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Neyati Asks :

[ My Face shape: Round. My Skin tone: Fair. My Skin type: Combination. My Hair and Eye colour: Dark Brown]

1) Which is the best foundation for combination skin in the market at present? [Budget: upto Rs.1000]
2) Which is the best matte and glossy lipstick for fair complexion? (Kindly recommend the colour shades as well)[Budget: upto Rs.1200]
3) Which is the best blush and bronzer for combination skin? [Budget: upto Rs.800]
4) Which is the best khol? (Have tried from chambor to lo’real.. practically everything!!) [Budget: upto Rs.900]
5) Which is the best Make up remover (liquid or face wipes) ? [Budget: upto Rs.600]

Your answers would be of great help! Awaiting your reply!


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  1. wow…wonderful question…!!!! Mee to same skin type…
    am waiting for question 1, 3, 4 and 5 to be answered……… waiting….waiting.waiting…..

  2. Hi Neyati,

    I am fair skin toned with combination skin (T Zone). So Lots of common points

    1) For combination skin, the best bet is use a face primer and then apply natural / oil free foundation on top. Revlon has vital radiance smoothing face primer which is tinted.You have to select the tint matching your skin tone. There are some who just apply this tinted primer and don’t put foundation at all. This is, if you required a natural look.

    2) Lipsticks – Faces Satin Matte – Burgundy red 16 is a classic shade for fair skin tone. Glossy Loreal 756, I use it, will go fine. Since you are fair, lipgloss will standout specially the colored shimmery ones – try maybelline # 12 chocolate glitters. It stands out from far.

    3) Can use cheek stick as it gives a glow on face even if you do a blunder. You get from NARS Palm beach, this is a nice brownish orange color that can be used as blusher or apply more to act as bronzer. My friend gifted me “American Idol – Time to shine” Creamy dual ended cheek stick. I personally like Boca Beach, but cant find this brand here.

    4) Best kohl – NYC pencils any day, black and copper gold duo pencils.

    5) Dual phase makeup removers are very good for removing face/ eye makeup especially waterproof mascaras. Loreal is still is my favorite. Personally I feel, wipes help remove normal makeup but for mascaras/ eyeliners I do prefer separate makeup removers.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Hum…For acne scars,you could try nomarks (oily skin) :haanji: …Unfortunately,I’m waiting for the answer to your second question as well. :((

      1. Thanks PD (sorry i feel lazy to type ur full name :shy: :shy: )… I forgot abt tht cream.. Will surely give it a try…

        1. :hihi: It’s okay,Visakhi! PD is one of my nick-names. 😀
          And do try it. :haanji: I’m hoping that it will work out for you. :puchhi:

  3. 2) >> I can help you out with the shades part…Bt not with the formulation.
    You should opt for lipsticks with pink undertones. Maybelline Color Sensational in Warm Me Up and Pink Petal are a good choice.
    Try to avoid very loud colours…like neon/popping pinks/etc.
    You can also opt for plums,maroons,browns,and beiges,again,with pink undertones. 🙂
    3) >> You could try out the Maybelline Expert wear blushes as well as the Bourjois blushes. I’m afraid I’m illiterate when it comes to bronzers. 😛
    4) Lakme Black Satin Kajal,Lots Herbals Kajal, Hashmi Kajal Tube, VLCC Kajal.
    5) Johnsons Baby Wipes,Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover,Lakme 9 to 5 makeup remover,and even the Kara makeup removal wipes.

    I hope that helped. I’m sorry that I can’t help you out with the foundation as I don’t use any. :idk:

  4. hi all,

    There is an American brand call proactiv and they are specialized in acne products majorly. See website : you can buy online.

    Renewing cleanser and toner used together everyday. It is a everyday cleaning regime that you need to follow.

