Makeup Revolution Pro F104 Powder Brush Review

A powder brush! How many do you have? One in your makeup closet, another in your travel bag and two more lying in your vanity box and you are fine with it. The other day you checked one sturdier, fuller and lovely brush in a drugstore and you want it too! Well, a powder brush is such a universal product which almost every girl would have with her. I currently have three and I am sure I will buy another one if I like it or if it’s available at a discounted price.

Makeup Revolution Pro F104 Powder Brush Review

Price: £3.99
Product Description:
• An Essential Collection of 9 brushes for the Professional.
• All made from the finest synthetic hair, super soft, and very animal friendly
• This brush is perfect for us when applying powder products to the face and body. A full, soft and rounded rush that ensures it creates the perfect finish.
• The brush body is in black with the thick golden rim above the brush.

My Experience with Makeup Revolution Pro F104 Powder Brush:

Alright, I am here with another brush review and it is Makeup Revolution London F104 Powder Brush. This is one brand which never fails to impress with its colourful, different and affordable products. Dig any product of your choice: palettes, creams or brushes, you will love it. Oh yes, have you checked MUR’s eye makeup palette with 144 shades! I want to buy it soon. Okay, coming back to the current review, I bought this brush a couple of months ago and I have been using it since then (yes, I penned down this review quite late).

Makeup Revolution Pro F104 Powder Brush

Every morning, after applying my moisturiser and BB cream, I quickly dab this wonderful powder brush into my powder pack, sweep it over my face and that’s it – no touch up and no looking back. I’m good to go! The bristles are so soft, dense and flawless that the powder strolls and rests on the face properly. The brush is made of synthetic fibres and the body of the brush is in plastic which is quite long for us to apply with ease.

Makeup Revolution Pro F104 Powder Brush Bristles

Be it powder or liquid, I find it quite convenient to apply. I did try to apply a BB cream with this brush (just to write if it’s convenient to use cream/liquid foundation). I have oily skin and so I only use powder based products as I feel that it’s better to use powders to avoid any kind of a mess. Oh yes, if you want to apply shimmer or powder on your body when you are dressing up for the party, this brush would be perfect to do so. It’s fuller and fluffy so the swings are quick and upright. For longer use, it’s better to wash it quite often. I attempt to wash it at least twice a month as I use it every day. Just soak in a shampoo or a conditioner for a few minutes and rinse it gently. And the good point is that the bristles don’t loosen up after a wash.

Makeup Revolution ProPowder Brush

These days, I have noticed that many brands introduce the bristles of the brushes in various colours like silver, pale white, cream, golden, bronze, brown etc. Personally, I like the bristles to be black as it’s easy to notice residue or dirt on them. Isn’t it? If you want to apply a powder foundation or a compact or even a bronzer to undertone your skin, this brush does wonders. So, overall, this is a decent, affordable product available at your nearest drugstore. Though I haven’t seen this product in any Indian store, Makeup Revolution products are easy to buy online.

Pros of Makeup Revolution Pro F104 Powder Brush:

• Bristles are quite soft and dense
• Easy to wash
• Available in a universal colour
• Easy to sweep all over the face
• Applies evenly
• Spreads the powder conveniently
• Size of the bristles and brush stick are perfect
• Doesn’t shed bristles even after several uses

Cons of Makeup Revolution Pro F104 Powder Brush:

• Availability in India (in stores)
• Not convenient for a travel bag

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Makeup Revolution Pro F104 Powder Brush?
Yes, why not. It’s good for the price! Get it. Yes, I recommend but let me try another brand the next time.

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