Makeup Revolution London I Heart Makeup Go Palette Review

by Anu G.

Hi all! I think I am in a palette phase these days that’s why after reviewing Makeup Revolution Protection palette. I am back with another palette by the same brand Makeup Revolution London. I love organized things because it makes me use most of my stuff else I kinda forget about my old stuff and keep purchasing new ones. I don’t see any point in not using your old stuff and just stocking up the new ones. And this is where my palettes plays a vital role.

i heart makeup go palette


The palette costs only 3.99 GBP which is amazing to stock up such palettes.

My Experience with Makeup Revolution London I Heart Makeup Go Palette:

So the palette I am reviewing today is Makeup Revolution London I Heart Makeup Go Palette. It’s a beautiful palette that consists of a highlighter, bronzer, blush and 6 pretty eye shadows (a mix of shimmer and matte). All the products provided in this palette are the ones which we generally use for our everyday makeup look and this is what makes it a perfect pick.

i heart makeup go palette

Packaging wise, it’s made of cheap plastic and a clear white glass. Its round in shape and reminds you of Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette. But there is no similarity and in colours and combinations at all. Even the packaging is also not that of high quality. I got my palette in broken packaging which I also tried to fix but no use, it broke again (I am sure that can’t be a case with everyone). But yes, all the contents inside the palette were just fine. No damage, nothing so I don’t have any complaints as such.

Now let’s take a look at the products inside.

i heart makeup go palette

Blush: I love this blush. It is an everyday wear medium tone pink colour which looks good on almost every skin tone. Just a swipe on your cheeks and it gives good colour to your face. Very wearable in my opinion.

Bronzer: It’s a mauve rosy brown shade which will suit  pale skin tone for contouring. I think we can make use of it by using it as a blush or may be a crease colour for your eyes.

Highlighter: Highlighter is beautiful. Just the perfect amount of shimmer needed. It doesn’t make you look like Edward Collin in the sunlight. Hehehhe. 🙂 🙂

Eye shadows: There are a total of 6 eye shadows in this palette. 5 out of 6 are shimmer ones. Shade spectrum is pretty good. Shimmer ones are very smooth in texture and have fair amount of pigmentation. The palette has lovely assortment of shades for daily wearable neutral eye makeup.

i heart makeup go palette

Now let’s quickly look at the pros and cons of this palette.

Pros of Makeup Revolution London I Heart Makeup Go Palette:

  • Travel friendly.
  • A good pick for cheek and eye makeup.
  • Pigmentation is pretty good of all the products contained inside.
  • Very affordable.
  • Great colour collection suitable to most skin tones.
  • Good staying power for about 6-7 hours.

Cons of Makeup Revolution London I Heart Makeup Go Palette:

  • Available only online.
  • Cheap plastic packaging.
  • No mirror provided with the palette.
  • Bronzer might not be suitable for medium fair skin tone.

IMBB Rating:

I would like to give it 4/5.

Would I recommend Makeup Revolution London I Heart Makeup Go Palette?

All in all, this is a great deal in 3.99 GBP. Great pick for daily use, for beginners, and for gift purpose also. Palette looks lovely and has great colour assortment. A complete package for cheek and eye makeup.

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9 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution London I Heart Makeup Go Palette Review

  1. I love this palette and since I have dark skin, I use the bronzer as a crease color for eyeshadow. I love the whole combination as it is perfect for traveling though it doesn’t come with a mirror. My packaging was broken when I got it too but for GBP 4, who can complain 🙂 Great review!

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