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Anks Asks:
Am planning to wear this saree for an upcoming wedding and wanted a dramatic eyes, light lips look with it. Suggestions please?


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  1. Your sari is really pretty Anks! I like the malaika look Rati suggested. My gravatar pic also has smokey purple eyemakeup with pink lipstick but you should definitely use a golden/bronzy shadow on inner 1/3rd of lid and inner corners for the festive look. What lipstick are you wearing in this picture? I have a similar shade in Colorbar soft touch. :handshake2:

  2. I think since your entire saari is purple color, you should not put a whole lot of purple eye shadow, but just smudge your black eyeliner (abt outer 1/3rd) with dark purple shade. Before that, do goldenish eye shadow on entire eyelid. Then on the waterline, do a black kohl liner and smudge it again with dark purple eye shadeow…or a dark brown eyeshadow. You can also apply concealer to bring out these colors better and also highlight using highlighter underneath your brows and arc to give a nice touch. I loved the color of your Saari…nice purple color….. :yes:

  3. Lovely saree yaa…. this is my fav color in clothes. looks very Royal naa 😀
    Rati and Cali’s links wala make-up wud look grt
    Also, suma ke blog mein theres one cute purple smoky eye. m on cell so cant give the link here 🙁 but its cool too.
    hope u have a grt function 😀

  4. Black mascara
    Brown eyeliner
    Purple eyeliner on the upper lids
    and a golden/brownish gold shimmer eyeshadow
    Nude lip gloss

  5. Thanks all of you… There has been some unfortunate incident and I was away today… Will look at all ur suggestions and let u gals know what I finally did ( if at all we go for the wedding)

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