Makeup, Skincare and Fitness Secrets of an Air Hostess

Makeup, skincare and fitness Tips of an Air Hostess.

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A lot of girls are very curious about how the air-hostesses look so fresh even after long flying hours and how they manage their health and skin. As I am an air-hostess so thought of sharing my makeup, skin care and fitness routine with all of you . Let me tell you one thing that I cannot stick to a particular product as I get bored very easily , so I keep changing my products.


But the products I am mentioning are my all time favorites and I aways come back to them . I shall start with my favorite rule and that is :

Remain Hydrated : Time spent in the air can lead to dry skin, puffy eyes and an untamed, frizzy mane. So the most important thing for me is to take care of my body and skin is by keeping myself hydrated . In the training it was told to us to drink plenty of water and very little tea/ coffee while flying . Even when I am flying as a passenger I buy 2 or 3 litres of water at the airport dutyfree after passing security checks.

Cleansing : To remove heavy makeup I use cleansing wipes to wipe my skin of all the excess makeup . I use Nivea or cool n cool wipes. My favorite cleanser is ayur cleansing milk . I have combination skin and it removes the makeup very well. For my eyes sometimes I use almond oil or coconut oil to remove the heavy eye makeup. I love to try new products and found that loreal eye remover is very good aswell. Sometimes I use shahnaz cleanser shazema aswell.

Facewash:I keep changing my facewashes aswell and nowadays I am using cetaphil cleanser . Its very effective , I have both the oily skin and gentle skin cleansers from cetaphil .Himalaya neem facewash ,clean and clear , shahnaz forever neem facewash and medimix soap are also my favorite.
Scrub: I use Biotique Bio papaya scrub, blackhead clearing scrub, everyuth walnut, ayur walnut and apricot scrub .

Toner: I am not a regular user of toners but sometimes I use shahnaz date enriched toner sharose, Clinique blemish control, ayur toner , biotique cucumber toner or patanjali/ banjara’s rose water .

Sunscreen: My 2 favorite sunscreens are shahnaz forever and aroma magic for face. I also like ayur sunscreen for body .

Moisturizers: In winters I use biotique bio morning moisturizer or ayur wheta germ moisturizer. In summers I use shahnaz shasilk with shabase or patanjali aloevera gel .

Under eye cream: Aroma magic eye gel under makeup , Himalaya eye cream at home , badam rogan in night .

Foundation and compact : At work I just trust Mac studio fix foundation concealer and studio fix powder or the mac mineral compact .It makes my skin look flawless. I sometimes also use Revlon photo finish mineral loose powder and bobbi brown tinted moisturiser aswell. I also put little foundation which I don’t like for face like Bourjois healthy mix on my arms aswell .

Eyemakeup: Our eye shadows have to be bit skin colored as we have to wear red lipsticks. So I use Bobby brown shimmer brick . It works as shimmer blusher and eye shadow very has 5 different shades.Sometimes I use Revlon mineral eye shadow “sunlit jade”. I use lakme liquid eye liner black or brown on upper eyelids . Kajal is Revlon or colorbar . Mascara is lancome, it is almost finished and I am not going to buy it again as I am loving maybellene and bourjous . Both are very good and reasonable .

Lipstick: I use mac brave red, classic dame and lotus lipstick carnation . Over that I use nivea lip balm .

Blusher: My favorite is Maxfactor classic rose. Now I bought colorbar peachy rose and its good aswell .During night flights I use Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick over it to have little glow on skin .
Handcream: I use Nivea, boroline or cetaphil for my hands onboard .
HandSanitizer: I keep using hand sanitizer on flights .
Facial spray: On long flights I use face mist from skinfood .
Bodylotion: I love ayur wheatgerm moisturizer and sometimes I use Joy pure aloe body lotion.
Hair Routine: I use Matrix smoothening or biolage shampoo and same conditioners . I oil my hair regularly before washing and nowadays I am using shahnaz oil, trichup and olive oil . Once in between I use ayur amla and shikakai shampoo or loreal .My favorite serum is Matrix opti care.


My favorite fragnances: I use fa deo its very refreshing and long staying, body shop white musk eau de toilette or Gucci Guilty.
Facials : I do all my facials at home . And I use shahnaz , biotique and aroma magic products . For my eyes I use shasmooth for massaging and shaweeds as eye pack . I love ayur neem face pack , himalya neem facepack and lotus teatree facepack . I also love home made besan ubtan for face and body .
Hair care: Once a week I pamper my hair with some deep conditioning packs like biotique musk root , or matrix deep conditioner or schwarzkopf. I also do hot oil and hot towel treatments at home . I never go to parlours for any treatments and do everything at home by myself . Once a year I do rebonding and hair color in parlour that’s it.

Haircolor: I do my hair color retouching at home just to get brown hair as I have jet black hair , with loreal diarichesse hair color . It is ammonia free and non damaging to hair. It is professional hair color and not easy to get . But I buy it from Gurgaon wholesale market .
Nail care: I do myself manicure and pedicure and use my pumic stone . I put Vaseline at night on my feet and then wear socks . It makes the feet baby soft . My nail color at work is Revlon clear nail polish or any red color.

Body Massage: I go for body massage atleast once in 20 days . I use my own oil which is patanjali oil . But I have different kinds of oil which I use myself aswell to massage my body before taking shower.I used to have body aches after flying so my friend who is a Ayurvedic doctor told me to start taking body massages . It changed my life for good .

Fitness Routine: I hate going to gym . In summers I go to gym just for walking on treadmill , otherwise I like to go to park for walks and get fresh air aswell. I do regularly yoga asanas, meditation and love doing pranyam . Yoga has helped me a lot in remaining calm under stressful conditions both in professional and personal life.

Food: While flying we have to take care of our food habits . I learned this fom my Asian colleagues, to drink warm or hot water atleast 2 or 3 times a day. It cleans the stomach and detoxifies the body aswell. We can add lemon slice, mint leaves or green tea bag.

I do not add sugar in my drinks most of the time . If I am really craving for sugar sometimes I take 1 biscuit with tea. No soft drinks , just once in a while I drink ginger ale.

I eat salads some fruits and normal food on the flight.

I must tell you one thing some of my colleagues are in their late 40’s and early 50’s and they look like 30 something as they all take care of themselves so well. And yes most of them are married and have kids as well . They told me the secret is healthy lifestyle , positive thinking and to be always happy . We women take care of everybody in our family and then we end up having no time for ourselves. What I believe is if we are not healthy and happy then it affects the entire family.So all of us have to devote 2 hours daily for our health and wellbeing.

I hope you will enjoy reading my regimen . Take care of yourself.

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  1. very very good article …. well explained .. i liked d last tip …positive thinking and be happy..oh so true *oye balle*

  2. Wow thanks this article has been helpful..Really admire how air hostesses look so fab even after a long dehydrating flight. Thanks was very informative. I shall try something the next time I travel so that I do not look jaded by the end of the plane journey *happy dance* *happy dance*

  3. Lovely lovely article. Airhostess or not, these are fab tips for anyone. Loved the last para about being positive and staying. That really works on our overall health.

  4. Impressed, badly want to become an airhostess buy yes am a south indian 21 yrs old, married and hav a kid 8 months aged, couldn’t fullfil my dreams due to my family restrictions and situations, and i spend all night reading about life of airhostess.. I loved the last quote which said if we are not happy affects the entire family.

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