Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – Light/Medium Review

A special celebration or a regular day! Office or party! A summer day out or a quiet dinner! Wherever you are, whichever occasion it may be, our handbags are usually decked up with a small makeup kit stocked with a few essentials. Concealers, powders, blushes, lipstick, kohl, so many; the list is pretty long. But, instead of carrying so many embellishments in our kitty or dresser, wouldn’t it be wonderful if these are bundled up in one palette? Just one makeup bar and that’s it!

Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – LightMedium Review5

Seriously! There are several brands that offer variety of ‘all-in-one’ palettes covering many segments of face makeup. And, what stand out are their range, quality and affordability. Quite recently, I have encountered this in a very new makeup brand in London – Makeup Revolution. This is amazingly superb for its cost and quality. I have checked its collection and it offers an array of makeup products at affordable prices. So, how about the quality? Well, it doesn’t disappoint. Read on…

I have recently purchased Protection Palette in Light Medium shade from Makeup Revolution. This is decked up with 7 different makeup products – 3 super blending cream concealers, anti-shine pressed powder and a contouring kit (bronzer, blusher and a highlighter). To top it all, it comes with a full sized mirror fixed on the other side of the makeup palette. So basically, I just need a BB cream (as I don’t need a foundation) for my makeup routine. Wow, a contouring palette ready to go!

Product Description:
Protection is here!
The ultimate palette to protect you. Conceal, touch-up & contour kit on the move.

Makeup Revolution’s first FACE Palette gives you everything you need to look flawless on the move. Protection your makeup on the go in this handy do-it-all kit. Contains 3 x Super Blending Cream Concealers, Silk Touch Anti Shine Pressed Powder & Contouring Matte Bronzer. Contouring Blusher and Contouring Highlighter.

Sophisticated palette with full-size mirror. Available in 4 shades.

Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – LightMedium Review


For just £6, the quality and range are really beautiful. The advantage is that it comes in 4 different shades – Light, Light/Medium, Medium, and Medium/Dark! Bingo! For our Indian skin tones, the best shade as per my experience is Light/Medium.

Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – LightMedium Review2

My Experience with Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – Light/Medium:

Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – LightMedium Review1

After reading so much about the whole ‘concept of contouring’, I was really very curious to try one. I have a round face and was quite willing to experiment and see if I can slim a little by contouring. But, as I was not sure of the technique, I was thinking to buy a mid range product and I got the solution along with an added advantage.

Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – LightMedium Review3

The three concealers come in light, medium and dark shades with the lightest shade being perfect for under eye region. Many times, I blend the other two shades to perfectly match my skin tone. I have an oily skin and though the concealers are creamy, they are not at all greasy and resides true all the day! The anti shine powder is a light cream powder perfect to set your makeup. It’s lightweight, reduces shine and gives a lucid and fantastic matte finish. The contouring powder comes in cocoa shade and works wonderfully as a bronzer. This is perfect for my medium skin tone – not too brown, muddy or orange undertone.

Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – LightMedium Review4

The blush is a pale pink colour which works well with the contouring powder. It looks quite natural,  but it reminds me of that typical bubble-gum shade (Boom, Boom Boomer! :)). And, finally the highlighter – it comes in a light cream shade with subtle hints of shimmer. Now, that’s something to vouch for! The highlighter is perfect for cocktail parties and even fine for office days with faint strokes. For special occasions, you can build up and can work around to get that dramatic effect.

Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – LightMedium Review7

I am quite happy with the bronzer as it works well to create that illusion to create that trimming upshot to my face. The pigmentation of the bronzer is too strong and effective. Just a good sweep is just right; but on the other side, I am quite disappointed with the blush shade. Though the colour is brilliant, the staying power is just not good. It brushes off too quickly in about 2-3 hours. As I prefer touch ups in my breaks, it’s okay with me. But honestly, the blush will just shed away after a couple of hours. I have become really fond of this highlighter. The delicate hints of glitter on my cheekbones give the ultimate outcome. Oh, I love it!

Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – LightMedium Review6

But there are a few downsides – the contouring powder is quite dusty and sheds a little bit in the makeup bar. For many oily skinned beauties, the concealers could be little sticky so we have to top it up with powder. And, it’s just for £6, so it’s the quality is not excellent, but honestly it serves the purpose.


Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – LightMedium Review9

Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – LightMedium Review8

Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – LightMedium Review10

Pros of Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – Light/Medium:

• Very handy
• Offers many makeup products in one shot
• Creamy but not greasy concealers
• Good pigmentation
• Great value for money
• Variety of shades to choose from
• Full sized mirror

Cons of Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – Light/Medium:

• Contouring powder sheds a little in the makeup bar
• Concealers not preferred for very oily skin
• Obviously, not a ‘wonderful’ product (based on price)

IMBB Rating:
4 out of 5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – Light/Medium?
Yes, I highly recommend this product especially as a superb travel makeup kit. Well, since I have tried this one, I will prefer to buy from a different brand next time.

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8 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution London Protection Palette – Light/Medium Review

  1. Such a good palette for beginners Deepti. I like it. Can practice with such affordable products without any guilt. 😀

    1. Certainly! Wonderful for beginners and good quality at reasonable pricing.

      Would definitely try other products from Make up Revolution…

      Thank you…:-)

    1. Oh sorry, I didn’t mention it.

      I bought online from Superdrug store. Checked in couple of stores of Superdrug, didn’t find it…

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