Makeup Revolution London I Am Ready Lip Hug Review

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I am totally getting addicted to matte lipsticks especially if the shades are bold and bright! I really love wearing reds because they make me feel bold and confident. They just create a different aura which is fun to be in. Recently, I got some lip hugs from Makeup revolution and I have to say I was impressed with most of the shades in the collection, hence I got 2 more 😛 The older ones had more of neutral shades and these 2 are bright and vibrant ones. Read more about this!

Makeup revolution London I am ready lip hug packaging

Price: Rs 550

Product Description by Makeup Revolution London:


Makeup Revolution London presents this ‘I Am Ready Liphug’ lipstick that is a must-have in your daily make-up kit. Ensuring deep colour in a single glide, this lipstick will not only make your lips look attractive, but also keep them hydrated all day long.

My Experience with Makeup Revolution London I Am Ready Lip Hug:

I recently got tons of these lip hugs because they had extremely cute names and amazing colour selection too. I think the shades describe the kind of situations you go through in a relationship and what shade exactly matches that situation. Don’t you think this concept is damn cute? I will bifurcate its properties into different categories.

Packaging: The packaging is very simple and decent. The lip hugs come in a little glossy and metallic blood red box. The box has a little sticker over the top with the shade colour and the name written over it which makes it easy to identify if you have a few of these. The lipstick comes in a very basic black packaging with the shade name and colour similarly on the bottom like the box. I wish they had made the packaging a bit fancy. These lip hugs are little in size so can easily fit in the pocket, vanity, make-up bag or your big hand-bag.

Makeup revolution London I am ready lip hug code

Shade, finish and consistency: The shade I am ready describes the beginning of a relationship because that phase of getting to know someone, completely falling in love with that person is just a pure feeling and this shade totally screams that phase. It is the red of love. The shade is a classic red shade which looks very mild and kind of a reddish brown when applied initially but once it intensifies, it shows up the real colour. It is a true bold and a classic red shade that will compliment the Indian skin-tones beautifully.

It looks very stunning, attractive and gives a boost of confidence. It glides on the lips like a buttery lip balm and keeps my lips hydrated through-out the day. It does not settles in fine lines, does not bleed; nor does it accentuates on dry patches. It adds an immediate pop and brightness on my face because the red pout totally becomes a statement lip colour. The lip hug has a glossy formula which initially looks very dazzling and lowers as time passes by.

Makeup revolution London I am ready lip hug Swatch

Staying Power: The staying power of this lip hug is just amazing. It stays on for long like any other bold red lip colour. It stayed for 7-8 hours on my lips completely with food and drinks. If I keep on munching a few snacks here and there, then the glossy sheen might just start going and it turns matte. Even after 7-8 hours, it leaves a mild red stain on my lips which make my lips look healthy.The lipstick turns matte after like 3-4 hours but does not go away until you completely remove it with a makeup remover.

Pros of Makeup Revolution London I Am Ready Lip Hug:

• Amazing variety of shades to choose from ranging from pinks, browns, reds and so on.
• It can be carried very easily as the packaging is flawless.
• The texture off the lip hug is buttery soft and glides super smoothly on the lips.
• The shade is a perfect classic red for Indian skin tones and it creates a super stunning pout the moment I apply it.
• This is not the red which someone will be scared of wearing; because it looks very mild and natural at first and then intensifies which builds confidence.
• It will suit all the skin-tones and age groups too.
• It has a glossy texture which gives hydration like a lip balm and my lips never feel dry with this.
• It does not settle in fine lines, does not bleed and also does not clings to dry areas on the lips.
• It has an amazing staying power of 7-8 hours with snacks and drinks.
• Lip colour never goes off entirely; it keeps losing it shine and intensity over time but there will always be a stain on the lips which makes the lips look healthy.
• Not tested on animals.

Cons of Makeup Revolution London I Am Ready Lip Hug:

• The packaging is boring.



Make-up revolution has totally impressed me with their cost-friendly and great quality products! I will continue to try more and more products from them. And topping that, grab these if you like them because it is raining discounts all around!

IMBB Rating:5/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Makeup Revolution London I Am Ready Lip Hug?

Yes, this is an awesome red to try out for the Indian skin-tone and the quality is something that you will never be able to complain about. I love this red!

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  1. Such lovely lip swatches Saloni. Love the way you described the shade too. I am very interested in trying out this one.

    1. I know a nice orangey red shade which looks very classy 🙂 awww thank you soo much.. your comments always keep me motivated 🙂

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