15 Makeup Tips and Tricks Every Indian Girl Needs to Know

Hi ladies,

Here are some tips and tricks which are perfect for Indian skin tones. Read on to know more!

Makeup Tips and Tricks Every Girl Needs to Know

Make your own shade of BB cream

Tips to make BB cream at home

BB creams in India don’t have too much variety and shade selection so it could be bit difficult to find the perfect shade. You can make your own shade of cream by adding sunscreen, foundation and moisturizer in varying quantities.

Use olive oil to remove your makeup

Olive oil works great on the tone and texture of our skin. It makes it all glowy and supple. So try removing your makeup with olive oil. This oil also makes for a great mild cleanser.

Neutralize Your Lips

If some lip colours don’t show up on your face the way they do in the tube, you may have to neutralize your lips. Use a bit of a concealer on your lips and then top it off with the same lipstick. The exact same colour will show up on your lips now.

Make that bronzer contour appropriate

If you have slightly brown skin then you can add a tiny amount of grey eyeshadow to your bronzer and make your own personalised contouring shade. This shade will show up great on your skin and will look more natural too.

Fix that blush shade

pink blush collection

If you are on the fairer side and have bought a blush that is on the deeper side then fret not! Mix some face powder with that blush and apply on your cheeks. The colour will turn out peachy which will give the perfect flush to the cheeks.

Use eyeliner with dark lippies

Dark lippies can make your face look unbalanced. You can balance the whole dark lipstick look by swiping a black eyeliner on your lids. This will make your eyes pop and will also balance and complement the whole look.

Use lipsticks to fix your dark circles

dark circles before and after

Store-bought concealers can make Indian skin tones look ashy. You can try the colour correction technique by going for red or orange lipstick on your under-eye area before concealer.

Invest in a good pale gold eye shadow

Indian Eye Makeup Gold Eyeshadow

A gold eye shadow not only brings out the colour of our eyes in the best possible way but it can also be used a great highlighter shade. Use it on the high points of your face sparingly and remember to blend really well.

Always prime your skin

We live in areas with high humidity so it becomes a must to prime our skin and specially the eye area before applying any makeup. This will ensure your makeup stays for longer intervals minus the meltdowns.

Groom those brows

gorgeous eyebrows

Most of the girls still don’t groom their eyes properly and don’t use any brow products. Try buying a simple brow kit which is your shade and you will notice a lot of difference in your face.

Two toned eye makeup

orange and pink eyeliner

Our eyes look good even with a hint of liner on your eyes but we can definitely enhance our eye shape by going for swipes of 2 different liners. This will make our eyes pop and will just bring out the whole face in a positive way.

Avoid glitter

Gritty glitters can mess with the overall look of your face; try avoiding them as much as possible. If you still want to use some then go for subtle glitters in your makeup items and blend really well.

Don’t forget the kohl

Beautiful Indian kohl rimmed eyes

I guess I don’t need to state the power of perfectly kohled eyes. We girls love our kajal. So continue using it and experiment with different eye looks that can be done with kajal.

Go for Nude Eye Pencils

winged eyeliner makeup look

White eye pencils can look slightly unnatural on deeper skin tones. Instead of using the white pencil, go for beige or nude eye pencil to use on your waterline that will instantly awaken your eyes.

Experiment with jewel tones in eye make up

jewel tone eye makeup

Shades like sapphire blue, emerald green, rich copper or bronze on your eyes can provide a beautiful contrast to your skin tone. So use these colours as eye liners or eyeshadows to amp up the whole look.

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