Makeup Revolution London Mermaids Vs Unicorns Redemption Palette Review

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Skin tone: Medium fair, warm undertones
Eye color: Black

Hello peeps,
Today’s review is all about a very bright and beautiful palette called as Mermaids vs Unicorns from the house of Makeup Revolution London. Keep reading to know more about this gorgeous palette.


Product Description:
Choose a side! Mermaids Vs Unicorns!! Which are you?
It’s here, Its Dramatic, Its Stunning.
REDEMPTION Palettes return with the battle of 2015…what are you? A Mermaid? With our shimmering greens and blues?
Or a Unicorn? With our pink, purples?
Fight over the Sparkles!

Price and Quantity: 1050 INR for 14g



My Experience with Makeup Revolution London Mermaids Vs Unicorns Redemption Palette:


Beginning with the packaging of the product. The palette does not come in any cardboard box or anything. The eye shadow palette is a simple plastic palette with a clear lid. The lid shuts securely making this palette fit for travel purposes. The palette is sleek but a little delicate.


The lid has the brand’s name embossed on it in golden fonts. The back of the palette has the ingredients list and other details mentioned on it. The palette has a dual ended soft foam applicator but there is no mirror attached.


Let’s talk about the shades. They have not given names to the shades. The palette consists of 12 beautiful shimmery bright shades, arranged parallel to each other. This combination is actually a combination of 6 mermaid inspired green and blue shimmery eye shadow shades following by 6 unicorns inspired deep and dark blue, pink, purple, black shimmery shades. I totally love this palette. I am quite new to colors and I have never tried such bright eye shadows.


I simply stick to the basic earthy toned eye shadows. There are some beautiful mermaids and unicorn’s vibe in this palette. Personally, the mermaids inspired shades are my favorite. Hence, I have used so many of them in the eye swatches attached below. I did not own such green and blue in my collection and I am super happy to add this lovely palette to my collection. All the shades are shimmery and magical. Some looks like metallic eye shadows. These shades are decently pigmented. There are hardly one or two shades that have low pigmentation.

makeup-revolution-london-mermaids-vs-unicorns-redemption-palette-review-hand swatch

Let’s discuss each of these shades one by one.

1. The first shade is a very light aqua green shade with slightly yellowish hints. It has very finely milled shimmers in it, that gives it a frosty kind of finish. This shade has low pigmentation and needs to be layered on and on to build up the color.

2. This second shade is a beautiful true sea green shade. It gives perfect color in just one swipe. It has a lovely pigmentation that delivers deep color. This is again a shimmery shade, that looks velvety and metallic on the eyes.

3. Here comes the third shade. This aqua green shade has little bluish hints in it. The shimmers in the eye shadow are subtle and non-chunky. It also sets to a metallic finish. The pigmentation of this shade is lovely. Two swipes give a perfect color.

4. The fourth shade is a silvery baby blue kind of shade. The shimmers in this shade give it slightly silvery finish. This shade is again decently pigmented and buildable.

5. The fifth shade is a perfect shimmery turquoise blue shade. The shimmers are super fine and give it a perfect metallic finish. This shade is amazing in terms of pigmentation. It gives intense color in one-two swipes.

6. The sixth shade is deepest of all and it is a true mermaid inspired shade. This is the darkest of all six. It has some big silver shimmers in it, than other shade but non chunky. This gives it a lovely glittery finish, that looks really nice and dramatic on the eyes. This one also has an intense pigmentation and delivers perfect opaque color in on go.

7. The seventh shade is the first shade of the unicorn’s line. This is a deep purple shade, with a metallic finish in it. The shimmers in this shade have some bluish to purple shimmers in it that gives it a metallic finish. Though, the shade is darker but it has an average pigmentation. This shade needs building up by layering it on and on.

8. The eighth shade is a perfect metallic magenta shade. This looks maroonish in the pan but it actually a perfect deep magenta eye shadow. This is again shimmery and has a metallic finish. This shade has an average pigmentation and comparatively lower than that of those mermaid inspired shades. The color is little difficult to build and requires heavy layering.

9. The ninth shade is a light pink shade with lilac hue. This shade is large silver shimmers in it, that are non-chunky and is easily noticeable on the eyes. The finish is simply shimmery. This shade has lovely pigmentation. Two swipes are good enough to impart perfect color to the eyes.

10. The tenth shade is a metallic navy blue shade. The shimmer in the eye shadow is so finely milled in it, that gives it a non-chunky subtle metallic finish. It is average in terms of pigmentation but definitely buildable.

11. The eleventh shade is a bluish black eye shadow shade. It has a lovely pigmentation. It shows up perfectly on the eyes in just two-three swipes. The metallic finish of the eye shadow looks lovely on the eyes.

12. The last shade is a deep black shade with noticeable silver shimmers in it, that are subtle and are not much noticeable on the eyes. This is super pigmented as it shows up perfectly on the eyes in just one-two swipes.

The texture of the eye shadow is lovely. It super soft and smooth. All the shades are soft and easily blend-able. It glides like a dream on the eyes, without causing any dragging of the delicate eye area. Though, these eye shadows are in powder form but the formula in non-powdery and there is no major fall out issues with this shade. Though, all the shades are shimmery in nature but there is no serious fall out issues. The colors are super smooth and blends seamlessly. The pigmentation is also overall great, except the first and seventh shade. The eye shadow lasted on my eyes for a good 4-5 hours without using a primer underneath. So, I am sure that, using a good eye primer underneath will definitely enhance the lasting power.

In the first eye swatch I have used the 2nd, 6th and 8th shade making it a combo of both mermaid and unicorn inspire shade.

1st eye swatch

The second eye swatch is a blend of 1st and 3rd shade. I had applied a crazy fish tail inspired eye liner with this shade.

2nd eye swatch

The third eye swatch is again a blend of mermaid vs unicorn inspired shade. I have used 5th, 6th and 9th shade in this eye swatch.

3rd eye swatch

The fourth eye swatch is a mix of 10th and 12th eye shadow shade. I actually tried creating a Smokey eye look but the color did not show up properly and it all looked black. I was trying to do something and ended up doing something else.

4th eye swatch

The fifth eye swatch is completely a unicorn inspired shade. I applied the 6th, 7th and 11th shade to create a dramatic unicorn inspired eye look. To complete this eye look, I applied a winged eye liner with an inner corner wing.

5th eye swatch

The sixth eye look is again a mix of mermaid and unicorn shade. I had used the 2nd and 12th shade to create a soft Smokey green eye look.

6th eye swatch

The last eye look is the most dramatic of all. I was playing with colors and something crazy strike in my mind. Therefore, I decided to go little dramatic with this look. I had used only one shade i.e. the 4th one in this eye look and made a huge fish tail at the corner.

7th eye swatch

Pros of Makeup Revolution London Mermaids Vs Unicorns Redemption Palette:

• Nice and sleek packaging.
• Average applicator.
• Pretty shades.
• Shimmery to metallic finish.
• Decently pigmented.
• Smooth texture.
• Glides effortlessly.
• Non chalky.
• Non powdery formula.
• No fallout issues.
• Very nicely blend-able.
• Lasts long.
• Easy to remove.
• Safe to be used with contact lenses.
• Never irritated my eyes.

Cons of Makeup Revolution London Mermaids Vs Unicorns Redemption Palette:

• Only two-three shades are less pigmented.
• A little fallout issue with a fewer shades.
• No mirror is attached.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Makeup Revolution London Mermaids Vs Unicorns Redemption Palette?
Yes, I will definitely recommend this to all of you, who love to play with bright colors like me.

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