Makeup Revolution Precision Sponge Review

Every time I go to someone’s place for a wedding, I end up losing stuff from my makeup vanity. Last time, I lost my Inglot 30T Eyeliner Brush and this time, I ended up losing my very favorite NYX Flawless Finish Blending Sponge. Since I could not find a new one online, I went ahead with this one. Let me tell you more about it.

Makeup Revolution Precision Sponge Review

INR 850
Product Description:
Precise application of all liquid or cream formulas across all areas of the face. With the unique shape this enables blending in those hard to reach areas of the face wise ease and creating a flawless finish.

Makeup Revolution Precision Sponge details

My Experience with Makeup Revolution Precision Sponge:

This sponge comes very well packaged. It comes in a very sturdy plastic packaging and you can use it to store the sponge. The packaging provides product0related information and keeps the sponge safe. I have to keep this sponge properly covered in a separate box because it tends to attract a lot of dust easily, especially when dry. It attracted so much dust even when I was clicking pictures that I had to click pictures twice and cleanse the sponge. This is a major issue with this sponge.

Makeup Revolution Precision Sponge details

The sponge is called ‘Precision’ sponge and it does provide precise application. I love applying a highlighting concealer under my eyes but blending it is always a task. That’s where a sponge like this comes in handy. It reaches every nook and corner and blends the product well. Just be a little careful while using it around your eyes else you might end up poking your eye with it. #personalexperience 😛

Makeup Revolution Precision Sponge shape

The shape of the sponge actually facilitates the application and blending of various products. The sponge is super soft and cushiony. It gets wet easily and then you can squeeze out extra water. It blends all sort of liquid or cream products well once it is damp. It does not really dry out during use but you can spritz on some rose water or face mist for that extra dewy look.

Makeup Revolution Precision Sponge

This sponge also does not absorb a lot of product, which is a good thing. Personally, I had to use this a couple of times before finally getting used to it. With this sponge, do not apply a lot of product at once. Instead, begin with a little product and then layer it.

As far as the outcome is concerned, I like this sponge but not love it. It has managed to impress me, but it is not the best sponge in the market. I would still rate NYX sponge higher than this one in the drugstore category. This one is more like a dupe for the RT sponge. With Beauty Blender and NYX, you get an air-brushed kind of effect while with RT and this one you get well-blended and satiny look.

Overall, yes this is a good sponge but not my favorite one. It blends all the products well but I was looking for a better finish. One can buy it for blending the products in corners and areas where you need precision, but you won’t be able to love it if you have used Beauty Blender or even RT sponges. You will get what I am saying if you have used any of the sponges in the past.

Pros of Makeup Revolution Precision Sponge:

  • Comes very well packaged.
  • Super soft and cushiony.
  • Blends liquid or cream formulas amazingly.
  • Precise application.
  • Gets easily damp.
  • Does not lose its shape or quality after wash.
  • Dries easily.
  • Flawless finish.

Cons of Makeup Revolution Precision Sponge:

  • Attracts a lot of dust.
  • Price is almost double in India.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Makeup Revolution Precision Sponge?
I might but this one won’t be my first choice. You all can try this one, especially if you get it for cheaper.

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