How to Make your Makeup Stay for Long

Every woman craves for a fresh and glowing face. Not all of us are blessed with such skin and this is where makeup plays an important role. But, the most common mistake that women do is that at times they apply more products than actually needed, so as there makeup stays on for longer. This in turn creates more problems like smudging and streaking for them.

Mentioned below are few tips that will help you keep your makeup stay put for longer.

Tips to make makeup stay on for long:

• Prepare your skin properly: Clean your face with a suitable cleanser and follow up with regular toning and moisturizing routine. Wait for few minutes and let your moisturizer sink in your skin. Always remember that makeup looks best on well hydrated skin. Dry and rough skin makes way for layered, heavy and uneven makeup coverage. After cleansing your face. Rub an ice cube for about 10 to 15 minutes. This trick will lower the sweating rate so that your makeup stays on for much longer period.

• Use a face primer: Primer allows your makeup to stay put throughout the day. Priming your face with a silicone based primer not only help you save the amount of foundation you use but also create a flawless canvas for your foundation to go on. Apply the primer throughout your face, especially over sore, red areas, oily areas, and any blemishes that you want to cover. Choose a primer according to your skin type and preference like people with oily skin can opt for a matte finish primer whereas people with dry skin types can go for dewy finish primer.

• Select foundation according to your skin type: Theses days market is full of different foundation formulas which cater to different skin types. If you have dry skin, use a cream or liquid foundation. For oilier skin, choose oil free liquid formulas, powder, or mineral foundation. Generally oil free makeup stay on longer. Look for foundations that say long-lasting or even waterproof.

• Use a setting powder: Finish off with a finishing/translucent powder which helps to seal the foundation on your face and make it stay longer.

• Use an eye primer: Never ever apply eye shadows on plain dry lids. The eye shadow will not stay, and it will flake right off. Invest in a good eyeshadow primer or just use a skin coloured cream shadow, if you want your eyeshadows to last longer and prevent creasing. These primers make the eyeshadow colours more vibrant and beautiful to look at.

• If you are wearing eyeliner, you can dab some transparent brown eyeshadow on it after you put it on to set the eyeliner in place. You can do this with any shadow/pencil liner.

• Get a waterproof mascara as the waterproof formula is more long wearing than the regular one.

• Try matte colours or lipsticks with long-wearing formula. Matte colours stay on for long than the cream or glossy formulas. But, before you apply them make sure to moisturize your lips properly as long-wearing or matte formula can be very drying.

• Finish off your makeup with a setting spray to seal everything in place.

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13 thoughts on “How to Make your Makeup Stay for Long

  1. Definitely helpful tips, especially for the summer heat here! I’ve found MAC’s studio fix powder to be a good one for helping set on top of makeup. I have Urban Decay primer potion which I bought in the US, but it’s running low – does anyone have a suggestion for a good one that’s available in India?

  2. really fabulous. while I have used some of these methods thanks to IMBB, a couple of them that you mentioned above were new to me like the one about using brown eyeshadow after applying liner or the one about using primer specific to the skin type .

    I am using the MAC prep+prime primer for normal to combination skin. is this ok? or should I invest in another one?

      1. will try Bourjois first 🙂 simply becos its cheaper and if it works then tho nothing like it.

        Just btw, Biggg resolution – I have finally decided to invest in the 3 Step skincare from Clinique . Prayiiiiing it works on my skin and I get beautiful flawless skin. Lately been trying too many things on my face and my face is slowly breaking out..*feel like crying now* 🙁

    1. Setting spray , sets the makeup, and the makeup remains fresh for longer time. MAC’s setting spray is very famous and as an inexpensive option, there is elf setting spray.

  3. Can you please suggest me a primer which will give a dewy finish, as you said above for dry skinned people like me or a foundation with dewy finish??
    P.S – i have dry, clear skin with very small pores around nose. What always lack is a glow because of very dry skin 🙁

    Thank you!!

  4. I got the loreal primer few weeks back, after fruitlessly searching for the bourjois one… Couldnt find it anywhere. So end mein had to get the loreal one. Its faired well so far. *fingers crossed*

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