Makeup and Skin Care Shopping

Makeup and Skin Care Shopping

Haul Post by Aarbee

Hi Everyone!

Makeup and Skin Care Shopping

I am so excited to write this article for IMBB after such a long time! I don’t know how and when I got so busy, but one thing happened after another – and I had to be content just browsing through your posts and sometimes comment on a few, but now things have eased up a bit and I hope to be more regular 😀

Would you believe it that I haven’t shopped a single piece of makeup or clothes, or shoes, or jewelry in the last 2 months? I decided to break the dry spell with a quick haul last week 😀  So, here goes the pics 😀

That’s everything that I shopped and by the end of it, I was grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat 😀

MAC Cosmetics

These are the more detailed pics brand-wise:

rati beauty ad


I was planning to add these shades for a long time to my collection:


Kama Ayurveda:

Kama Ayurveda

These were purely on IMBB recommendations, so very very eager to try them out.



Again, Rati’s reviews absolutely tempted me to buy these.

By the way, don’t they look like Santa and Banta? I have already named them Santa and Banta 😀

Nature’s Co:


I was very eager to try out stuff from this brand as I have a friend who uses these quite regularly and loves them! Reviews coming up soon 😀

Here are the samples that the generous SA gave me. Enjoy!

Hope you guys liked this post. Till next time, take care and be good 😀

Love and hugs 🙂

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46 thoughts on “Makeup and Skin Care Shopping

  1. All the natures co products look totally divine ,….. it reminds me of the toiletries given at posh indian hotels …. 🙂

    1. After your comment I looked at them with fresh eyes, and yes, they do look like the toiletries at Indian hotels 😀 but better in terms of quality I guess.
      The Nature’s Co. stuff has been working pretty well so far. Will post reviews soon.

    1. Most of them have been reviewed here already except the Nature Co.’s stuff…will post reviews once i have used them long enough 😀

      1. Sanjeev – are you telepathic or something? ‘The husband’ said the same thing to me when I came out of the mall – I guess its a guy thing ;P

  2. awesomee haul 🙂
    even i want to try this l’occitane duo eversince Rati reviewed them 🙂 waiting for my current stuff to get over!
    enjoy ur goodies Aarbee:)

  3. Aarbee…super haul……..:) there’s everything I want here……:P Well, I am not throwing any hints in the hair….aisich bol rahin hoon 😛

    1. Thanks Jomol…if you threw any hints in the ‘hair’ it got lost…I havent washed them today 😀
      BTW when it comes to taking hints I am pretty dumb 😐

  4. Hey Arbee… i can see that all the skin and hair care products are natural… and most of them are rec by Rati.. way to go gal 🙂

    1. Yes, I decided to go natural for the first time in years n see how it works – btw I got tempted by your reviews on both the Kama products and bought them – so thank you!

  5. Aarbee could you please tell me where you got the Kama products please bcoz I tried for mridhul face cleanser in chennai and Bangalore and they said its discontinued …. Could you please help me where I can buy it from chennai or Bangalore ..

        1. Hey Lakshmi I live in Delhi n got the products from the Good Earth store at Select Citywalk. Thanks for answering Lakshmi’s question Ashwitha coz i have no idea about Chennai or B’lore

    1. Thanks Neetu 😀
      Will post the Nature Co. reviews once I have used them long enough! Rest all the reviews are up on IMBB already!

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