Makeup & Skin Care Products I am Carrying For an Indian Wedding

Makeup & Skin Care Products I am Carrying For an Indian Wedding

I am travelling for a friend’s wedding for a few days. Thought I’d show you what all makeup and skin care stuff that I am carrying. It may seem a lot but then I have three big functions to attend and I have tried to streamline as much as I could. Phew! 🙂 You can get palettes done for travelling purposes, but I don’t seem to use stuff from palettes otherwise, so I skipped that idea.

Starting with the essential brushes. Blender brush (MAC 217), Blush brush, Powder Brush, Pencil brush (MAC 219), Flat shader brush (MAC 239).


travel makeup brushes

Lipsticks & Glosses
A n*de gloss (for smokey eyes), a baby pink gloss (for a day time look), a hot pink lipstick (Chanel l’exuberante –night/day), deep coral lipstick (MAC Crosswires).

Blush and Highlighter :
A hot pink cream blush (MAC) and highlighter cum bronzer duo (Sleek).

travel cheek makeup


Face Makeup :

Primer, concealer, and foundation, and a compact (not in pic).

travel face makeup


Sleek neutral eyeshadow palette (this would take care of both my day and night eye makeup and also my brows), a shimmery black shadow, eyeshadow primer.

travel eyes makeup

Mascara, eye pencil, sharpener, lash curler and sharpener.

travel eye makeup

And that’s the skincare that I always carry:

A day cream, face wash, blotting sheets and sunscreen.

travel skin care

This is the travel kit that I carry in my handbag. I have dry skin, so I mostly spend time doing my skin care routine in plane. Or else my skin feels stretched and I get breakouts because of ultra dry air in the aircraft.

airplane skin care

Eye and face makeup remover, a moisturizing cream, cotton pads, under eye cream, lip balm and body lotion. All in travel containers. 🙂  I also carry Fabindia rose water spray bottle.


38 thoughts on “Makeup & Skin Care Products I am Carrying For an Indian Wedding

  1. Woaah that’s a lot @_@ I should stock up on these…Have a great time!! :* ethnic wear scares me too, apparently Monday is ‘sari day’ at work and I have NO saris or blouse or anything! Annoying 😛 try and go to the places I mentioned and take tons of pics!!! Mwahh.

  2. awesome 🙂 have a lovely trip… i’l be travelling too in a few days… and i too have very dry skin.. lotta help from this !! thanks a ton !! 😀

  3. rati di you are carying only subtle lipsticks ?????????????? i thought maroons were for weddings? no maroon lippie in your vanity bag ? and no blushes also i are planning only neutral looks i guess!

    1. Hey Sandhya MAC Crosswires n Chanel L’Exuberante are not subtle, they r bright shades 🙂
      And there’s a pic of a hot pink MAC blush 🙂

  4. nice post Rati…love all that you’re carrying…
    the post reminds me of a friend’s wedding in november ’11….i had so much make-up stuff with me that my friends shrieked the moment i opened my luggage…. ‘dresses se zyada make-up stuff hai ritu ke bag mein’…….
    have fun!!! and show us more pics soon!!:)

  5. nice post Rati:) luv everything 🙂 Especially Mac glosses, Shimmery black Eye shadow and the Loccitane foam wash 🙂
    have a great time :)) waiting to see ur outfit posts in ethnic style 🙂

  6. Thanks for taking the time out and doing this post Rati…so thoughtful of you…thanks again for this loving gesture Ratidi!

  7. Lovely post Rati!! I love MAC’s my favorite coral lippy. Thanks for giving us all the tips.It looks neat and organized. I always tend to pack extra and later repent why I have brought so much stuff with me . Me too do skin care routine in plane otherwise my skin gets really bad ..many times get weird looks from fellow passengers but who cares!! 🙂

  8. Great travel kit Rati..even I have to prepare a makeup travel kit of mine, as I’d be travelling on 5th to attend a function on 6th… 😀 😀 😀 😀 I can refer to this post now..he he he….!!

  9. Nice post Rati!! I love how u have organised everything n not left out a thing…
    U using the Vichy Sunscreen ?? Howz it I am sooo eager to hear ur experience!!!!!!!
    N where do u get these cute travel sized bottles? Me wanttttt!! 🙂

  10. Hi Rati,
    This is a good tute for us who would want to carry the make up and skin care to attend functions away from home. thanks.
    Hey, would also like to see your pics in each attire during the function. Kindly do post them once you are back. 🙂
    Have a happy and safe journey to you and Sanjeevji.

  11. heyyy hiii Rati,
    even i hav a dry skin :(,n i’m really confused about which brands foundation n concealer to use n even i face a lot of sweating on my face can u plsss suggest a goodone ….:)_;)

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