    Sun tan – For UAE ki kadakti dhoop, Purana dadima ka nuska – Take 3 tbsp buttermilk ( lassi / laban )+ 1 tsp haldi mix. Put in ice cube tray and make ice out of it. ( make more as you need atleast 6-8 cubes across 2 days) Rub one ice cube over tanned area every 4 hours, wash off. Do note rub ice cube till it melts fully. Tan goes off in 2-3 days!! Visible difference definitely. Try it :waytogo:

    1. Thanks Sonia, I have tried buttermilk with haldi and i knw its effective. But the problem is i hardly get time for these nw a days, thts y i opted for some creams or lotions. I too always prefer natural remedies over creams, bt no time for tht nw.. :(( :(( …
      Proactiv is rich with chemicals sonia, my cousin used it and it was effective, bt when she stopped it acne came back in double force.. My skin dnt have much acne nw, jus marks .. so i will prefer some milder ones…

  5. Here are few suggestions from my side as I too have combination skin 🙂
    Foundation – I recently bought Bourjois Healthy mix Foundation and its really good! Gives very nice natural look whiteout giving cakey or ashy appearance. Also heard a lot about Revlon Colorstay foundations and they do suit suit to combi skin as well. If your pocket allows check out MAC/Chanel/Estee Lauder foundations as well..they are bit heavy on pocket but I know people who swear by them!
    Blush – I am not too much into blushes but have few colorbar ones..if you are newbie in makeup I would suggest you to start of with colorbar/faces blushes as they are cheap and have variety of shades in them to suit all kinds of skin tones! Also Revlon and Avon has some matte blushes which are good! Another new brand is Sleek..its UK based and you have to order them online but they have amazingly pigmented blushes and awesome color payoff..there are about 4 to 5 reviews of blushes on IMBB itself from sleek so do check that out. For higher end blushes definitely go for MAC and Nars!
    Bronzer – I only know about MAC, also I haven’t started using bronzer yet so sorry cant help in it
    Lipsticks – Again colorbar/faces/revlon have nice matte try Maybelline color sensational also they have lovely shades of lipsticks and at amazing cheap price 🙂 Again sorry dont remember exact shade names as there are just too many but you can check out almost all reviews on imbb 🙂
    Kohl – I am using Oriflame intensity pencil in black and its fab! its stays on my eyes easily for the entire day and doesn’t give me racoon eyes or doesnt even smudge..earlier I have used lotus and it smudges like hell on me 🙁 For higher end brands try MAC/Chambor
    Makeup Remover – For eyes i love my maybelline eye and lip makeup remover! Its fabulous! already on 2nd bottle 🙂 for face you can try himalaya cleansing lotion..i have heard its quite effective 🙂
    hope this helps 🙂

  6. For foundation I’d suggest Revlon colorstay for oily skin- its really great!
    facewash: the neem one from himalaya
    I’d suggest you use a green tea mask as well – from body shop or something.
    For lipstick: keep one nudish-brown and one deeper wine colors – for everyday use and evenings-
    For Kohl- Revlon colorstay or MAC – seriously – I got all maybelline, loreal and they sudged so bad on my oily lids… only for these 2 I can give personal guarantee 🙂
    hope it helps 🙂

  7. Wonderful post. 🙂

    My suggestions –
    i have normal to Oily skin so hope his helps –

    1. best foundation for combination skin in the market at present- MAC or Revlon colorstay
    2) Best matte and glossy lipstick for fair complexion? – Faces lipglosses in peach and mauve. Elle 18 is good as well in maroon and peach. Red is a beautiful shade for fair complexion if you are bold enough to try it
    3) best blush and bronzer for combination skin- I dont use much but whenever I do I use NYX mosiac powder blush or the Maybelline ones. Again good shades would be a rusty orange, light pink (just for the extra glow)
    4) Best khol- Elle 18 kajal,
    5) best Make up remover – Neutrogena Normal to Oily Deep Clean Cleanser (dosent foam much, works really well)

    1. just wanted to add that faces wipes (Kara – aloe vera) work really well when you are travelling ….also, Neutrogena has this travel size bottle for normal to oily skin (which I use) so that is so cool.. :yahoo:

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