
  • Can be carried around very easily as the packaging is flawless.
  • Texture is buttery soft and glides super smoothly on the lips.
  • Glossy texture gives hydration like a lip balm and the lips never feel dry.
  • Staying power is approximately 3-4 hours.
  • Not tested on animals.

Cons of Makeup Revolution London Good Fun #Liphug Lipstick:

  • Shade is really bad with a milky hint, which totally washes out my complexion.
  • Will not complement any Indian skin tone, except for the very fair one.
  • Creates uneven patches on my lips, which look really bad and tacky.
  • Settles into fine lines, which is very noticeable.
  • Packaging is boring.
  • Looks very different when swatched on the hand.

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Makeup Revolution London Good Fun Liphug?
Not at all. I seriously do not know what do I do with it. If anyone is interested in getting this, then I will send this to you as a Diwali gift 😛 Stay away from this. The range has more beautiful colours to choose from.

IMBB Rating:

Makeup Revolution has totally impressed me with their cost friendly and great quality products. I will continue to try more and more products from them.

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